15 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 15 weeks pregnant and your belly tells it all. The changes occurring to your body are significantly visible and there is no denying the fact you are excited with the turn of events. However, is always good to keep close to your doctor. He or she can be very handy in case of an illness.

At fifteenth week of pregnancy you may feel like you are more energetic and having an increased libido. At this point you may not have any morning sicknesses. Throughout the entire pregnancy, certain changes are bound to occur in your body. Below are some of the body changes as well as symptoms you are likely to experience during this stage of your expectancy.

15 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes

  • Although weight gain varies from mother to mother, in normal circumstances you will gain up to five pounds by this week.
  • You may suffer from indigestion or heartburn.
  • You may suffer from gum problem.
  • The uterus has some supporting structure like ligaments. With the continuous growth of the uterus, lengthening of the ligaments occurs as well. And this growth usually causes pain in the abdomen. The pain may be extremely sharp.
  • You may at times feel light-headed.

Development of the Baby at 15 Weeks

With time, the baby continues to develop. By this week your baby is as the size of a navel orange. The baby will go through the following developments by this week:

  • The baby is about four inches in length and weighs around two and half ounces.
  • Development of taste buds.
  • To maintain the baby’s body temperature, fine hair referred to as lanugo grows and covers the baby’s skin.
  • Eyes become sensitive to light.
  • Baby can hear sounds, including your heartbeat, speaking and breathing.
  • The fingernails and toenails grow in length.
  • Your baby is now able to move all limbs and joints.

Week 15 Pregnancy Tips

“If you notice sudden increase in your weight, talk to your doctor. If there is any history of genetic defect in your family you must share it with your doctor. Whatsoever – avoid making yourself stressful so as to full enjoy your fifteenth week of pregnancy.”

Bottom Line

Do you really know 15 weeks pregnant is how many months? Well, you are almost in your 4th month of expectancy and therefore you must be very critical about your diet. The creature in your womb is steadily developing and everything you do should be in respect to your and the baby’s health. Both you and your partner are anxious about the outcome and hence, keeping close to each other can be a wise idea. Having done half the task, there is actually no reason as to why you would want to end it prematurely. Getting pregnant is one thing and keeping it to the very end is another and what matters most is the ending – safe delivery!

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