28 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you just entered into the third trimester. You may suffer from some sleepless night due to your baby’s movements or urge to pee or cramping pain at leg but you just ended the second trimester. 28 weeks pregnant in months is definitely 7 and what does this mean? Well, at this stage of pregnancy, you will realize that the baby has developed so much. In order to beat the anxiety and restlessness that come with being heavy with child, your doctor will tell you to try calming yourself.

As such, it is not yet time for you to start vacuuming your house (nesting) regardless of the sensation to get involved at times. The best way to get over that would be to enjoy your chamomile tea, read your favorite book or listen to some comforting tunes.

28 Weeks Pregnant Belly Symptoms and Body Changes

  • As the uterus enlarges in size, it exerts pressure on surrounding organs leading to occasional breathlessness, pain in abdomen, constipation and frequent urination etc.
  • Fatigue, leg cramp occurs frequently
  • Tingling sensation in the legs, (sciatica)
  • There might be some discharge from your breasts
  • You may feel some kind of contraction in your uterus
  • You may suffer from faintness and stuffy nose
  • Occasionally, you witness contractions commonly known as Braxton-Hicks contraction that persists for 30 to 60 minutes even up to 2 hours. But don’t worry, they will subside after a while.

Developmental Changes of the Baby

At this stage, the ultrasound will show the as being the size of an eggplant, meaning that your baby is growing very fast. Other changes include:

  • The baby is about 2.2 pounds heavy and 15 inches long (from head to toe).
  • The eyes are opened.
  • The eyelids and eyebrows are completely developed and the eyelashes become visible and the baby can blink its eyes.
  • The enzyme systems are developing.
  • The lungs still at maturing phase.
  • You will have to bear with frequent kicks and thrashes as the baby moves around in the womb.

Tips for This Week

  • Regular check-ups by the doctor. The doctor will check on you by carrying out some blood tests including testing for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Tests will include blood grouping. If you test positive, there is no problem but if the group is negative you will be compelled to go for an Anti-D injection.
  • You can talk to your doctor about your delivery process.
  • Though the delivery is three months away, you can start preparing for your imminent delivery.
  • Changing of your lying posture may help reduce leg pain.

Bottom Line

3 months away isn’t actually a long time considering where you have come from. At 28 weeks pregnant you should be very anxious of the outcome. Well, there is actually no cause for alarm as your doctor will recommend the most appropriate diet and exercise for you both of you.  Whichever the case, you must dwell on a healthy diet and maintain a lifestyle that will ensure safe delivery when time finally comes.

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