3 Weeks Pregnant

It is normal for most women to fail to realize that they are actually expecting. However, in case you are doubting your 3 weeks pregnant status, the best option is to confirm it with your OB/GYN. Once you know you are expecting, you can now choose your preferred obstetrician to keep you company throughout your expectancy period.

Development of the Baby at 3 Weeks Pregnant

As mentioned earlier, at the end of second week or early third week the egg is fertilized by the sperm. If the fertilization happens, then the baby will start to form by third week pregnancy.
Within the few hours of fertilization, the egg which is now termed as zygote starts to move from its current position to the site where it will be fixed for further growth. Usually it attaches at the posterior wall of the fundus of the uterus. But it needs about six to ten days to attach with the wall. That means this will happen in fourth week of your pregnancy. By this week the fertilized egg will divide again and again and will remain as a ball of pinhead size. It has now about 100 cells in two layers. From inner line the baby and amniotic sac will develop and the placenta will develop from outer layer.

In this week you will not feel anything from the outside. If you could able to have your egg fertilized by this week, then the newly formed zygote is on the way to uterus. But you will not get a positive pregnancy test. When the zygote is of about 100 cells, it is named as blastocyst. This form of the fetus will attach to the wall of uterus and start to produce hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These hormones give the support to the fetus until the placenta is ready.

Third Week Pregnancy Tips

“Well, in case you are experiencing your first time pregnancy, then it is likely that you will be more confused. At this point, what you need is finding the right advice from friends, family member and also going in for an ultrasound test.”

Upon your realization that indeed you are expecting, do the following:

  • Seek recommendations of the best gynecology or obstetrician around your area.
  • Do not abscond from work – carry on with your normal duties until advised otherwise.
  • Turn to diet that will help your baby to grow healthily just in case you have not been keen on that in the past.

Bottom Line

Usually, there are no symptoms during this week of pregnancy. Some women may experience a few symptoms including increased sense of smell whereby even a little fragrance is well-sensed, change in taste, particularly the metallic taste. Tip – the best thing to do at 3 weeks pregnant is to consume a protein rich diet and take some extra calcium for both of you and your baby.




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