3rd Trimester

The third trimester lasts from 28 weeks to the delivery of your baby. In this trimester, all the organs mature except the brain and lungs, which mature after birth. The baby gains weight and the skin becomes smoother due to the accumulation of fat under the skin.

You have to go to the nearest health facility regularly for antenatal check-up. Your caregiver will do some regular tests to know the status of your pregnancy. You should restrict your travel and have a proper birth plan.

Third Trimester Symptoms

Your body changes further with all the developmental milestones at this stage. The belly enlarges further to accommodate the fast-growing fetus. Some of the symptoms you experience during the 3rd trimester include backaches, stretch marks, heartburn, and abdominal cramps or pain.

You will feel fatigued most of the times and experience contractions as the body prepares for delivery. Further symptoms include leaking breasts, varicose veins, and lack of control of bladder movements. You must attend all the doctor’s appointments at this stage because contractions can begin at any times. Some babies come way before 40 weeks while some come after.

Ask your doctor about the labor stages in preparation for delivery. You can take a class to be sure and get all the baby care products ready. You will feel fatigued but it is advisable to remain active. You also need to track your baby’s movements and pick the best pediatrician.

Baby Development in the Third Trimester

Your baby grows from 2 pounds to 6-9 pounds and from 16 inches to 19-22 inches. The kicks become more frequent and harder. Your baby begins to take the calcium you consume as the cartilage transforms into bones. Hence, you need to eat foods rich in calcium at this stage.

As you approach delivery, the baby first poop or meconium begin to accumulate in the baby’s intestines. By week 31, all the five senses are fully developed, which means the baby can tell between light and darkness. The brain develops further to control some body functions such as blinking, regulating the body temperature, and even dreaming.

The baby begins to prepare for delivery by week 34. Your baby turns to the bottom up and heads down position. If the baby does not turn by week 37, doctors will turn it manually.

3rd trimester weeks

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31 Weeks Pregnant

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