5 Weeks Pregnant

There is no doubt that things aren’t the same again. Missing your period is a clear indication that you are pregnant. Since you are 5 weeks pregnant, you are bound to experience a number of symptoms, so be prepared for the same and thank God that you are indeed going to be a mother.

As the menstrual period is of about 28 days, by this fifth week pregnancy you will miss your period. If you do a urine strip test, you will find positive results for your pregnancy. So, now you are sure that you are pregnant. If you want to be sure that you are pregnant then the test result is ok for you. But, if anyone is not expecting a pregnancy yet, then she may wait for a week, as menstrual period may last for more than 1 week. If you are confused about the test result, go to your doctor and consult with doctor if you can take an ultrasound test.

Baby Development at 5 Weeks Pregnant

At the fifth week of pregnancy, the size of the baby is about 2 to 4mm. Various changes will occur in your baby and they include:

  • Constant formation of the umbilical cord.
  • Development of the neural tube, from which the brain and spinal cord develops will begin.
  • Formation of placenta continues.
  • The heart will start functioning but not at full range.

Symptoms And Body Changes of Mother At 5 Weeks


By the fifth week there will be certain body changes and symptoms, such as:

• Morning sickness

You may feel uncomfortable or experience uneasiness within your stomach in the morning which may last throughout the day. But when this occurs, do not stop eating food as doing that it will hamper the growth of both you and your baby.

• Craving of food

It means that you will have desire for a particular taste food, which will change by day. Don’t panic, it is okay. Just eat your desired food and relax.

• Mood swings

• Feeling of tiredness

As the baby is grows within you; it needs energy and therefore takes energy from you. That’s why you will feel easily feel tired. So, you have to eat more food and take enough rest.

At this point, you will need to follow some rules for the well-being of both of you and the baby. These include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Increasing your food portions as your baby is taking nutrients from your body as well.
  • Stop taking alcohol, smoking, under cooked food or unpasteurized milk as they may contain organisms that may cause various food-related illnesses.
  • Avoid your pet, as this may cause you a severe infection named as toxoplasmosis.

Week 5 Pregnancy Tips

“It has been confirmed that indeed you are expecting even though your belly size may not be revealing it yet. This is actually the most opportune time to break the news to your husband. What you must not forget is that you are entering a new era and in case you haven’t adjusted you lifestyle, then it is now time for the same.”

During this fifth week, your baby will undergo crucial developments and if you are a smoker, drug user, or alcoholic, then you are at risk of ruining your pregnancy. You need to change this habit immediately. Discuss you healthcare facility to advice you on how to quit.

Bottom Line

Being 5 weeks pregnant implies that your body should work faster in order for the baby to grow. In this case, talk to your partner to offer some support. You should share the pregnancy and keeping close to each other is the best way to do so.

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