9 Weeks Pregnant

This is a stage when so many changes are occurring to you as the mother and the baby. At 9 weeks pregnant, you should be planning to pay your doctor a visit. This is the time you should take your first ever prenatal check up. In order to simplify things, try to jot down some of the things you can remember regarding yourself such as lifestyle, medication, eating behavior as well as your medical background.
You just passed two months of your pregnancy. If you do not have symptoms hampering your daily activities then you should enjoy the pregnancy. At only two months, you are not expected to experience a lot of symptoms but in case they present themselves, then you must be prepared to face them. With your doctor closely monitoring your development, things are bound to be ok.

Body Changes and Symptoms That Occur To You at 9 Weeks Pregnant

  • Bloating and gas formation in the abdomen.
  • Some weight gain.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Increased desire to urinate.
  • Breasts enlarges in size and the nipple with the areola darkening.
  • You may feel pain in your breasts.
  • Uterus is still growing as the fetus is developing within it.
  • The blood circulation increases which will increase your urination and you may see some engorged vein in your body.

Baby Development Ultrasound at 9 Weeks

9-weeks-pregnant- info-graphic-of-baby-development

During the ninth week, the baby is about 1 inch in length and weighs about three grams. Other developments include,

At this week all the essential organs start to develop:

  • The head of the baby develops and the size is still larger than the body.
  • The fingers and the toes become more visible but they are still very tiny.
  • The heartbeat is louder and you may able to hear it by the fetal Doppler. If you don’t hear the sound of the heartbeat, don’t worry, maybe the baby is not in a suitable position.
  • The organs and muscles begin to function independently.
  • Development of the specific sex organs begins.

Tips for the 9th Week of Pregnancy

“You should take enough rest for both you and the baby. Take small meals rather than large meals which will help you to prevent morning sickness. Some woman may suffer from excessive vomiting which will need medical attention. If your age is 35 years or more or have any genetic conditions, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Do not stand for a long time as it may cause dizziness.”

Bottom Line

That said and done, what remains is for your baby to keep developing as time goes. So, 9 weeks pregnant is how many months?Two months to be precise and therefore it means that more changes and symptoms are yet to come. What is more essential here is for you to stick to a healthy lifestyle so as to cut down the miscarriage risk. You don’t want to see your pregnancy disappear just because you did not take in your doctor’s advice.




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