After Pregnancy


Becoming a mom is a tough journey right from trying to get pregnant to the delivery room. If you have gone through it successfully, well, congratulations! The big challenge now is to take care of your body. Many moms get anxious and sometimes fall into depression because of their new body shape.

You need not get worried about the changes in your body. I will teach how to take care of your body after pregnancy while still breastfeeding the newborn. Personal hygiene is critical after birth, especially if you go through a caesarean section. What should you eat to have enough breast milk without adding too much weight? How do you ensure your baby is getting all the nutrients?

This guide will help you with meal choices and simple exercises that you can do at home to stay fit. I know the big tummy can give you a headache, especially if you have never had such weight. Many moms struggle with this and so this guide has specific exercises for reducing the tummy.

Another thing that every mom needs to learn is getting enough rest. Is it really possible to sleep for hours immediately after birth? How do you train the baby sleep for several hours so that you can rest? I got you covered on that.

The guide also covers post partum depression. It is possible for a new mother to sink into depression after pregnancy without realising it. I will show you how to identify the signs of depression and deal with it in case you develop the signs.

Are you anxious about breastfeeding? Do you know that breast milk has different stages? Well, you will learn the stages and get tips that make breastfeeding natural. I am here to make the transition into motherhood easy so let us get started…..


Postnatal care

Postnatal care means, care of both mother and baby after delivery of the baby. After delivery the organs of reproduction return to their pre-pregnant stage ………..

Learn in detail about the postnatal care



Post Pregnancy Diet

Post pregnancy diet is a very important thing for you. During delivery and after delivery a lot of things happen to your body ………..

Learn in detail about the post pregnancy diet



Body Changes After Pregnancy

During the pregnancy various changes occur in mother’s body. When the delivery is done organs start to return in its pre-pregnant stage. 

Learn in detail about the body changes after pregnancy



Postpartum Exercise To Reduce Tummy

After delivery, a common question asked by the mothers- how to reduce the tummy?The answer is ………

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Signs And Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression

After having a baby some women suffers from a type of mood disorder which is called postnatal depression . 

Learn in detail about the signs & symptoms of postpartum depression



Stages Of Breast Milk

Breast milk is a natural food for the baby produced by a woman. It provides all the essential nutrition of a baby during the first few months of life …….

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Treatment Of Postpartum Depression

If a mother suffers from any symptom of post partum depression she needs treatment.  Treatment of Postpartum depression is not only medicine ……..

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Benefits Of Breastfeeding

For a healthy baby breast feeding is the ‘Gold standard’ feeding. The baby does not need anything else even a drop of water rather than breast milk for the first six months of life.

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Tips Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the finest experiences to a woman’s life. Breast milk is the only food of a baby for first six months of life. If you are a new mother you need to know how …..

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