Best Baby Swing Reviews For 2023

Where do you start when looking for a perfect baby swing? Read baby swing reviews first to know what is in the market.

The best reviews feature other customers’ feedback on each product. You can determine from such reviews the best swings to buy.

Nothing beats the feeling of holding your baby close to you. Whether you use a baby wrap, a carrier, or just your arms, the bond is heartwarming. 

However, you cannot carry the little one all day. After the feeding sessions, you want to soothe them sleep so that you can get other chores done.

For most babies, placing them in the cot does not put them to sleep. You still need to rock them until they fall asleep. 

Sleeping times can be overwhelming if no one else is helping with the baby.If you do not have an extra pair of hands or you facing a problem to make your baby stop crying, a baby swing comes in handy in these situations.

Reviews save you from spending money on substandard products. Your baby’s safety must always come first when buying such products.

Also, the baby can’t fall asleep or stay still if the swing is uncomfortable. Here now is our list of the top baby swings in the market in 2023.

List Of The Best Baby Swing

We will start our reviews with the best overall baby swing that works for all babies.

Best Overall Baby Swing



Reasons To Consider The Swing

The baby swing has two directions of swinging, that is, head to toe and side to side. You can turn the baby into different positions easily by pressing a button. Also, you can adjust the reclining position to find the most comfortable recline.

Always check for the swing speed when reading baby swing reviews. The cradle and swing have six swing speeds.

The best depends on the speed that your baby requires to sleep. You can start fast and then slow down the speed in intervals.

Fisher-Price has included 16 soothing sounds in the swing. Explore all the sounds to find the one that works for your baby. The cushioned head support and body insert make it super cozy.

The carrier is machine washable and power plugged which helps you save on batteries. You may need a screwdriver to assemble the baby swing but the process is easy.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

On Amazon, customers that gave baby swing reviews are happy with the swing. It is cozy enough to put the baby to sleep fast.

It is child friendly with the cuddly puppy inserts. Parents also compliment the security of the swing. You have no worries about the safety of the baby while lying on the swing.

Customers complain about the noise that the swing produces when turning. Some feel it is too loud and keeps the baby awake longer. Some talk about the need to insert batteries even if the swing is plug powered.




Easy to convert into different swinging positions


It is machine washable


It has different speeds and soothing sounds




It may squeak if the baby is not well positioned


Requires tools to assemble

Baby Swings For Infants

It is important to buy a baby swing or rocker from a trusted brand like Graco when buying one for an infant.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

Babies get bored with the same position and environment. The product is part of our baby swing reviews partly because it doubles as a rocker.

You can detach the seat and walk around the house if the baby fails to sleep on the swing. It has three seating positions and two swing directions.

The handle is positioned in a way that you can keep the baby at your side. You can use batteries or connect it directly to a power source to use for a longer period.

The vibrations and range of soothing melodies calm your baby enough to fall asleep. The little bears are friendly and keep the baby entertained as you work.

The swing comes in different pieces that you need to assemble before use. Another shortcoming is the weight of the rocker seat. It is heavy to carry around and swing high, especially for big babies.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

The majority of people who bought this swing and rocker were happy with its comfort, soothing sounds, and stability.

The fact that it has a detachable rocker seat is an added advantage. Mothers are happy with the colors, airy design, and easy to clean fabric.

Negative baby swing reviews for this product talk about the clicking sound that comes after months of use.

Many babies can still fall with the sound but some parents have to adjust the design a bit to silence the sound. The sounds are consistent and may not distract the baby while trying to fall asleep.




Detachable to use a rocker seat


Multi-directional swing


Has a 5-point harness




It may develop a clicking sound after time


The detached seat is a bit heavy and hence swings slowly

Best Baby Swing For Colic

Parents know how hard it is to put a baby with colic to sleep. A baby swing can help if you purchase the right one.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

Babies with colic cling onto their moms for comfort. It is almost impossible to put them down until the colic discomfort is over.

Luckily, this swing moves in the same way as the parent would move. It has five unique motions including rock-a-bye, kangaroo, car ride, free swing, and wave motions.

It is different from other swings on baby swing reviews in that it is blue-tooth enabled. You can turn on the soothing music with your smartphone. You do not need batteries for the swing.

The downside is that it may be unstable for big babies. Observe the weight limits given to avoid such incidents.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

The unique small design suits many parents because it can fit in any bedroom space. It has all the features to calm a baby including a soothing fabric, calming music, and a wide range of motions.

Parents complain about its instability as the child grows. The swing may produce a squeak depending on its use.




Multiple unique motions and speeds


Adjustable seat recline


Smooth and machine washable fabric




Not suitable for big babies


The design is not easily portable

Best High-Tech Swing

Do you love technology? We include this swing in our baby swing reviews for parents who are fascinated by technology.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

You can choose between three timer settings of 30, 45, and 60 minutes with 5 swing speeds. With the timer, the chosen swing speed remains consistent for the set time.

The swing works with magnets and has slim fold technology, which makes it easy to carry and fold for storage.

It is made of a soothing fabric that is easy to wipe off any dirt with soap and damp cloth. It has head support and a removable toy bar. The motor is quiet. The non-slip feet area and 5-point harness enhance your baby’s safety.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Parents are happy with this near-silent swing. It has soothing plush fabrics. The swing uses hybrid rive technology that allows moms to use it outdoors.

One major complaint in baby swing reviews is about removing the cover for a wash. It is hard to put it back. The manufacturer recommends that you wipe it instead of removing it to clean.




Easy to clean with a damp cloth


Has true speed technology






Replacing the cover after washing is hectic


Magnets are weak

Best Swing-Bouncer Combo

It is economical and convenient to buy a baby swing that doubles as a bouncer. Sometimes you need both to manage parenting and work.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

One of the reasons why you need to read baby swing reviews is to get value for your money. A swing that doubles as a bouncer saves you money and gives you more options of putting your baby to sleep.

You may need to alternate between the swing and bouncer until the baby is calm enough to sleep.

With this swing-bouncer combo, you have six swinging speeds combined with 5 nature sounds and 10 melodies.

You are guaranteed to find a combination that works for your baby. The seat is adjustable and spacious enough to fit any baby comfortably. You can use it until the baby gains 30 pounds.

The swing is made of different materials including metallic and plastic bars and polyester on the liner.

You may find the clicking noise disturbing. However, when the baby gets used, the noise becomes bearable.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Happy parents love the comfort and ease of putting the baby to sleep with this swing-bouncer combo.

It is a true value for their money. It is lightweight, plug powered, and has a toy bar for entertainment. The spacious seat gives the baby room to grow until they can fall asleep without a rocker.

Unhappy buyers quote the clicking sound and difficulties in navigating narrow doorways in their baby swing reviews.

It is also important to watch the instructional video on how to assemble it after purchase as well.




Has a spacious reclining seat


Easy to find the right pace with multiple swinging speeds


The seat can also be used as a bouncer




It clicks when swinging


It does not fit in some doorways and hallways

Best Baby Swing For Small Spaces

Do you live in a small apartment? We recommend the following baby swings that work best with limited space:



Reasons To Consider The Swing

The colorful swing serves more than one purpose. You can soothe your baby with a wide range of speeds or convert it into an infant seat.

Sometimes the baby sleeps and wakes up while still on the swing. The conversion process is easy and fast.

The swing is budget-friendly and easily portable with the firm top bar. The manufacturers considered parents with small spaces on this one.

The footprint is small. The seat is deep and comfortable. You will also enjoy the calming melodies and vibrations.

When the baby is finally asleep, you can easily fold the frame and store it. The seat pad is colorful and machine washable. It comes with an insert for a newborn.

Although the swing uses batteries only, the batteries last longer. Also, using a cord is sometimes inconvenient in small spaces. You also need to stock several pairs of charged batteries.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Baby swing reviews from real buyers are helpful. Customers who have used this swing for a while appreciate its convenience.

It fits all spaces, it is pocket friendly and it is two-in-one. Happy customers do not see the need to buy large swings while this small has more than one function. It is easy to assemble and fold after use.

The main shortcoming is in the position of the baby on the swing. It is tedious to get the baby out for some parents, especially when moving a sleeping baby to its cot.

The swing uses batteries exclusively, which means that you have to keep the batteries charged at all times.




Easily portable


Machine washable cover


Doubles as a stationary infant seat




It runs on batteries only


Taking the baby out can be annoying



Reasons To Consider The Swing

A portable swing with batteries enables you to use it indoors and outdoors. The simple sway fits that description.

You can also use it indoors with a power plug, which saves you money. Its small frame fits through doors easily and occupies minimal space. The weight limit ranges from 5.5 to 30 pounds. You will not need a swing after that.

Another reason for considering it in our baby swing reviews is the plush deep seat with detachable head support.

It features two-speed vibration and a gentle sway that move side to side. Despite its size, the swing has three mobile toys for a child’s play.

You can work peacefully because the five-point harness locks the baby firmly into position. The simple sway may be too gentle or limited for big babies but it works.

The head support is not sufficient for an infant. However, since it is detachable, you can buy one that cushions your baby better along with the swing.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

For parents looking for a simple swing that works this small-framed swing is a good buy. Buyers recommend it for its pocket-friendly price while offering the same convenience as other large swings.

The seat is comfortable and ergonomic with extra head cushions. The plug-in option is a saver for many parents who mostly use swings indoors.

You will find the slow swing in most negative baby swing reviews. For some parents, it takes longer to soothe the baby with this swing.

The motion range is also limited to side-to-side. However, babies that have never used a swing before still fall asleep as they play with toys on this swing.




It fits in any doorway and room


Has a deep cozy seat


Uses both batteries and electricity




Needs extra head support for newborns


Swing speed is a bit slow

Best Portable Baby Swing

Portability should be among the top factors to consider when reading baby swing reviews. It should be easy to move the swing from one room to another without any damages.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

You can soothe the baby to sleep in any of the eight ways including the normal swing, zigzag, figure 8, and circular motions.

If you just want the baby to sit aside as you work, the removable rocker will work perfectly. Sometimes swinging the rocker alone puts the baby to sleep.

The eight motions and dual direction mean that you have 16 soothing motions available. It comes with soft toys to keep the baby happy. The swing is lightweight and easily detachable from the base.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Buyers recommend this swing for its range of motion, comfort, and stable seat. The swing is quiet and takes less room.

The removable rocker seat is a plus for most buyers. The main challenge is that it does not swing as much as some parents would prefer. However, the range is still sufficient to rock the baby to sleep.




Swings in eight different ways


Doubles as a detachable rocker


Has an AC adapter for electric use




The swing is limited


Music sounds may delay after pressing the button

Best Looking Bouncer

You buy a swing to get an extra pair of hands to hold the little one as you do other things. However, the colors should be attractive as well, especially to the baby.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

The bouncer is probably the best way to keep your baby busy and excited. It consists of bright colors, lights, and musical sounds that come up every time the baby jumps.

It mimics a forest experience with the little lizard, peek-a-boo tiger, and money. The bouncer allows a 360-degree turn such that the baby can see and play with all the attached toys.

The frame is durable and sturdy enough to accommodate the baby’s weight. The jumper gets positive baby swing reviews for the adjustable height positions.

Your baby can use it until they outgrow the fun of a bouncer. The seat is soft and comfortable. You can remove the seating pad, wash in the machine, and put it in the dryer.

The bouncer produces sounds with every jump. It may take you a while to get used to the noises around the house. However, the play gives you enough room and time to take care of yourself.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Parents and babies love this bouncer. From the thousands of ratings on Amazon, you can tell that many families have tried it and loved the experience.

You are likely to enjoy watching the baby play in it. It is ergonomic, easy to clean, durable, and colorful.

The downside from baby swing reviews from buyers is the price. Some customers feel it is pricy but most feel the service and quality are worth the price.




It has exciting colors and lights


Adjustable height positions


Durable sturdy frame




Noisy as the baby bounces around the house


Relatively pricy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baby Swings Good For The Spine?

The safety of your baby while on a swing depends on the position. Recline the seat to a comfortable position such that the back does not coil.

Another safety tip is to avoid using the swing for a long time. The purpose is to soothe the baby to sleep. Once the baby sleeps, transfer the baby to a flatbed surface.

What Is The Difference Between A Swing And Bouncer?

The main difference between a baby swing and a bouncer is in the range of motion. A swing may have multiple sway directions include the side-to-side and back and forth motions.

Other motions are a variation of these two motions in different positions. A swing may have one motion as well, especially simple swings.

A bouncer has only one motion, that is, the bouncing motion. You will often find swings that double as bouncers in baby swing reviews. Such swings have a wide range of motions including the bouncing motion.

Which Is The Best Between A Bouncer And A Swing?

Both bouncers and swings are useful. However, the right one depends on the baby’s preference and reason for purchasing.

Bouncers are good if you want to keep the baby playing or occupied as you work. It also serves as a distraction if the baby demands attention all the time.

A swing, on the other hand, is perfect for putting the baby to sleep without using your arms. Most babies fidget when feeling sleepy.

Swings come with different reclining positions and a wide range of motion that put the baby to sleep fast.


We have reviewed the top baby swings in the market to make it easy for you to make a good decision. Our baby swing reviews include feedback from other Amazon customers who have used the swings.

Such feedback can help you avoid the same mistakes that other buyers make. We recommend that you consider your baby’s needs beyond saving money.

For instance, babies with colic require much more attention than other infants do. For such, a soothing swing is important.

Consider your baby’s development as well. The bones are still fragile and need to develop properly. A baby swing helps you when you need to work while the baby is still awake.

Limit the use of the swing unless if it doubles as an infant seat. The back should either be flat or upright but not twisted.

Another important tip is to check the weight limit. A heavy baby may fall off a baby swing if you exceed the weight limit.

One last thing, ensure that the swing is recommended for newborns. Most swings need extra cushioning to hold infants.

You may need to buy an extra soft headrest for the newborn or wait for the baby to develop before using a swing.

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