Before Pregnancy


If you are reading this, you probably are looking for the right information about pregnancy. You could be trying to get a child, planning for pregnancy or in the early stages of pregnancy. Whatever stage you are at does not matter. My commitment is to give you accurate information on what to do and expect before pregnancy.

Most of the guides you will come across go right into the pregnancy journey without preparing moms for the same. In this guide, you will learn the right pre-pregnancy diet and exercises. You need to prepare your body for the forthcoming changes before conception.

I will also guide on pre-pregnancy planning and help you draft a calendar for the journey. It is always easier for moms who consider every detail before pregnancy. Other lessons you can expect in this guide include different pregnancy tests. Some of the tests you can take at home alone. I will also guide you in choosing a birth plan and preparing for labor.


Early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy signs are different from one woman to another. The most common early sign of pregnancy is the missing period. But it’s not mandatory, missing period always indicates pregnancy.

Learn in detail about the early signs of pregnancy



Types of pregnancy tests

Usually a pregnancy can be identified at the week after missed period and to be sure pregnancy, tests need to be done.To identify a pregnancy there are basically two main types of pregnancy tests.

Learn in detail about the types of pregnancy tests



Home pregnancy test with sugar

Besides of urine strip test or blood test, some women try to do some other home based tests. Among them one of the tests that you can do at home is sugar test. This was a common test done at old times …….

Learn in detail about the home pregnancy test with sugar



Pregnancy test with salt

If you want to be pregnant or notice that your menstruation is delayed than normal time, you are going to ensure it with a pregnancy test. There are various types of home based pregnancy tests. 

Learn in detail about the Pregnancy test with salt



Pregnancy test at home with toothpaste

There are some interesting ways to identify a pregnancy. One of those is test by toothpaste. Other than sugar and salt method of pregnancy test, this is also a home based test. 

Learn in detail about the Pregnancy test at home with toothpaste



Simple Birth Plan

A birth plan can be described as making arrangements for delivery and essential care of the newborn baby. It should be done after communication with your doctor. 

Learn in detail about the simple birth plan



Giving Birth At Home

Home birth means giving birth of a child in home rather than in a hospital. If you have a plan of giving birth at home there are some important facts you need to know about home birth.

Learn in detail about the giving birth at home



Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

To become a mother is the most precious thing in the world. After you become pregnant you have to plan where you will deliver your baby. There are some options but most people prefer ………

Learn in detail about the home birth vs. hospital birth



Signs of labor approaching

Usually the labor starts between 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. If it starts before 37 week then it is called premature or preterm labor. The pain may even start at 30 week of pregnancy . 

Learn in detail about the signs of labor approaching



Stages of Labor

The labor is a process where various events occur by the time. If you are pregnant for the first time then you are about to get a unique experience. Events those occur during ………..

Learn in detail about the stages of labor