7 Best Baby Bassinet of 2023

Shopping for a newborn comes with both excitement and anxiety. You want to get the best products at the best prices. Use this guide to find the best baby bassinet for the little one.

Top 7 Best Baby Bassinet of 2023

Here, we have reviewed top-rated baby bassinet that you can consider for your newborn baby.

Best bassinets for Newborns:

Reasons to consider the bassinet

The lightweight bassinet is suitable for newborns up to six months. It has good air circulation with mesh sides. The bassinet is adjustable to nine height positions. It has a bonus mobile and music box for lulling the little one to sleep.

Feedback from Amazon Buyers

Moms love the multi-purpose bassinet. It converts easily from a portable bassinet to a bedside sleeper. It is the best bassinet for breastfeeding at night. It is stable, adjustable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.




It has a detachable side panel to function as a sleeper


The bassinet is lightweight and hence easy to move around


Assembling the bassinet takes just a few minutes.




It comes only in grey


The mobile has only two toys attached

Best Portable Bassinet

Reasons to buy the bassinet

The bassinet has an easy folding design for storage and transport. It has a Bluetooth speaker that plays your child’s favorite soothing sounds. It is built to last with durable materials yet so soft and comfortable. The bassinet also has a room temperature monitor.

Feedback on Amazon

Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet Reviews highlight the collapsible design. It is easy for moms to travel with it. The bassinet is durable, comfortable, and unisex. Moms also love the soothing sounds that lull the baby easily.




It has mesh sides for visibility and optimal airflow.


The brand is trusted for quality products for over 100 years.


It is portable with the collapsible design.




It lacks a carrying bag.


The Bluetooth speaker turns off with a beep.

Best Bassinet for Travel

3. Dream On Me Travel Bassinet

Reasons to buy the bassinet

When choosing the best baby bassinet, consider the baby’s comfort at home and on the road. A fold ‘n Go bassinet suits a family that travels often. The bassinet has a light aluminum frame. It folds easily into a compact design for travel. The bassinet is made of comfortable polyester foam fabric. It has a firm mattress with a washable cover.

Feedback on Amazon

Many buyers give a positive Fold ‘n Go travel bassinet review for easy-folding design. The bassinet folds into a compact design easily. It comes with a travel bag for packing. The bassinet has a zipper cover that is easily detachable for cleaning. Moms also love the color choices and stylish design.




It folds easily into a compact design that fits in its travel bag.


The polyester material is soft, safe, and convenient.


The mattress is well padded and comfortable.




It is low height.


It does not function well as a bedside bassinet or sleeper.

Best rocking baby bassinet

We include this bassinet in our list for the parents who want a baby bassinet to keep their baby safe and prefer a pleasant rocking motion so that the baby can sleep well. 

Reasons to buy the bassinet

Is a rocking bassinet safe for sleep? It depends on the rocking motions and stability. The Green Frog bassinet has smooth rocking motions. It comes with a premium mattress and washable cotton sheet. It has mesh windows on the sides for supervision. The bassinet has a carrying bag for travel.

Feedback on Amazon

The rocking bassinet has a solid aluminum frame. The premium fabric is removable and washable. Babies can sleep safely on the rocking bassinet all night. The bassinet is lightweight to lift or roll around the house.




The mattress is premium quality and safe for infants


The fabric is removable and washable


It is lightweight and easy to transport




The mesh fabric is limited to two side windows


It is low-height for a bedside bassinet

Safest Bassinets

Your baby’s safety should be the first consideration when looking for the best baby bassinet. Both AAP and CPC give guidelines on safe bassinets and sleepers for babies. Here is an example of a bassinet that meets this qualification.

Reasons to buy the bassinet

It qualifies to be on the list of CPC certified bassinets with breathable sides for ventilation. It has a flat sleeping surface, dual lighting options, and a mobile overhead. The swaying motions are lockable.

Feedback on Amazon

This AAP Approved Bassinets attract positive reviews because of the high safety standards. The Fisher-Price bassinet has calming sounds, vibrations, and lockable sway motions. The overhead mobile entertains the baby with the toys and star projection.




It has a starry sky projection that requires no telescope


It is easy to maintain by machine washing the sheet and wiping the sleeping pad


The bassinet has multiple entertainment features




The pattern of the sleeping pad is limiting to some parents


It cannot convert into a bedside co-sleeper

Others top rated bassinets to buy

Reasons to buy the bassinet

Baby Bjorn bassinet is a JPMA Certified product. The bassinet is white, low-height, and 100% Polyester. It has gentle rocking movements. The design is simple with breathable mesh sides. You can easily move the bassinet around the house.

Baby Bjorn bassinet vs. halo

Comparing two products is advisable to find the best baby bassinet. The main difference between the two bassinets is design. The Halo bassinet is more transparent and has a 360-degree swivel. Besides, the Halo bassinet has an adjustable height to serve as a bedside sleeper.

Feedback on Amazon

The Baby Bjorn bassinet has a simple yet stable design. It fits any space and is lightweight to lift from one room to another. Supervision is easy through the mesh fabric. 




It features a simple design with breathable sides


It is easy to lift and move around


It has gentle rocking motions to calm the baby




The color range is limited to white


It is low height

Reasons to buy the bassinet

The Snoo bassinet consists of customizable rocking motions and sounds. It uses cries sensitivity technology that responds with stronger but calming white noise. The design is simple and fits any space.

Snoo Vs Dockatot

The Dockatot lounger functions as a co-sleeper and diaper-changing platform. Moms also use the Dockatot lounger during playtime and bonding sessions. The Snoo bassinet functions as a standalone bassinet.

Feedback on Amazon

The Snoo bassinet is breathable and practical. It can be used in any room day and night. The sides are breathable to improve airflow. Buyers also talk about cry detection technology that helps babies sleep longer. It is among the best bassinets for small spaces.




It prevents rolling with the 3 hip-safe sack swaddles


The bassinet has a built-in cry detection system


It is easy to customize the motions and sounds to your preference




It functions better as a bedside crib than a sleeper


The smart app sometimes takes time to respond

Is bassinet really necessary?

Yes, you need a bassinet to balance between taking care of newborns and normal house chores. A bassinet also gives you long hours of sleep at night. Some bassinets feature cry detection technology while others have calming sounds, sway motions, and toys on a mobile. Such features entertain and calm the baby. You do not have to rush every time the baby cries.

Choosing between a bassinet, crib, or co-sleeper

Bassinet Vs Crib

A bassinet is different from a crib in that it is easily portable. Some bassinets have a drop sidewall that allows you to use it as a sleeper. However, babies outgrow bassinets between five and six months. A crib may take up more space but it is usable for a longer period.

Bassinet Vs Co Sleeper

A co-sleeper allows moms to share their beds with their little ones. It is smaller than a bassinet. A co-sleeper is used either next to the bed or on the bed. Bassinets come with additional features including wheels and rocking motions. Read a baby bassinet review before buying a bassinet to make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need a bassinet for a newborn?

Yes, a bassinet will help you take care of your newborn better, day and night

What is the best bassinet for a newborn?

The best baby bassinet should be safe, comfortable, breathable, and stable.

What is the best sleeper for a newborn?

The best sleeper should have a flat sleeping surface and a sturdy frame. It should be strong and large enough to accommodate your baby’s weight and size.

Can you use a baby swing as a bassinet?

No, it is risky to leave the baby on a swing for long hours. A baby can safely sleep on a bassinet for long.


The best baby bassinet should be sturdy, comfortable, safe, and breathable. Consider additional accessories such as hanging toys, wheels, and soothing sounds. Also, check the durability of the materials and their maintenance requirements.

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