Best Baby Carrier for Hiking

Carrying babies may sometimes deny us the fun that we love. Besides, it may prevent us from enjoying fun with friends and family. Well, we hereby get to the bottom line of helping you enjoy parenthood by reviewing the best baby carrier for hiking that are available on the market. 

Hiking while carrying your baby will be made more straightforward by using one of the products in this list. 

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Thule Sapling Elite

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Osprey Poco

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Why Do You Need A Baby Carrier For Hiking?

If you enjoy outdoor adventure and plan to prepare for your first hiking with baby then it would be much fun. However, having to carry them along the journey requires some assistance at least. A soft structured baby carrier can be a choice, but it only lasts for a short while since it isn’t designed for this purpose.

Key Features You Should Check Before Purchasing A Hiking Baby Carrier

The many reasons as to why you should choose the best baby carrier for hiking to revolve around:

  • Carrying capacity of the carrier

The capacity of the carrier implies the amount of space to hold the baby. It should be enough.

  • Storage space

The carrier that you chose should have enough space for water bottles, diapers and other essentials

  • Design

The design of the carrier is essential to determine the durability, flexibility and ability to resist wetness.

  • Straps

Straps may cause back pains to the user. The best baby carrier for hiking would be recommended to have numerous straps for waist, shoulder, back straps for better comfort. 

  • Head and neck

The head and neck of the child should be strong enough. That is when the baby would comfortably sit in the carrier.

  • The age

An infant less than 6 months may not be very safe out there hiking. It would pose health hazard(s) to him or her.

  • Cost

The price of the carrier should probably be equivalent to the value. Besides it should be manageable to the buyer.

When Is The Best Time To Go For Hiking?

It is commonly thought that spring is the best season to go out hiking. I dispute the notion from both experience and research. The best time to go for hiking is when the crowds are reduced, and when you will not be uncomfortable due to crowding. Choosing the times when the temperatures are comfortable is essential. These are the times that you may view more wildlife.

List Of The Best Baby Carriers For Hiking To Consider For Buying

“There are lots of baby carriers that have been ushered into the market. Well one thing that we all have to agree with, is that they all need to sell. Although we have approached it differently, we bring you the selection of the best baby carriers for hiking. It is upon you to arrive at a decision and choose one that suites you”



The Backpack Design

Osprey Poco Premium is a carrier priding a reputation for leading-edge pack technology and design. It also has proper ventilation to offer your baby the best air circulation when hiking.

Ergonomics And Suitability

The Osprey Poco Premium child carrier has an easy-to-adjust comfort and added features such as a built-in diaper pad, sun shade and a removable day pack.

Lightweight Baby Carrier

It has a lightweight aluminium frame to provide stability and comfort for long hikes.

A Wide Base

For safety purposes the cockpit is covered and the base is extra wide for stability. For parent’s comfort it has a hip-belt for perfect fit and a removable daypack to share the weight.

Twain Handle Grab

They facilitate a stable and secure picking of the baby. They are well reinforced to hold the baby’s weight.

The Shade

It features an in built shade that protects the baby from the sun rays.

Luxurious Child Cockpit

It comes with a completely padded cockpit which is also the child’s seat.

Other Features Include

  • Large compartments for storing diapers and other stuffs.
  • It also has a toy loops for the baby’s toys.
  • A hip belt that enhances firmness of the carrier.
  • Anti-gravity stabilization in a suspension.

Why Go For Osprey Poco Premium?



The backpack is lightweight due to its design and the aluminum used for its structure.

It is comfortable due to the adjustable shoulder harness which ensure comfort and a perfect fit with the carrier.


It has a lot of storage for anything you need to carry along and the weight doesn’t ruin the backpack’s shape.



The largest downside of the Osprey Poco Premium is the price, the backpack is actually expensive compared to other carrier backpacks.


It has a lot of pouches for storage purposes and to some extent the backpack becomes too heavy.

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A Lightweight Design

The clevr carrier is a lightweight but durable backpack made of metal that can withstand all weather.

An Ergonomic Design

It is a comfortable carrier for the baby and the parent, as it has pads in all the straps. It has wide straps that are padded to help ensure that the weight is equally distributed in the back for long walks and avoid future back-aces. In addition, it has an added chest strap for extra support of the backpack to keep your baby secure.

Sun Protection

It comes with a retractable shade which offers the child protection from the rain or sun.

Extra Storage

The backpack has extra pockets for extra items needed during a walk and also has water bottler holders. It is among the best baby carrier for hiking with a number of features. The metal kickstand ensures ease transfer of the child in and out of the carrier if need be.

Extra Features

The clevr backpack is all-weather. The backpack is efficient in all kinds of weather. It withstands sunlight as well as rainy weather due to the fabric used in its design which dries quickly.

Age: 6 months to 4 years

Weight: 33 lbs. maximum weight

Why Purchase A Baby Backpack Cross Country Carrier?



Comfortable. The backpack has wide straps which have thick padding for the parent to be comfortable along the way.

Storage. The backpack is quite spacious with extra pockets to carry extra items that are required. It also has enough space for the child to move a bit while still securely strapped in. 


The belts and straps are designed in a way they can simply adjust to fit any person.



The design of the fabric has not used well ventilated material which makes it less breathable.


The backpack does not have a foot rest for the child and the child might get tired as the foot hangs around with nothing to step on.

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Ergonomic Design

Looking for the best baby carrier for hiking, the Thule Sapling carrier is also a lightweight carrier which is very comfortable on the back due to its design of the adjustable straps and additional load stabilizer straps. 

Thule sapling carrier also comes with an extra feature of foot stirrups to help rest the child’s feet. The stirrups are adjustable and are built such that the child can slide onto them for preferred position.

Extra Storage

The carrier comes with additional detachable backpack which is useful since extra weight can be shared along the walk.


The pack is made up of nylon material that is durable and does not tear. It is also breathable to make the entire backpack to be cool through good air circulation.

Extra Features

Other features of the sapling backpack include a sunshade for sunlight cover, a mirror to help monitor the child at the back. It also has a hydration sleeve to carry water as well as an independent kickstand.

Reasons To Go For A Thule Sapling Child Carrier?



Thule sapling carrier is light due to the material used for the design as well as being able to detach the extra pockets to share the weight during long walks.

It is very comfortable to the wearer due to its adjustable straps and weight stabilizer straps.


It comes with an extra opening besides the one from the top to fit in the child as they grow.



The Thule backpack comes without a rain cover. If in need of a rain cover you have to purchase it as an extra accessory making it an expense.


It has a less supportive seat and less stable when it is stands on the ground.

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The Kelty pathfinder 3.0 carrier is the best and most expensive Kelty offers.

Comfy Design

It is designed and equipped for long distance walks. The pathfinder comes with set of features. It has a quick suspension system that is adjustable for the parent to fit comfortably and is also equipped with a sun hood to protect the child from unwanted sun-rays.

Extra Storage Space

A detachable day-pack that is easily zipped off for carrying extra essentials and share the weight. An adjustable hip belt for extra support.

Lightweight Design

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum to reduce its weight. What makes the Pathfinder 3.0 among the best baby carrier for hiking is that it also comes with a feature that allows you to adjust the seat to fit the child’s height to make it more comfortable for your child during a long walk.


Its height is adjustable to boost the child’s comfort flexibly. Besides the padding ensures a comfy stay of the child while in the carrier. It has torso length belts that slide on the waist between 15 – 19 inches.


Its auto-deploy copy protected kick stand has no hinges, thus ensures a safer ground for unloading and loading the child on the carrier.

Why Opt For The Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier?



The backpack comes with a bottle pocket to carry water for walks where it is within reach.

It is made of lightweight aluminum to reduce fatigue.


It comes equipped with a sun hood to cover the child which is made of durable material.



The pathfinder does not have a footrest for the child.


The Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 is bulky as it does not fold and requires a lot of space especially in a car.



Ergonomic Design

The Kiddy Adventure is the best baby carrier for hiking as a companion for those who love hiking and outdoor adventures with their young ones. 

It comes with soft padded shoulder straps and waist belts making it exceptionally comfortable. All material used for padding of straps and back padding is thermotex to enhance air circulation and breathing.

Weather Protection Cover

It has an extendable hood for rain and sun cover for protection of the child.

Convertible And Detachable Parts

The kiddy adventure pack comes with an extra feature of a folding stand. The interior make of the pack seat is made of removable and washable padding to ensure the child is comfortable.

Extra Storage

The backpack also comes with enough storage at the back while few light equipment can fit in pockets on the waist belt.

Why Decide To Go For Kiddy Adventure Pack?



The kiddy adventure pack has an attached sun hood that protects the child from sunlight and also acts as a rain protection.

It tries to care for the storage space and for this the stand can be easily folded to occupy minimum space in a car or in the house.


This backpack is fairly affordable and comes at a cheap price.



The kiddy adventure pack does not have a footrest for the child.


It is quite difficult to put the child in the carrier from the top.



Lightweight Design

This backpack carrier from Phil & Ted’s has an aluminum frame that is lightweight for ease during long walks and hikes.

Comfy Design

The pack can easily fold to save space and fit in a car or plane. It has ergonomic shoulder straps and waist belts to increase the backpacks stability during walks. Adjustable harnesses to ensure secure fit and comfort for both the parents and child.

Extra Features

Its fabric is waterproof and has side drink pockets. It also comes with a detachable mini pack for the child to wear. The back of the bag is designed with good ventilated panel to keep air flowing as you move.

Why Recommend Phil & Ted’s Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier?



The backpack is available at a fair price compared to others.

The Phil & Ted’s carrier can be folded easily to save space while travelling using a car or on a plane. This is a great deal for best baby carrier for hiking when it comes to storing it.


This carrier is much lighter than many others.



This backpack has a fairly wide cockpit which endangers the child due to excessive movement.


It lacks a padded headrest for the child to rest during a hike.



Extra Storage

The crosslinks deluxe carrier is an upgrade of the standard crosslinks backpack child carrier. The crosslinks deluxe has multiple pockets.

Cozy Design

Thick padded shoulder straps and waist belts for a comfortable long walk or hike. It also has an easy adjustment system to give a comfortable fit for the child and the parent. The backpack also folds flat for better storage when using a car or plane.

Safety Upgrade

The backpack also provides extra upgrade for child’s security by improving the foot straps. The back pockets are large to accommodate more necessities and there’s a reflective safety strip.

Extra Features

Its extra features include two water bottle pockets and a sun or rain canopy that can be detached anytime. These upgrades give this pack a rank in the best baby carrier for hiking.

Why Should One Buy Crosslinks Deluxe Backpack Child Carrier?



The shoulder straps are wide and thick padded to distribute the weight equally across the back of the wearer.

The backpack has also upgraded the foot straps to keep the child intact during hikes.


The carrier can easily be folded for storage in a car during travelling.



The extra back pockets of the carrier are not detachable and hence all necessities are carried by only one person during a hike.


The crosslinks deluxe carrier has a less supportive seat and less stable when it is stands on the ground.

Safety Measures When Using Baby Carriers While Hiking

  • Before embarking hike, ensure that the baby is properly seated in the best carrier for hiking and the straps and fastened and secure.

  • In case you have two babies, you would definitely have one in front and another at the back. Ensure the younger one is at the front.

  • Always avoid making sudden motions when carrying the baby in the baby carrier.

  • Always watch the baby’s hands when hiking in shrubby areas. The baby might grab branches and it may be disastrous.


There are lots of products that could be considered as baby carriers out there. Well, we cannot in our conscious minds leave our babies lonely when going out to hike. 

We also would not carry them carelessly. It would be irresponsible. Carrying our babies in their carriers would be necessary. 

Getting the best baby carrier for hiking would call for a vast know-how on when, why and for what reasons you would prefer a specific baby carrier. 

We all love our children. For this reason, we extend the love to composing this review and guide to help you choose the best baby carrier for hiking.


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