7 Best Baby Swing for Big Babies (2023)

Babies outgrow essential items fast including baby swings. Replacing baby items is often tedious because of the many chores that come with taking care of a newborn. The market is also flooded with baby items and choosing the best is an added task. We have listed the best baby swing for big babies to help parents choose the safest swings in the market.

List of the Best Baby Swing for Big Babies to Buy In 2023

We will start our reviews with the Fisher-Price baby swing, let’s know why it is the best baby swing for 6 to 12 months.

Baby swing for 6-12 months:



Reasons to choose this swing

Most parents feel comfortable placing a baby on a swing after 6 months. If you are at this stage, consider the weight limit when buying a swing. You will find a baby swing up to 50 lbs in the weight limit. The Fisher-Price swing has a weight limit of 40 kilograms. The baby will use the swing for up to one year. The swing features two rocking motions, adjustable reclining positions, sixteen soothing sounds, and six swing speeds. The seat pad is machine-washable.

Amazon buyer experience

Fisher-Price large swing is a top-rated sleeping swing for 1-year-old baby. It has a large weight limit, a plush and adjustable seat, and a mobile for the baby’s entertainment. Babies sleep fast on the swing with the soothing sounds and adjustable rocking motions. The seat has a five-point harness for safety. Based on the thousands of reviews on Amazon, parents recommend it as a secure and durable baby swing up to 15kg weight limit and above.




The legs are easy to fold for storage and travel.


It has overhead with several toys to distract the baby. 


It has an AC plug as an alternative to battery operation.




It produces a squeak sounds if the legs are not fully extended.


You need batteries to complete its circuit even when using the AC plug.

Tall Baby Swing:



Reasons to consider the swing

The Graco simple swing is the best baby swing for big babies that you will find with a simplistic design. It fits small spaces perfectly. It has a big seat and three toys on the overhead for entertainment and visual stimulation. The baby inclines securely on it with the five-point harness. You can adjust the swinging speed and pick the best tunes to soothe the baby.

Amazon Buyer Experience

The swing is a perfect soothing solution for most buyers. It fits into small spaces easily. In addition to the compact design, buyers recommend it for the secure harness, entertainment features, and a spacious baby seat. It takes a while to assemble but it is secure for babies up to 30 pounds.




 The swinging speed is adjustable to fit each baby’s preference and age.


The compact frame is convenient for all homes.


It has an AC adapter to plug into a wall outlet.




You need a 1 D-cell battery for vibration.


It produces a low pitch noise when swinging.

3. Graco Glider LX Baby Swing

Graco-Glider-LX- Best-Baby-Swing-For-Big-Babies-Image.jpg

Reasons to buy the swing

The Graco glider swing is listed as the best baby swing for big babies because of its unique compact design. The swing is designed to soothe the baby with the same motions you use with your arms. The sitting area is spacious. It is a lush head and body support. You can keep the baby calm with five nature sounds and ten soothing melodies. You can also adjust the seat to a comfortable recline position. The gliding motion is adjustable to six speeds. The swing has both plug and battery options and the weight limit is 5.5 to 30 pounds.

Amazon buyer feedback

The swing has quality fabrics and uses less space compared to other swings. It has a great design, a plush seat and enough sounds to calm the baby. Buyers also indicate that the swing is easy to install. Parents love the harness on the seat and a compact design. Moms wish that the swing would glide immediately after placing the baby on it but it takes a few minutes to glide.




It has a five-point harness to keep the baby securely in position.


 The seat is roomy to accommodate big babies.


You can choose between batteries and electric power for convenience.




The overhead comes with only two toys but has room for extra toys.


It takes several minutes to start gliding after placing the baby.

Large Electric Baby Swing:



Reasons to buy this swing

An automatic baby swing makes every mom’s day easy and convenient. The Ronbei swing has an automatic timer with intervals of 10, 20, and 30 minutes. It has a rotating atmosphere, light and soft toys that keep the baby busy while you work. The baby seat has two recline positions. It has two swing motions and four-speed levels. The nature sounds and melodies are good for your baby’s development.  The weight limit is 20 pounds, which most babies attain at around one year.

Amazon buyer feedback

Buyers recommend it as the best baby swing for big babies that require no batteries. The electric swing is spacious to accommodate large babies. The seat pad is detachable and machine washable. The fabrics are soft and comfortable for the baby, including infants. The rocking speed and incline position are adjustable. The swing does not suit parents that prefer an upright baby swing with tray.




The swing is made of soft breathable fabrics.


It has an AC adapter that works without batteries.


It comes in a beautiful, warm, unisex color.




It has fewer swing speeds compared to other baby swings.


It does not suit toddlers.

Swing for 1-year-old baby:

Best-Baby-Swing-For-1-Year-Old-Baby-Graco- DuetConnect-Swing-Image.jpg


Reasons to buy this swing

You get two items in one with this Graco DuetConnect swing. The seat functions as a detachable or portable bouncer. The bouncer has a carry handle for easy movement from one location to another. When connected as a swing, it moves side to side and at six swinging speeds. The seat is roomy and comfortable for big babies. The swing also has a two-speed vibration and hanging toys on the overhead to calm the baby.

Amazon buyer feedback

The swing is easy to put together. The seat is large enough for parents looking for the best baby swing for bigger babies. The seat pad is easy to remove and clean. The design fits all spaces. Parents also love the double functions. The fabric is soft on the baby’s skin. The hanging toys keep the little one distracted while moms work.




The swing has a roomy seat with an adjustable recline and body support.


It functions as a bouncer, which is easily portable with the carry handle.


It has a five-point harness for the baby’s safety.




It makes a low clicking sound when in motion.


The sway motion is slight but reasonable even at the highest speed.



Reasons to buy this swing

The best baby swing for big babies does not have to look like everything else in the market. This swing has a unique but comfortable design. It is Bluetooth enabled for controlling the motion speed and sounds. It has reversible toy balls with attractive colors to entertain the baby. It is a perfect match if you need a fully reclined baby swing. The seat adjusts to a full recline position. The swings can swing from side to side or bounce up and down. The seat fabric is smooth, breathable, and machine washable. The weight limit is 25 pounds.

Amazon buyer feedback

Buyers commend the compact unique design, quality fabrics, and smooth movements. It is easy to assemble. You can easily unzip the fabric and wash it in case of a spill. It is lightweight to move around the house. The colors are neutral to fit any gender. Parents also love the adjustable seat, unique motions, and different swing speeds. The sounds are soothing but some parents wish that the swing had playful sounds as well.




It comes with an AC adapter and requires no batteries to operate.


You can automatically control the motion and sound with Bluetooth.


The design fits small spaces perfectly.




 It would function better with a four or five-point harness.


The hanging toy balls must be moved manually.

Ingenuity-Inlighten- Best-Baby-Swing-For-Big-Babies-Image.jpg


Reasons to buy this swing

Here is another great option for the best swing for big baby. It features a beautiful flora unicorn design. The frame is sturdy and easily folds for transport and storage. It has six consistent swing speeds. The weight recommendation is up to 20 pounds. The baby seat swings in three directions and rotates 180 degrees. The seat also adjusts to two reclining positions. The swing includes dazzling lights and plush toys for entertainment..

Amazon buyer feedback

We list the swing as the best baby swing for big babies based on the positive buyer feedback. The swing takes just a few minutes to assemble. It has several entertaining features including music, vibration, and lights. The recline position and swing motions are adjustable. It has a plug-in option. Buyer reviews also mention the quiet motor, which is convenient when putting the baby to sleep. It allows parents to choose the music to play and its speaker has a great sound.




The motor is whisper quiet for a peaceful sleep or play environment.


It connects to smart devices to play custom music or videos.


It has an AC adapter.




The phone compartment does fit large phones.


The vibration option is only available when using batteries.

Why is swinging good for babies?

Swinging is more than a fun activity for babies. Swinging helps babies to develop motor skills from an early stage including kicking legs, finger coordination, and grip strength. Some muscles are also strengthened as the baby swings. Swinging is an easy way to calm the baby before placing the baby in the crib.

Things to consider when choosing baby swing for older babies


1. Weight limit: Manufacturers indicate the weight limit for each swing. Ensure that your baby’s weight is within the recommended weight to avoid accidents or incidents at home.

2. Safety straps: The best swings for bigger babies have a four or five-point harness to keep the baby strapped safely. Some have one large safety strap. Whichever harness you find should be secure enough for a big baby.

3. Stability: Check the frame for stability. Otherwise, the swing may topple over when the baby begins to play.

4. Baby seat: Go for a swing for a roomy seat to accommodate the baby’s weight and height.

5. Maintenance needs: The fabrics should be easy to remove and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best swing for older babies?

The best swing for older babies should accommodate their weight and height. The seat should be comfortable and spacious enough. Ensure that it has a secure harness as well. A good example of such a swing is the Fisher-Price Fawn Meadows Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing.

Do they make swings for bigger babies?

Yes, there are many swings in the market for bigger babies. Use the weight limit as a guide to the best baby swing for big babies.

What baby swing has the highest weight limit?

Most baby swings have a weight limit of 30 pounds. However, you can find a few options with a higher weight limit of 40 pounds.

At what age are babies too big for a swing?

Most manufacturers do not give an age limit for baby swings but a weight limit, which babies attain at different ages.

Is there a swing for older babies?

Yes, you can find a perfect and safe baby swing for older babies depending on the baby’s weight.

What's the weight limit for Graco swing?

Most Graco swings have a weight limit of up to 30 pounds.

Can a baby sleep in Graco swing?

A baby can fall asleep while swinging on a Graco swing. However, you must transfer the baby immediately to a bassinet or crib.

How long can a baby stay in a swing?

The recommended time to use a baby swing is an hour or less. Long hours on the swing each day will interfere with the development of the baby’s back.

Do baby swings cause brain damage?

No, a baby swing can only harm the brain if the swinging speed is too high. Most swings have gentle swinging motions and adjustable speeds.

Are baby swings worth it?

Yes, baby swings are worth it especially when you get the best baby swing for big babies. You get an hour or so of rest from carrying the baby’s weight.

When is a baby too big for a swing?

Most babies outgrow swings between 20 and 25 pounds.

Why does my baby not like the swing?

The swing is a new thing to the baby, which may be frightening at first. Transitioning from a mom’s hands to a swing is not easy for some babies. In addition, the sounds on the swing may be distracting instead of entertaining.

What to do when a baby does not like a swing?

1. Place the swing in the room where the baby sleeps often, especially when introducing it

2. Start with smooth and slow rocking motions instead of a stationary position

3. Play soothing music from the swing or near the swing if it does not have soothing sounds

4. Adjust the seat to a comfortable recline position. Add head and body support where necessary

5. Avoid interrupting the baby’s sleeping patterns with the swing


The best baby swing for big babies comes in handy when moms need to take a break from rocking the baby. The best swing should maintain the same smooth rocking motions that moms use. Calming sounds and plush toys are a plus. Moms must also ensure that the baby’s weight is within the recommended weight limit for the swing.

Don’t forget to check the review of the top-rated baby swing in 2023 that you can consider for your little one.



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