7 Best Baby Swing For Reflux In 2022

Taking care of a baby is hard enough. Reflux makes the task even harder for moms. If your baby suffers from this condition, you must be careful with the resting position especially after a meal. The risk of choking is high if the baby is lying or sleeping in the wrong position. The condition rarely persists after 18 months. Reflux or not, you still need extra hands to hold your baby. In this article, we review the best baby swing for reflux that you can buy this year.

The feature swings are selected with the needs of the reflux baby in mind.

List Of The Best Baby Swing For Reflux

Let’s start the review of the best baby swing for reflux

Identifying the best rocker for the reflux baby is a priority for parents to help with the baby’s special needs.



Reasons To Consider The Swing​

Reflux often starts in infancy. The swing allows you to customize it to suit an infant. The body insert and headrest are soothing.

However, you can replace it if you require extra support to achieve the right resting position. The seat is adjustable, which is critical for babies with this condition.

You can try different positions and compare the results in terms of the baby’s reaction after meals.

Frequent vomiting is expected with a reflux baby. Hence, the best baby swing for reflux should be easy to maintain.

The seat cover is safe to clean using a machine with other laundry items. The bunny toys, mirror, bird toys, and calming tunes are enough to keep the baby calm and busy.

However, if you or your baby loves a near-silent environment, the click noise may be disturbing.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Positive feedback for this swing highlights the variations in swing speed, plug-in option, extra cushioning, and a mobile overhead.

Some parents have termed it as the babysitter they need to keep everything else running. The swing is perfect for infants.

However, the clicking sound is a put off to some customers. For others, the soothing tunes are loud enough to cover the clicking noise.




Dual motion and multiple swing speeds


Allows battery-free operation


Snugly inserted body and head support




It has clicking noise when in motion


The motions are limited to two directions

2. Graco Glider LX Baby Swing

When choosing the best bouncer for the reflux baby, it is important to consider the color. Affinia and other outstanding features make this one of the best baby swings for reflux.

Reasons To Consider The Swing

The seat is spacious but the overall design fits all spaces. The swing uses the gliding motion that you use when cuddling your baby.

It has six gliding speeds. You will need batteries for the footrest. However, the five sounds and ten melodies work with plugged power.

The swing seat design is an important factor to consider for a baby with reflux. The seat reclines to three positions.

You can also adjust the toy bars for easy access. The timer mode helps you save further on batteries. You keep the glider on for the period required.

The downside is that some functions only come on with charged batteries. Also, the swing only allows the back and forth gliding motion.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

One of the reasons for recommending the glider swing as the best baby swing for reflux is positive feedback from customers.

The design works for most parents as long as the swing is well-positioned. The flexible and comfortable seat, gliding soothing motion, and power-saving features are mentioned repeatedly in the reviews.

The quoted drawbacks include the battery-powered features and the slow speed in changing the speed settings.




The design is perfect for small spaces


Has three reclining positions for comfort


Has a timer that extends the battery life




The range of motions is limited


Vibration settings are only battered operated

Picking the best rocker for a reflux baby can be easy or hard depending on where you seek help. We recommend this swing for the following reasons:



Reasons To Consider The Swing

You have an opportunity to buy a swing with infinite recline positions, which gives a guarantee to find a perfect angle for your reflux baby.

Another amazing feature is the unique range of swing motions that you will not find in other swings.

We suggest it as the best baby swing for reflux partly because of its energy cost. You do not need batteries to run the swing.

The reversible toy balls are entertaining and unique as well. Also, you can use the swing for an infant without any accessories.

The design is minimalist and hence recommended for small spaces. It is also unique in comparison with other swings in the market.

You can operate the sounds and motions with your smartphone. However, the range is limited. Another downside is that the balls are easy to remove.

If you have other kids in the house, they can easily remove the balls for play.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

The limitless reclining positions make this the best baby swing for reflux. Parents also love the minimalist unique design, easy to wash smooth seat cover, and the Bluetooth technology.

It is energy-efficient with a unique range of motions. The swing is perfect for infants. Some customers have had a hard time assembling it in a stable position. The sounds on the swing are few compared to other swings.




Unique and wide range of motions


Bluetooth controlled motion and sound


Easy to wash nylon fabric




Limited sounds compared to other swings


The toy balls are easily removable

It is good to compare different swings to pick the best baby swing for colic. Let us look now look at the distinct features of this swing.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

We consider this as one of the best baby swings for reflux because you can change the swing directions.

Also, you are likely to love this swing because it provides enough support for the baby to sit upright.

Many babies with reflux prefer to sit upright, which is recommended. To achieve this, you can try the three-seat positions available. The infant seat can face towards the center, left or right.

You can alternate from the usual head to toe motion to side movements. Also, you can reduce or increase the speed.

The seat pad is removable and machine washable. We cannot ignore the cost of keeping a swing running for an hour or more.

Plug the swing into an electric power source to avoid spending much on batteries. We also recommend it as the best baby swing for reflux because it helps the baby develop visual and hearing skills.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Buyers like the swing because it is secure, versatile, and affordable. It is easy to remove and clean the seat pat quickly after a spill and fix it for the next use.

The head and body support are detachable as well. The mentioned shortcoming in reviews is the noisy motor. It is inconvenient for small spaces and narrow hallways as well.




Wide range of nature sounds and songs


Reclining adjustable infant seat


Easy to change swing positions




Easily soiled in case of a reflux


Large size

We have another option for the best baby swing for colic or reflux for you to consider. It is fit for newborns that experience refluxes more frequently.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

The convenience and ease of converting this swing into an infant seat add it to the list of the best baby sling for reflux.

The swing is built for babies from zero to 9 months. It is easy to fold and move from one location to another.

The safety system includes a non-slip feet area and a five-point harness. It has in-built soothing vibrations and five motion speeds.

The swinging produces a whisper-quiet sound. The little one will fall asleep fast. In addition to the vibrations, the eight melodies combined with three extra nature sounds give you options for soothing the baby.

The toy bar looks like a leaf, which is both unique and interesting. The leaf bar can move to the side when lifting or playing with the baby.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

The foldable and convertible design gives the swing many positive reviews and a position among the best baby sling for reflux.

Other contributing factors to the good ratings include the easy-to-wash fabric, manageable size, and comfortable seat.

The main disadvantage is the high cost of buying batteries. It lacks an auto time and requires high quality charged batteries to function properly.




Easily converts to a comfortable seat for a newborn


Secure with a 5-point harness


Uses hybrid rive technology to prolong battery life




Does not function with weak batteries


Lacks an electric power option

If you are searching for the best rocker for a reflux baby, this swing might be just what you need. Let us look at its features including the pros and cons



Reasons To Consider The Swing

You do not need any complicated items when handling an infant. The swing is easy to assemble with its simple instructional manual.

It has extra soft material to soothe your newborn. The portable rocker is perhaps the biggest plus for this swing.

It has ergonomic handles to transport the rocker to any part of your home including outdoors.

The swing speeds are adjustable. If you chose to sit the baby on the swing, you have multiple reclining positions.

The seat sways side-to-side and front to back. The best baby swing for reflux is preferably power efficient.

The Graco swing meets this standard with its AC adaptor.  The toy bar is fun but movable as well. All the convenience comes at a small cost of a large size.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Reviews from other buyers praise the 2-in-1 design. It is safe for infants and has enough ways to keep them entertained.

The reclining positions are suitable for reflux babies. The complaints include random pauses while swinging which startle the baby.

The large size is cumbersome to move around when the swing is fully assembled.




Doubles as a movable rocker


The seat is adjustable in the swing mode


Multiple directions for swinging




It has a random pause that may wake the baby


Not convenient for small rooms because of the large size

The best baby swing for colic or reflux babies does not need to be complicated. Sometimes a simple design that the one described here works perfectly for such babies.



Reasons To Consider The Swing

While the health and safety of your baby are critical, the best baby swing for reflux should be within your budget.

You do not need to compromise on quality to get the right swing. The take-along swing is pocket friendly and functional at the same time.

You can convert it to an infant seat or watch the little one enjoy the soothing vibrations and melodies. When using it as an infant seat, you can fit it into a compatible car seat when traveling.

The smart swing technology adjusts the speed automatically after sensing your baby’s weight. The foldable frame makes it easy to store away.

The colorful seat pad is machine washable. The downside is that you may have to spend more on batteries depending on the type of batteries you buy. Rechargeable batteries are recommended for baby swings.

Amazon Consumer Experience With This Swing

Moms love the design because it allows them to travel easily and explore the outdoors with the baby.

The compact frame fits into any storage space including the closet. Like other buyers, we recommend it as the best baby swing for reflux because of the combination of soothing sounds and swing motions.

The downside is that it is exclusively battery-powered. However, from other parents’ experiences, the swing does not consume as much charge as expected with baby swings.




Attractive pink and easy to clean the seat pad


Detachable seat for your newborn


In-built smart swing technology




Uses batteries


It produces an audible sound as the motor moves

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Reflux In Babies?

Reflux occurs when food flows back after swallowing causing the baby to spit it up. The muscle between the stomach and the esophagus is immature in infants.

Hence, it can allow food to flow back after swallowing. The muscle tightens as the baby grows.

In addition to the underdeveloped muscle, some factors contribute to reflux. Parents can avoid some of these factors with the best baby swing for reflux.

The factors include lying flat for long periods, excessive liquid diets, and premature birth.

Some health conditions can cause reflux including gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), eosinophilic esophagitis, pyloric stenosis, and food intolerance.

You need a doctor’s intervention if your baby has any of these complications. Treating the conditions may reduce or control the reflux until the baby outgrows.

However, you can avoid other factors right finding the right sleeping position and changing the baby’s diet.

Consult your doctor about the best position if you are unsure. However, an upright sitting position after feeding works for most of the reflux babies.

The best baby swing for reflux can help you keep the baby upright after a meal.

How Do I Know If My Baby Has Reflux?​

Reflux is not a great concern to doctors. It can occur several times in a day is perfectly healthy babies.

The main sign or symptom to check for is the baby spitting up food after feeding. The condition may persist from birth to about 18 months.

Reflux reduces as your baby grows older because the muscles are also developing.

The stomach contents are usually not acidic enough to cause further complications. Hence, you may not notice any other symptoms except the spit.

However, you need to see a doctor if the baby is not gaining weight normally. Do not overly on the best baby swing for reflux to manage the condition.

Other signs that need immediate attention include spitting blood or a green, yellow, or coffee-like fluid.

See the doctor if the condition starts after 6 months. Watch out for forceful vomiting, lack of appetite or refusing to eat, a chronic cough, difficulties in breathing, and irritability after eating.

Reflux rarely causes these symptoms but clears without any medication intervention. However, if your baby experiences any of the symptoms, visit the doctor immediately.

Do Baby Swings Help With Reflux?

One of the leading factors that contribute to reflux in healthy babies is lying flat on the back all the time.

The position is perfect while the baby is sleeping but not when the baby is awake. The best baby swing for reflux has different reclining positions.

You can adjust the seat to recline in a way that the back is straight but not lying flat. Practice placing the baby on a swing after a meal instead of lying flat.

Baby swings are not a cure for reflux but a way of minimizing the chances of reflux. The right reclining controls the flow of foods and reduces the chances of choking.


Reflux is a common condition in healthy babies that rarely requires medical attention. Some of the factors that contribute to the condition are avoidable.

For instance, the best baby swing for reflux comes in handy when putting the baby to rest after meals.

Even if the baby does not fall asleep, sitting on the baby swing can reduce the chance of spitting the food.

Also, you create time and space to work as the baby reclines in the swing. Seek medical advice if the baby develops other complications, refuses to feed, or fails to gain.

Otherwise, the refluxes will reduce and eventually clear as the baby grows.

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