7 Best Bassinet for C Section to Buy in 2023

Mothers have difficulties in taking care of their newborns after a c-section. The procedure leaves moms in pain and weakness. Getting in and out of bed to feed the baby is a challenge. In addition, first-time moms are always anxious about recovering and their new roles as parents. The best bassinet for c section helps c-section moms to handle baby chores better while recovering.

List of the best bassinet for C section in 2023

Below is a list of bassinets that c-section moms can buy this year. We have included reviews of each bassinet from other moms as well.

Best bedside bassinet for c section:



Reasons to choose this bassinet

The lightweight bedside bassinet has a sturdy aluminum frame and a spacious base. The side panel is detachable to enable moms to access the baby easily for breastfeeding. It is safe for co-sleeping with newborns up to six months. The height is adjustable to nine positions. The double mesh panels allow good circulation.

Amazon Customer Experience

Buyers on Amazon love the sturdy bedside bassinet. It is easy for moms to co-sleep, feed, and change the baby at night. The bassinet is also portable to other rooms. The soothing sounds of the music box and mobile are a bonus for moms. It would be great to have the bassinet in different colors but it serves its purpose well.




It is perfect for feeding and changing the baby with the detachable side panel.


The bassinet has extra accessories for entertainment, including a music box and toys.


It is easy to assemble and move around the house.




 The musical sounds may not work for some babies.


It comes in one color only.

Best bassinet after C-section:



Reasons to choose this bassinet

The best bassinet for c section must be comfortable for both mom and the little one. The Baby Delight bassinet has a firm and comfortable mattress. The detachable side makes it comfortable for c-sections moms to nurse and access the baby. It requires no tools to assemble. The height is adjustable to different positions to match the parents’ bed.

Amazon Customer Experience

The easy conversion to a bedside sleeper is convenient for moms. It fits most adult beds. The mattress is firm and comes with a waterproof sheet. The design is simple and practical for all spaces. The bassinet is perfect for normal height and low beds. The incline sleeping position works well for reflux babies.




Breathable mesh walls allow visibility and circulation.


The bassinet is lightweight and portable around the house.


The straps keep the bassinet safely in position beside the adult bed.




The bassinet may not fit extra high adult beds.


The storage space is limited.

Best co-sleeper for c section:



Reasons to choose the bassinet

The bassinet is functional as a stable co-sleeper, crib, and standalone bassinet. The rails at the bottom have wheels for easy movement. One sidewall has a zipper for convenience. The co-sleeper bassinet has a mesh structure for ventilation and easy supervision. Moms can adjust the sleeping angle to their preference. In addition, the aluminum frame is lightweight and durable. It features a 6-level height adjustment and a foldable design.

Amazon buyer feedback

Assembling the bassinet takes just a few minutes. It is rated as the best co sleeper with extra storage. It is foldable and portable. New moms love the convenience of breastfeeding and changing the baby at night. It is a lifesaver for new moms and a perfect sleeping solution until the baby outgrows it. Parents can switch from a stable mode to a rocking mode to calm the baby.




High quality, sturdy, and portable bassinet.


It has extra storage space at the bottom for moms’ convenience.


The rocking motions calm the baby to sleep easily.




The wheels are functional but a bit too small for some carpet floors.


The design suits normal bed sizes but not high adult beds.

Best bassinet for breastfeeding:



Reasons to consider the bassinet

The best bassinet for c section keeps the baby close and calm. This bassinet gives you that and more. The Ronbei bassinet is made of high-quality microfiber for your baby’s comfort. The base and height are adjustable to suit your bed. It has detachable toys and relaxing sounds from the music box. The breathable mesh fabric on the sides keeps the baby cool and calm. It is super easy to assemble the bassinet after purchase.

Amazon Buyer Experience

Parents give a high rating for the bassinet’s top-quality fabrics and structure. It is sturdy and safe to use as a co-sleeper. The bassinet is breathable and spacious. The accessories entertain and calm the little one to sleep. The bassinet has no wheels but it is light enough to lift around the house.




The feet slide under the bed perfectly to keep it in position all night.


It is adjustable to fit any adult bed height as a bedside sleeper.


The quality fabric is gentle on the baby’s skin.




The base lacks wheels to slide it on the floor.


It lacks storage spaces for diapers and other baby items.

Best budget bassinet:



Reasons to buy the bassinet

The KidsClub bassinet is among the best bassinet c section moms can get. It adjusts to nine height positions. It has a sturdy, lightweight, and strong bearing aluminum frame. Two sides are made of mesh fabrics for moms to monitor the baby while asleep. The fabric is also friendly to the baby’s sensitive skin. It is easy to install and move from one room to another. The bassinet is budget-friendly and still meets top safety standards.

Amazon customer feedback

Previous buyers appreciate the quality materials, easy assembly, and sturdy frame. The mobile and musical sounds make it easier to calm the baby. The music box has many tones and a sound effect, which is unique. Moms enjoy the convenience of changing the baby without bending or getting out of the bed. The mattress is thick and firm, which may require an extra soft blanket.




It converts easily to breastfeeding mode with the detachable sidewall. 


It takes just a few minutes to install and use.


The bassinet has straps to anchor it to the adult bed for safety.




The firm mattress may require a soft blanket or bed sheet. 


The fabric and bar on the detachable side does fold under the bed.



Reasons to consider the bassinet

Always consider the functionality of a bassinet when shopping for the best bassinet for c section. We recommend this bassinet for the multiple functions. You can use it as a standalone bassinet, co-sleeper for easy breastfeeding and as a crib. It is convenient for travelling as well. It comes in a beautiful plum pink color. It has mesh sides for air circulation and baby monitoring. The mattress is cozy and breathable. The foot length and bassinet height are adjustable.

Amazon customer feedback

The bassinet is easily portable with the 360-degrees turning wheels. It is secure, multifunctional, and breathable. It is easy to set up. Parents also recommend it for the adjustable features, mesh walls, and firm mattress foam. The mattress is large and hence a bit hard to find extra bed sheets that fit the bassinet perfectly. However, moms still prefer the large and firm mattress.




Secure to use all night as a sleeper with the safety straps.


It easily converts to a standalone bassinet or crib.


The sturdy frame and fabrics on the bassinet are durable.




The bassinet lacks storage compartments.


It lacks a waterproof liner for the mattress, which parents must buy separately.



Reasons to consider the bassinet

The best bassinet for c section moms should allow peaceful sleeping sessions. The moms need peaceful rest as they recover. The Adovel bassinet is designed for that purpose and more. It is spacious and converts into a play yard when the mattress is removed. The side zipper enables c-section moms to breastfeed easily. The side organizer is a plus for storing diapers and bottles. It has a mobile with cheerful songs that create a peaceful and playful environment for the little one. The bassinet comes with a travel bag. The light structure and foldable design also make it convenient for travel.

Amazon customer feedback

Buyers recommend the bassinet to others for its convenience. Moms love the diaper station for quick changes at night. The bassinet has wheels that maneuver easily around the house. Buyers have also found the bassinet sturdy and safe. It is easy to set up with the supplier’s instructions. The play yard is spacious and comes with a mosquito net.




It serves multiple functions, including a bedside bassinet and a spacious play yard.


The side organizer provides enough room for diapers and other baby items.


The swivel mobile does not require batteries.




The large size may not work for small spaces. 


It is heavy and bulky to move around but foldable to a compact design for travel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best bassinet for c section?

The best bassinets for c section enable moms to nurse and change the baby without leaving the bed. Hence, bassinets with a detachable side are highly recommended. Moms must also consider the comfort and safety of the bassinet when shopping. A good example of such a good bassinet after a c section is the RONBEI bedside sleeper.

How do I pick a safe bassinet?

Check the features of the bassinet before purchasing a bassinet. Most sellers provide images of the bassinets. However, you need to consider the reviews of other buyers that have used the bassinet for a while to make an informed decision.

Are bassinets SIDS approved?

The safety of the baby when sleeping in a bassinet depends on various factors. Newborns can sleep safely in a bassinet when placed on their back. Removing extra blankets, pillows, and toys from the bassinet also reduces the risk of SIDS.

Are co sleeper bassinets safe?

Co-sleeper bassinets are safe because they allow moms and babies to sleep close yet apart. For most co-sleeper bassinets, it is impossible for the baby to roll into the parents’ bed.

Can you hold your baby straight after C-section?

Yes, you can hold your baby straight after C-section. If there are any complications or excess fatigue, the doctor may give you time to rest before allowing you to hold the baby.

Do C-section babies sleep worse?

C-section babies may show different sleeping patterns from vaginally delivered babies for the first few days. The surgical procedure interrupts their sleep rhythm. However, the babies adjust their sleeping patterns over time like other babies.

How do I take care of my baby after C-section?

Taking care of the baby after a C-section procedure is a challenge because of the incision wound. Find the best bassinet for c section that allows breastfeeding and changing diapers on your bed. You may require help for the first few days as the wound heals and your body recovers from the surgery.


C-section moms require enough rest to recover from the surgical procedure. Having the best bassinet for c section gives a mom extra hours of sleep at night. Changing and breastfeeding the baby is easier with the right bedside bassinet. The right bassinet also gives the baby a comfortable sleeping solution for the first six months.


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