7 Best Bassinet for Reflux Babies (2023)

Reflux is normal in newborns in the first few weeks. The position of the baby when lying down will either increase or decrease the risk of reflux. The spill sometimes irritates the baby’s gut. In addition, the spilled milk is a choking risk depending on the amount and sleeping position. Below is a guide to help moms pick the best bassinet for reflux and minimize the health risks.

List of the best bassinet for baby with reflux in 2023

Now we are going to start our reviews of best bassinet for reflux.

Incline Bassinet:



Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

The bassinet is perfect for babies that suffer from congestion or reflux. Moms can use the height range adjusters to create an incline position as the baby sleeps. The bassinet also serves as a bedside sleeper for easy access and nursing at night. It has large mesh sides for supervision and ventilation. The foot length is adjustable. The bassinet has safety straps to attach it to the adult bed. The textile and mattress used are soft to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Amazon Customers Experience

We advise buyers to check buyer reviews to identify any inclined bassinet recall. Avoid any product with such a tag. A good example is the SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper recall. Amazon buyers give a high rating for the Unilove bedside sleeper. It functions well as an inclined sleeper. The wheels make it easily portable. It folds in compact size when traveling.




 It functions perfectly as an incline sleeper for baby with reflux and a standalone bassinet.


The adjustable foot length and height make it suitable for all types of sofas and beds.


It remains securely in place as a bedside sleeper with the safety straps.




The mattress does not come with a waterproof sheet but it can be purchased separately.


It lacks storage compartments.

Safest Bassinet:



Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

The best bassinet for reflux should meet basic safety regulations. The Kidsclub sleeper meets the US safety regulations. In addition, the bassinet meets the criteria for AAP-approved bassinets.

It features a high-strength and lightweight aluminum frame. It is easy to move from the bedroom to the living room or any other space. The adjustable height will fit different sofas and beds. It is breathable from the two mesh sides and easy to assemble.

Amazon Customers Experience

Parents who understand the features of CPC-certified bassinets recommend the Kidsclub sleeper to others. Moms love the detachable side because of the convenience of accessing the baby. Monitoring and feeding the baby is easy from the bedside sleeper. The incline position is great for reflux babies. Buyers also recommend the bassinet for the stable frame, easy assembly instructions, toys, musical tones, and multiple functions.




The bassinet comes with skin-friendly quality materials and two washable bed sheets.


It easily converts to a breastfeeding mode by opening the zipper on the side. 


The micro incline angle of 3 to 8 degrees prevents the baby from spitting milk.




The bassinet lacks volume control for the musical tones.


It does not have any storage pockets.



Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

The bassinet is a perfect solution for moms looking for the best bassinet for reflux. It has an inclination angle model that is easy to adjust. The design is perfect for breastfeeding, especially for c-section moms. It has side pockets where moms can store diapers and water bottles. The bassinet has additional large storage at the bottom. It is lightweight and easily fits into the storage bag when traveling. The mattress is extra thick and the materials skin-friendly.

Amazon Customers Experience

Buyers mention the sturdy frame, beautiful color, lightweight, and extra storage in their positive reviews. Buyers also love the design. It is possible to convert it from a standalone bassinet to a bedside sleeper or travel crib. It is easy to put it together.




It is secure and sturdy with straps to attach it to an adult bed.


The bassinet has enough storage space for baby essentials.


The compact design serves traveling moms well.




The base lacks wheels for easy movement on different surfaces.


The mesh fabric is limited to one side.

Best bassinet for breastfeeding:



Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

Newborns feed three to four times every night. Hence, moms need a bassinet that allows them to breastfeed while still in bed. Moms also sleep easy after nursing with the best bassinet for reflux close to their beds. The Beiens bassinet serves both purposes. It has a detachable side to convert it into a sleeper. It consists of an adjustable height position, sturdy construction, and micro-angelcare. The bassinet is easy to clean. The mattress cover and sheet are machines washable. The fabrics are safe and soft to the baby’s skin.

Amazon Customers Experience

Moms look for bassinets with multiple convenient features. The bassinet has been the perfect solution for many moms. It has extra features that many bassinets lack including storage pockets, removable and machine washable mattress cover, and a mosquito net. Buyers also appreciate the convenience of breastfeeding and changing diapers from the detachable side. The bassinet has lockable wheels, an adjustable depth, and a firm mattress.




It features a stylish design that is easy to assemble and convert into a sleeper.


It comes with a removable and washable mosquito net.


The inclining positions reduces reflux in babies.




The bassinet does not come with an overhead mobile with hanging toys.


The height adjustability is limited.



Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

The lightweight bassinet has a firm mattress covered in a machine-washable sheet. You can collapse one side and use it as a sleeper at night. It has six height positions and securely anchors under the parents’ bed. The breathable mesh allows enough air circulation and visibility. It takes less than five minutes to assemble the bassinet.

Amazon Customers Experience

Buyers rate it as the best bassinet for reflux with a simple design. It is easy for moms to access the baby by the side when attached to a sofa or bed. The mesh sides are a plus for moms to keep an eye on the little one while ensuring sufficient airflow. Buyers also like the easy assemble and light frame.




It is easy to assemble with no tools. 


Functions as a perfect sleeper with breathable mesh sides.


It has a simplistic portable design that suits both small and large spaces.




The bassinet does not have storage pockets.


The height adjustment range is limited for tall adult beds.



Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

The 3 to 8 degrees incline design makes it the best bassinet for baby with reflux. One side panel is detachable for convenience when changing and feeding the baby. You can adjust the height to nine positions to achieve an eye-level angle. The side fabric is easy to detach and machine washable. Two sides have mesh walls for visibility and breathability. The mattress is soft to the skin and comfortable.

Amazon Customers Experience

The bassinet does not have any customer feedback yet on Amazon because it is fairly new in the store. However, all other Ronbei bassinets on the store have a high rating for quality materials, stable structures, breathable walls, and firm mattresses. The manufacturer is top-rated for safe and comfortable baby products.




It has breathable mesh walls for visibility and air circulation.


The anti-reflux angle prevents babies from spitting milk.


It is adjustable and easy to clean.




It lacks storage pockets on the sides.


The bassinet is fairly new on Amazon.

Evolur-Stellar-Best-Bassinet-for-Reflux- Image.jpg


Reasons to Consider this Bassinet

A bassinet serves you better if you can move it around the house. The Evolur bassinet has rotating wheels at the front. The frame is lightweight. The base is extendable. We list it as the best bassinet for reflux and congestion for the adjustable incline position. The height is also adjustable. The stellar is made of breathable, soft, and non-allergenic fabric. Moms can unzip one side and use it as a sleeper. The bassinet also comes with a travel bag.

Amazon Customers Experience

Previous Amazon buyers love the colors, sturdy design, and zipper on the side. Babies sleep longer on the soft mattresses, including gassy babies. It is spacious and easily portable. Buyers also commend the great price. It is easy to put together and disassemble when traveling.




It is lightweight and portable.


It requires no tools to assemble.


The bassinet is in two gender-neutral finishes, that is, beige and white.




It lacks a storage compartment and mobile.


 It is large and hence does not work well in small spaces.

Baby reflux sleep solutions

Moms with reflux babies struggle to find a perfect solution because of a lack of information. New moms also ask questions about baby sleep incline reflux and sleeping positions. Spitting milk after breastfeeding is normal for newborns between 2 and 4 weeks. The condition may persist longer. The severity of the condition determines its effect on sleeping patterns. A baby with acid reflux won’t sleep well because the acid irritates the gut.

Reflux in babies is treated differently from reflux in adult. An adult can sleep on the stomach. However, allowing a reflux baby sleep on tummy is a health risk. Parents must also consider sleeping solutions that reduce the chances of babies spitting milk in their sleep. The best bassinets and sleepers for reflux can help a reflux baby sleep through the night.

Additional accessories on a normal bassinet such as a baby reflux sleeper positioner can help the situation. An alternative is to buy an incline bassinet or an inclined sleeper for baby with reflux. Parents must ensure that the sleeper is adjustable to an incline angle before ordering. Thrashing, twitching, and stretching are common with newborns. However, a reflux baby thrashing in sleep may be a sign that the spitting is making the baby uncomfortable. Moms should not ignore such bouts.

 Is it safe for babies to sleep inclined? This question always comes up when an inclined sleeper is recommended. The right position for a baby to sleep is lying flat on the back on a firm mattress. Hence, if an incline sleeper or bassinet is used for reflux, the incline angle must be minimal.

Here is another question that many parents ask. Is it safe to incline baby mattress? It is not recommended to incline the baby mattress or add pillows to a newborn crib. The better alternative is to buy a bassinet that is slightly inclined such that the baby breathes normally throughout the night.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best bassinet for reflux?

The best bassinet for reflux babies should reduce the risk of spitting milk. Such are often slightly inclined to reduce choking risks without interfering with the baby’s breathing pattern. A good example is the Kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper.

How can I help my baby sleep with acid reflux?

You need to feed and place the baby to sleep in the right positions. Allow the baby to sit in an upright position for half an hour before sleeping. Ensure that the baby burps and then place the baby on the back on a firm mattress.

What can I do to help my newborn with reflux?

The feeding position matters for babies with reflux. Feed the baby in an upright position. If the condition is severe and frequent, consider frequent feedings instead of two or three major meals. Also, burp the baby frequently during and after feeding.

Are reflux babies bad sleepers?

Reflux often interferes with a baby’s sleeping patterns because of the discomfort. The baby may sleep well in a carrier or in your arms but wake up after a few minutes when placed in a flat crib.

Is SwaddleMe by your bed sleeper safe?

The company recently recalled its inclined sleeper for safety reasons. It is advisable to consider others brands until the safety concerns are resolved.

Is reflux worse at night for babies?

Reflux babies may be uncomfortable both day and night. However, the fussiness may get worse at night depending on the sleeping position.

Should Babies with reflux sleep on their backs?

Yes, sleeping on the back is the recommended position for all babies, including those with reflux.

Does tummy time help with reflux?

Yes, tummy time helps the baby learn to sit upright faster. It is uncomfortable for babies with reflux and so parents must be patient and try it frequently.

How do you comfort a baby with reflux?

Infographic-Of- How-To-Comfort-A-Baby-With-Reflux

1. Comfort the baby in an upright position

2. Burp the baby severally when feeding

3. Take breaks in a feeding session

4. Try feeding the baby frequently in small portions

How to help a baby with reflux sleep at night ?


1. Burp gently after a meal

2. Keep the baby in an upright position after feeding

3. Ensure that the baby sleeps on the back


Babies with reflux may have difficulties sleeping at night, especially those with severe acid reflux. A reflux baby may sleep for an hour or less and then wake up. Such patterns are stressful to moms who also need enough rest at night. Purchasing the best bassinet for reflux helps improve the situation alongside other remedies. The sleeping sessions will be longer when the baby is comfortable.


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