7 Best Bassinet for Small Spaces in 2021

A small space should not limit you from enjoying the convenience of a bassinet. You just need to pick the right one for your bedroom space. The following guide will help you to choose the best bassinet for small spaces. You will also learn how to make a bassinet work in a small space

List of the best bassinet for small spaces in 2021

There is a wide range of bassinets available in the market, it is somewhat tricky to find a small size bassinet. Here we have included all those baby bassinets which are suitable for small spaces.

Best bassinet for small room



Reasons to purchase

The wood bassinet is made of breathable materials for sufficient air circulation. It is spacious and comfortable for the baby yet perfect for small spaces. You can use it in a stationary or rock it to soothe the baby. The portable and foldable design simplifies storage and transport.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

Buyers loved the simplistic design that fits all spaces. The rocking movements soothe the baby to sleep. You may need to place the bassinet at the right location to prevent the baby from rolling over. The mattress may not work well for heavier babies but overall, the bassinet works well for small spaces.




It is small and foldable to fit small spaces


The neutral colors suit both boys and girl


Functions as a cozy, spacious, and comfortable sleeper




It stands alone separate from the bed


The mattress requires extra padding for heavy babies

Best portable bassinet

If you are looking for a portable baby bassinet then Snoo Smart Sleeper will be the finest choice. Let’s take a look at why to consider this baby bassinet?



Reasons to purchase

The best bassinet for small spaces should be easily portable. You cannot avoid moving it around. The Snoo baby bassinet fits this description. It allows the baby to sleep safely on the back to avoid rolling over. It has a detector for cries and fussing. It responds with soothing sounds to calm the baby. The self-rocking feature calms the baby as well. The supplier gives an app for moms to adjust the motions, sensitivity to cries, and musical sounds.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

Moms that gave Snoo bassinet reviews loved the simple yet functional design. The bassinet is among the safest in the market. Moms can adjust the motions and sounds. Sometimes the app takes longer to connect to the bassinet but it works. Babies sleep longer on the sleeper.




Acts a babysitter with automatic cry sensitivity, motions, and white noise.


It is sturdy and prevents the risk of rolling.


The supplier allows a 30-day trial period after which you can keep or return it.




It functions as a bedside crib but not as a co-sleeper.


The app sometimes delays in connecting to the bassinet.

Bedside bassinet for small spaces

Did you want a bedside bassinet that fits well in a small space? Baby Delight bassinet is designed in this way that will fit pretty well with a small bed in a tiny room. 



Reasons to purchase

Always keep in mind your baby’s comfort when choosing the best baby bassinet for small spaces. The bedside bassinet has a firm mattress, which is recommended for the baby’s safety. It is easy to transport the lightweight sleeper. The height is adjustable to fit any bed. The bedsheet is soft and machine washable. The open side makes it easy to access the baby for feeding at night.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

The small bedside bassinet fits all spaces perfectly. The design is simple and sturdy. The base slides under the bed to bring the baby as close as possible. The bassinet lacks storage spaces, which is acceptable in small spaces. It is also easy to set up after purchase.




You can slide the base under the baby and use it as a sleeper


It is easy for moms to pick and nurse the baby while lying on the bed


The parts are easy to assemble




It lacks storage compartments.


 It may not fit very tall beds perfectly unless if it stands alone.



Reasons to purchase

The bassinet is a good match if you need the bassinet for small spaces with an overhead mobile. The mobile keeps the baby entertained as you work. It has calming swaying motions and vibrations as well. You can lock the swaying motion when the baby falls asleep. The bassinet has a flat and firm sleeping surface. It has dual mode lighting.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

Fisher-price bassinet reviews mention the star projection on the ceiling, calming sounds, and vibrations. It is easy to assemble. The mobile is removable when picking the baby. Parents also like the compact design and storage space.




The light projection unit is removable and used as a tabletop soother.


It has storage space at the bottom.


Many calming features include a star projection, changeable light modes, sounds, and motions.




Big and hyperactive babies may be unsafe on the bassinet.


It may tilt on one side depending on the setup.

Minimalist bassinet:



Reasons to purchase

A minimalist design is recommended for the best bassinet for small spaces. The minimalist cradle functions more like a bassinet than a crib. It has a simple design with no loose parts or sidebars that can trap the baby’s hands or feet. The mesh fabrics are soft and breathable. It has relaxing rocking movements.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

Buyers that gave a positive Baby Bjorn bassinet review liked the simplistic design. The mesh fabric allows enough air circulation and is removable. Buyers also complement the sturdy frame and transparency.




The mesh fabric gives good supervision and air circulation.


It is minimalist and sturdy.


It is easily portable.




It sits low for tall beds.


You must get out of the bed to pick up the baby.

Safest bassinet:

Graco Sense2Snooze baby bassinet is not only suitable for a small space but also the safest baby bassinet in the market.



Reasons to purchase

AAP provides safety guidelines to parents when buying bassinets. AAP-approved bassinets should allow the baby to sleep on the back until the baby turns one year. The sleeping surface should be firm. The Graco bassinet allows the back sleeping position. It has cry detection technology that responds with soothing sounds. The bassinet has different swaying speeds and vibrations to fit the baby’s preference.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

Buyers love the breathable fabric on the sides and spacious storage space. The bassinet is simple, sturdy, and easy to setup. You can customize the sounds, vibrations, and swaying speed. In addition, it has integrated wheels at the front for easy movement around the house.




It has a safe and sturdy design that fits small spaces.


The soothing songs, swaying motions, and vibrations put the baby to sleep fast.


It has mesh sides for visibility and air circulation.




The plastic buttons produce a clicking sound.


The back legs lack wheels.

Best Budget Bassinet

If you want a baby bassinet for a small space on a limited budget then Simmons Kids bassinet will be handy to select. Simmons Kids is known for producing sustainable and safe baby products.



Reasons to purchase

When choosing the best bassinet for small spaces, you must consider the price. The Simmons bassinet is pocket-friendly. It has all the features you need in a bassinet. The base is slim with wheels that slide under the sofa or bed. It has storage pockets for clothes, toys, and diapers. The airflow mesh ensures enough air circulation.

Feedback from Amazon buyers

The adjustable height makes it the best bassinet for tall bed. Moms love the large storage spaces and compact design. It is easily portable and the slim base suits small spaces. It perfectly slides under the bed to save space and keep the baby safe. The bassinet is affordable.




It serves as a bedside sleeper


Easy to clean the washable comfort mattress pad and sheet


It comes with large storage spaces despite the minimalist design




It lacks soothing sounds and overhead mobile to entertain the baby


The bassinet is heavy to lift up

Small Bassinets for C-section moms

When buying a bassinet, consider the convenience of breastfeeding. The best bassinet for breastfeeding should allow you to pick up and put down the baby easily. Look for a bassinet that matches the height of your bed. Nursing is harder after a c-section. The best bassinet for c-section should slide in the bed as a co-sleeper. If you are looking for a small size C-section bassinet, Halo Bassinest is most suitable for you. Check out other articles with recommended bassinets for breastfeeding and c-section moms.

How to choose a bassinet for small spaces ?

The best bassinet for small spaces should have the following features:

1. Simple and compact design: Check the dimensions and features of a bassinet. The right bassinet should have a small base. Consider the measurements of the space where you will place the bassinet as well.

2. Lightweight: The bassinet should be light to lift and move around the room

3. Portability: A bassinet may be lightweight but difficult to move around. Elaborate designs have wheels. Read reviews to ensure that the wheels work. Also, consider the dimensions of your hallways.

4. Foldable: Purchasing a foldable bassinet is an added advantage in a small space. You can fold it and store it when the baby is awake.

5. Comfort and safety: No matter the dimensions and design of the bassinet, it must be safe and comfortable for the baby. Do not just ask for the smallest bassinet. Check the materials, including the mattress and bedding.

How to customize a bassinet to a fit small space ?

If you are looking for the best bassinet for small spaces, here are some ideas to make it work.

1. Choose the right size: The first step is to choose the right design and size for your room. If you get this wrong, all other ideas might not work well. Go for a simple design for small spaces. The more features a bassinet has the more space it takes.

2. Tuck the legs or base under the bed: Your bedroom space could be small because of a large size bed. The best bassinet for small spaces can go under the bed. Push the legs under the bed as far as possible.

3. Remove unwanted accessories: Bassinets come with all manner of accessories like extra storage and an overhead mobile. Remove the overhead if necessary to tuck the bassinet on the bed. You can avoid using the diaper storage if it makes the bassinet bulge.

4. Clean the space: You may think the room space is small until you clear out some stuff. Part of the preparations for a newborn is cleaning the parents’ bedrooms. Remove any unnecessary furniture from the room.

5. Remove one side panel: Some designs allow you to remove one sidewall. You can then place the bassinet on your bed as a co-sleeper. Picking the baby is also easy in such a position.


How long can a newborn stay in a bassinet?

Newborns have different sleeping patterns. A newborn can sleep throughout the night in the bassinet. However, you can keep the baby off the bassinet during the day when awake.

How long will a baby fit in a bassinet?

Most babies outgrow the bassinet between 5 and 6 months.

What is better a bassinet or co sleeper?

The choice depends on your needs and space. Babies outgrow a co-sleeper fast. It also takes a lot of space on your bed. Some bassinet can serve as co-sleepers too when you remove one side panel. In addition, a co-sleeper gives you easy access to a newborn.

Why does sleeping in the same room as baby reduce SIDS?

It is easy for a mom to check on the baby and feed them. Breastfeeding regularly protects the baby from SIDS.

Are portable bassinets safe?

Yes, portable bassinets are safe. Ensure that the wheels are lockable and that the frame is sturdy.

How do you fit a baby in a small room?

Remove all the clutter and extra furniture that you do not need. Purchase the best bassinet for small spaces and customize it. Rearrange the room where necessary to fit baby stuff.


The best bassinet for small spaces should be lightweight, easily portable, and with a compact design. You may need to clear and rearrange your room to fit in the bassinet. However, the convenience of using a bassinet is worth the effort.

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