8 Best Bassinet For Twins In 2023

Parents with twins have different needs from other parents when shopping for bassinets. A bassinet is a good sleeping solution for your twins. Twins can sleep together immediately after birth. However, you must separate them when they grow older for safety. In this shopping guide, we review the best bassinet for twins that will help your twins sleep better.

List of 8 best bassinets for twins to buy in 2023

Here, we have listed the top-rated bassinets for twins that you can consider for buying in 2023.

Best bedside bassinet for twins


Reasons to buy the bassinet

The two bassinets are detachable from the nursery center and used as rockers. It has large wheels to move it around the room with brakes. The one-hand mechanism adds to the safety. The bassinet has accessories to calm the twins including vibrations and soothing music.

Feedback on Amazon

Amazon reviews state the sturdy, convertible, and easy-to-assemble design. Moms can use the bassinets in different rooms as rockers. Each bassinet has mesh sides for air circulation and a canopy with hanging toys. The organizer and changing table are usable when bassinets are detachable.


You can convert each bassinet to a standalone rocker

It is a full nursery center with a changing table and organizer

A locking mechanism and brakes on wheels for safety


Fabrics are not machine washable.

You cannot use the organizer and bassinet at the same time.

2. Graco twin bassinet

Graco-Best-Twin-Bassinet-With-Pack 'n-Play-Playard-Image.jpg
Graco-Pack 'n-Play-Playard

Reasons to buy the bassinet

The best bassinet for twins ensures that both babies get enough rest. The Graco twin bassinet is built for this purpose. It has a quilted mattress pad and a canopy to shield the babies from bright light. The unit transitions into a Playard when the bassinets are removed. It has airy mesh sides and a carry bag for travel.

Feedback on Amazon

The twin bassinet is convenient for twins. It suits parents when traveling. The materials are made of high quality. It is spacious when used as a bassinet and a playground. The bassinets share a bottom that parents prefer that were separated.


A convenient and comfortable sleeping space for twins.

The twin bassinet converts to a safe portable Playard.

Mesh fabrics ensure enough air circulation.


The bassinets share a bottom, which means you cannot remove one bassinet and use it separately.

It may be large for small bedrooms.

How to fold Graco twin bassinet

Remove and fold the bassinets first. Use the buttons on the sides and bottom of the frame to collapse the frame. Use the mattress pad to fold the inner fabrics, rods, and collapsed frame into a compact design. Place the folded unit into the carrying bag.


Reasons to buy the bassinet

The bassinet meets ASTM safety standards. It has an automatic glide with an AC adapter. The twinkle light, soothing sounds, and plush stars are a delight to babies. It functions well as a portable bassinet. The adjustable height means you can use it as a bedside bassinet as well. It has storage spaces and a firm comfy mattress.

Feedback on Amazon

Simmons twin bassinet reviews confirm that the bassinet is easy to assemble. It is portable, adjustable, and comfortable for twins. The bassinet is of high quality and affordable.


The height is adjustable.

It easily glides on the floor with the hands-free auto motion.

The bassinet comes with entertainment features including music and plush stars.


Babies outgrow the cozy Simmons twin bassinet weight limit fast.

It does not fold easily to a compact design. 


Reasons to buy the bassinet

The Halo bassinet is among the best bassinet for twins with a swivel bottom. It rotates to 360 degrees. It has full mesh sides for air circulation and easy supervision. The bassinet comes with a soothing center with lullabies, vibrations, and a nightlight. It also comes with polyester fitted sheets and extra two 100% cotton sheets. The two mattress pads are waterproof.

Feedback on Amazon

Many Halo twin bassinet reviews mention the convenience of using it as a bedside sleeper. Moms can attend to both babies on the bed. The bassinet is sturdy and adjustable. The soothing center makes it even easier to put the twins to sleep.


The Halo twin bassinet instructions are easy to follow.

The base is adjustable and easy to tuck under any bed.

The bassinet is breathable.


It has an auto shut off for the soothing center, which may go off before the babies fall asleep.

You need to buy batteries separately.

How to disassemble halo twin bassinet

You need a screwdriver to disassemble the Halo bassinet. Start by disconnecting the upper part from the swivel. Remove the screws on the metallic parts on the bassinet. Disconnect all the rods on the swivel by removing the screws. It is easy to pack when all parts are disassembled.


Reasons to buy the bassinet

It serves as the best bassinet for twins and a nursery center. The center divider is removable. The bassinet can carry a cumulative weight of up to 30 pounds. The surface on the changing table is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Feedback on Amazon

The bassinet has a well-padded mattress and a divider to keep the baby separated. The changing table is a plus for many moms. The frame is stable. The bassinet is lightweight for easy transport. It can be used for one baby by removing the center divider.


It has an easy-to-clean and removable changing table.

It is convertible into a play yard.

The full mesh walls allow visibility and maximum air circulation.


The play yard is sold separately.

The detachable center divider does not mesh.

Twin bassinet Sleeper


Reasons to buy the bassinet

You do not just get two bassinets with this one but a full nursery center. The center has a deluxe organizer and a movable changing table. The maintenance needs are simple. Use warm water and mild soap to wipe any spills or dirt. You can remove the bassinet and use them as baby rockers. Each has a canopy to shield the eyes from direct light. The handle makes it easy to carry the rocker around.

Feedback on Amazon

It is important to consider feedback from other buyers when searching for the best bassinet for twins. Amazon buyers love this bassinet for the multiple functions and accessories on the twin bassinet. It has extra storage and organizer, which are handy for twins. You can roll the center to any room with the large wheels.


It is multifunctional and portable.

 The fabrics are breathable.

The bassinet has low maintenance needs.


You cannot use the changing table and bassinet together.

The fabrics are not machine washable but wiped with soap. 


Reasons to buy the bassinet

If you want a separate bassinet for your twins, then you can choose the Delta Children EZ fold bassinet and place one bassinet on each side of the bed. You can buy two bassinets from Amazon for less than $150. However, if you want to prefer that your twin will sleep together in one bassinet you can buy a single Delta Twin EZ Fold bassinet for 140$ directly from the vendor, that is, Delta Children.

The bassinet has a comfortable mattress. It folds into a compact design for easy travel and requires no assembly. The mesh sides allow visibility and ventilation. The bassinet also has a removable canopy.

Feedback on Amazon

Buyers recommend the bassinet for its sturdy frame, calm colors, and full size. The bassinet requires no assembly and is convenient when traveling.


It is easy to travel with the bassinet because of the foldable design

The bassinet is sturdy and durable.

It does not take much space and hence it works perfectly for small spaces.


The zipper at the top is too loud and may wake the baby.

The mattress pad is not thick and may require extra padding.

8. Graco Pack 'n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX, Pierce

Graco-Best-Twin-Bassinet-With-Pack 'n-Play-Playard-Image.jpg

Reasons to buy the bassinet

We recommend this as the best bassinet for twins for its flexibility. The bassinet comes with an infant seat, which is convertible to a bouncer. It has a large changing station. Moms convert this station to an extra sleeping solution for the other twin. Alternatively, you can use one firm mattress because the bassinet is spacious. The unit is also used as a Playard. You just need to remove the upper part.

Feedback on Amazon

Buyer reviews mention the multi-functions of the bassinet. It has extra storage and folds easily. The bassinet is easy to assemble. You can use the bassinet for one or two babies.


It folds easily for storage and travel.

It functions as a safe and breathable Play yard.

The bassinet has calming sounds and songs, and look light for supervision.


You need to modify it to work for twins.

You may require a better mattress for a flat and firm sleeping surface.

Factors to consider when buying a bassinet for twins


1. Sleeping needs: Do you want your twins to sleep together or separately? This question will guide you when picking the best bassinet for twins. Remember that the little ones will soon outgrow the possibility of co-bedding.

2. Design: Is the bassinet designed for twins? A bassinet designed for one baby will not withstand the weight of two babies. Ensure that the bassinet you buy is designed for twins. Some bassinets for twins have a separator.

3. Stability: A bassinet for twins must be sturdy. Remember that your twins may play or move before or after sleeping. Get a stable bassinet for the babies’ safety.

4. Safety: You cannot overlook the safety of the fabrics used, mattress, and bedding. If the bassinet has wheels, ensure that they are lockable.

Benefits of twins sleeping together

One of the benefits of buying the best baby bassinet for twins is that twins sleep better together. Co-bedding for twins mimics the womb where the twins were lying next to each other. Twins are less irritable and gain weight better when sleeping together.


What is the best bassinet for twins?

The right bassinet for twins must be safe, comfortable, stable, and spacious. Ensure that it can bear the weight of the twins. For instance, a Halo twin bassinet is specifically designed for twins.

Can you put twins in one bassinet?

Yes, you can but the best bassinet for twins must be designed to carry twins for safety.

Do twins sleep better together?

Yes, twins sleep better when lying next to each other. They are likely to sleep longer if the bassinet is snuggly and comfortable.

At what age do twins get easier?

Bringing up twins is quite a task, especially the first few years. However, they gain independence between 4 and 5 years. It is easier to care for them at this stage.

What should newborn twins sleep in?

A bassinet is recommended for newborns. You can purchase two bassinets or one bassinet designed for twins. The twins will then transition to a crib between 5 and 6 months.

How can I manage Twins at night?

Ensure that they sleep close enough. A bedside bassinet helps you keep them close without co-sleeping. Keep all the baby stuff you need including diapers nearby. Ensure that the bassinet is comfortable. Create and maintain a bedtime routine to put them to sleep fast. You can add white noise to soothe them back to sleep after feeding.

Do newborn twins need to sleep together?

Newborn twins can sleep separately. However, some twins sleep better and longer together.

At what age should Twins stop sleeping together?

Twins can sleep together as newborns if they have a safe bassinet or crib. However, it is advisable to separate them after six months.

Tips to help twins to sleep better and longer in a bassinet

1. Calm the twins first before placing them in the bassinet.

2. Swaddling babies helps them to sleep longer.

3. Ensure that the mattress is firm and then place the swaddled babies on their back.

4. Keep the room temperature cool. Add white noise if possible to soothe them to sleep.

5. Maintain the same sleeping routine, including the sleeping and nursing patterns.

6. Start using the bassinet early enough even immediately after birth.

7. Place the babies to sleep on the bassinet while still awake. Even after nursing, cuddle them but put them in the bassinet while awake.


Getting twins to sleep at the same time is often a challenge for new moms. The process is easier if you have the right bassinet. The best bassinet for twins should be firm and comfortable. The mattress should be flat and firm. Check the description to ensure that the bassinet is built to carry twins.

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