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As soon as you bring a new child into the family, you experience a 180-degree change in your lifestyle. All your routine activities begin revolving around your little angel. However, you cannot manage to carry your baby all the time. That is why we see the markets being flooded by various baby carriers and ring slings to assist you in parenting. Ring slings are trending more these days owing to their simplicity, convenience, and suitability for newborns. With this article, we recommend some best ring sling brands for newborns, infants or toddlers.

When Do You Need A Ring Sling?

If you are a new parent, then adjusting your routine activities according to your baby’s preferences is something impossible. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that your child needs your special attention since birth till toddlerhood.
Under such circumstances, you can neither manage your work while holding your baby in your arms round the clock. Nor you would wish to leave your child alone just for some routine chores.
Baby carrier ring slings hence provide a safe way to keep your babies with you without affecting your routine. Although there are a plethora of baby carriers and baby wraps in the market, ring slings remain the best choice for newborns, as they ensure maximum intimacy between the parent and the kid. Furthermore, if you become comfortable with ring slings, you can also use them for your toddlers.

How Is A Baby Ring Sling Different From A Baby Wrap?

A Ring Sling is a long comfortable fabric intertwined with two rings that serve as a buckle, helping you create the pouch shape for holding your baby as you wear it. Conversely, a Baby Wrap is a single fabric with no rings or buckles. You literally have to configure it around your body to get a pouch for holding your baby, and tie a knot.
Ring slings, owing to their easy-to-wear nature, work best for shorter periods. However, if you plan to hold on your baby for long, then a baby wrap may work best.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Ring Sling

The best ring sling flaunts comprehensive features to comfort both the baby and the wearer parent, for instance, the Maya Ring Sling.
Hence, before you purchase one for your baby, make sure it possesses the following properties:

• Versatile to be worn on both shoulders
• Large in size for added benefits (such as privacy for nursing mothers, or to serve as a baby shade)

  • Shoulder padding for wearer’s comfort
  • Ensures equal weight distribution on the back and shoulders of the wearer
  • Comfortable fabric that does not cause allergies
  • Durable for prolonged use
  • Must be washable for cleanliness
  • Should support a wide baby age range

List Of The Best Ring Slings

“If you need a baby ring sling, but you are stuck at making the right selection for your kid, then don’t worry. Here we give you quick brief about the best ring slings to buy in 2019. All these ring slings belong to top-rated brands, and offer impressive features for both the baby and the wearer.”

So, are you ready? Let’s start the review!

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Maya Lightly Padded sling

Maya Ring Sling certainly tops up whenever we list the best ring sling brands. Its comprehensive features suffice to make it rule the world of ring slings.

Padded Design

Its lightly padded design keeps your shoulders comfortable while wearing this ring sling. Moreover, it has got removable pads, so that you can remove them if not desired.

Zippered Pocket

The fabric tail of the ring sling bears a zippered pocket for storing smaller items

Size Variations

The Maya ring sling is available in two different sizes supportive for various body frames. You can choose any one according to your body size.

Safety Compliance

ASTM and CPSC compliance warrants premium safety features of the Maya ring sling.

Ergonomic Design

It ensures comfortable weight distribution across the wearer’s shoulder and the back.

Cool Fabric

This ring sling comprises a breathable cotton sateen fabric to keep your baby cool.


The ring sling fabric is machine washable that allows you to maintain hygiene for carrying your baby.

Multiple Positions

It supports several wearing positions for the maximal comfort of both the baby and the parent.

Recommended Weight Limit:

8 to 35 pounds




Long tail fabric for multiple purposes


Easily adjustable


Easy to wear


Suitable for both infants and the toddlers




Does not come in one universal size


Not aesthetically attractive


 Long tail may be a trouble for shorter parents

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Lite-on-Shoulder Ergonomic Baby Sling

If you are looking for a ring sling that is both comfortable and comes in a variety of colors and designs, then you may be looking for the Lite-on-Shoulder ring sling.

Comfortable Fabric

The ring sling comprises of a gentle cotton fabric for easy wearing by the parent.

Ergonomic Design

The typical ‘pouch-shaped’ curved design makes this ring sling perfect for holding your baby.


It is appropriate for carrying both the infant and the toddler.


The Lite-on-Shoulder ring sling features durable copper-zinc alloy rings with no-weld design, ensuring no breakage.

Multiple Positions

It supports multiple positions for holding the baby, so that you can change your positions to avoid strain.

Shoulder Padding

It features comfortable light padding for shoulder support of the wearer, and for cushioning your baby’s legs.

Recommended Weight Limit:

Up to 35 pounds




Long tail fabric for multiple uses


Fits well across various body sizes


Durable stitching with sturdy fabric


Comfortable and lightweight ring sling




Thin size may not provide adequate support to the baby


Difficult to adjust when worn


Sometimes, the wearer feels weight on shoulders

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Beco-Sling

Here comes a unisex ring sling for both a baby girl and a boy. If you want a comfortable carrier to hold your baby, then the Beco ring sling will be the best option.

Shoulder Design

It flaunts a gathered shoulder design supported by aluminum rings.

Color Variety

2 cool colors variations (gray and aqua blue) make it an entirely unisex product.

Comfortable Fabric

Beco ring sling comes in a 100% cotton fabric that is robust and comfortable

One-for-all Size

Its universal size comfortably fits various body frames.

Recommended Weight Limit:

7 to 35 pounds 




Sturdy fabric ensures prolonged use


Long tail cloth with tapered ends give it a cool look




Maybe a bit uncomfortable while carrying heavier babies


Limited color range


Heavier in weight


The fabric is a bit thick to be used in summers

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Baby Tula

If you are looking for something that jazzes up your look as you carry your baby, while ensuring comfort, then the Baby Tula Ring Sling can be the best ring sling for you.

Attractive Designs

The appealing design and color variations of this ring sling allow you to choose the perfect one for you.


The ring sling features a thick woven cotton material that ensures prolonged endurance.


This incredible ring sling can also serve as the best ring sling for toddler as well due to its sturdiness.


It can become ‘buttery soft’ after being washed according to the given instructions.

Cozy and Warm

Its thick fabric makes it appropriate to be used in cold temperatures as it keeps your baby warm.

Recommended Weight Limit:

8 to 35 pounds




Support multiple positions for carrying your baby


Sturdy fabric offers prolonged use


Easily washable


Easy to adjust while wearing your baby




Not suitable for summers




Thick fabric may add to the product’s overall weight

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Vlokup Ring Sling Soft Wrap

For parents searching for a sturdy ring sling to carry their toddlers, which can also be used for their infants, then Vlokup Ring Sling is all that they need.

Unisex Design

The Vlokup ring sling comes in a unisex design. Hence you can easily use it for all babies.


This ring sling comes with a 100% cotton material that endows increased sturdiness for prolonged use. Its strength makes it the best ring sling for both toddlers and infants.

Multiple Positions

You can hold your baby in various comfortable carrying positions with this ring sling.

Long-Tail Fabric

Its long tail fabric can serve multiple purposes, such as providing you privacy while nursing.

Easily Washable

You can easily keep it clean as it features a machine washable fabric.

Recommended Weight Limit:

10 to 40 pounds




Perfect for both infants and toddlers


Durable fabric


Shoulder padding


Comfortable weight distribution




Thick fabric; not suitable for summers


Maybe slightly heavier in weight


Shoulder padding can be uncomfortable sometimes

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

Baby ring slings having cotton fabric may undoubtedly be sturdy enough for prolonged use. However, their thick fabric makes them unusable for hot areas. So, how will you carry your babies or toddlers during hot summers?
Well, here comes the best ring sling for summer use – the Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Linen Ring Sling

The Sakura ring sling comes in a luxurious Belgian linen fabric.

Cool Fabric

Its light fabric makes it perfect to be used in summers as it keeps your baby happy and cool.


Its overall light weight makes it easy-to-wear for a longer time without any discomfort.

Sturdiness and Safety

Its linen fabric feels soft and smooth to wear, yet it ensures maximum protection to your baby without the risk of slippage or damage.

Perfect For All Weathers

Owing to the linen fabric that is perfect to be used throughout the year, you can wear this ring sling in both summers as well as winters.

Recommended Weight Limit:

Up to 35 pounds




Perfect for prolonged wearing


Support moms in their household chores


Appropriate to be used in all climates


Highly durable linen fabric


Works well for both infants and toddlers




Bears a high price tag


Limited design and color variations


Sometimes becomes difficult to

Best Ring Sling-Product Image-Mamaway Ring Sling

Mamaway Baby Wrap Ring Sling is one of the most popular baby carrier products in the market today. Quality fabric and high-end features make this product perfect for newborns as well as infants.

Comfortable Fabric

The ring sling features an extra comfortable 100% combed cotton material.


The Mamaway ring sling, with its lightweight fabric, keeps your baby happy and cool.


It is a machine washable ring sling. Hence, you can easily keep it clean.

Double Ring Design

The double ring design of this ring sling locks it in the desired baby carrying position.


It features a highly durable fabric for prolonged usage with maximal endurance.

Recommended Weight Limit:

Can even hold up to 110 pounds




Lightweight ring sling


Sturdy and safe nylon rings


Adequate weight distribution upon wearing


Easy to clean product




Difficult to adjust due to thick fabric


May require washing before first use to soften the fabric

More Ring Slings To Choose From

If you are not into buying a high-rated brand, yet you want a comfortable and trendy ring sling for your child, then don’t worry. You will find a plethora of ring sling brands (apart from the above-mentioned high-end ones) to choose from:
Luxury Baby Ring Sling, Moby Baby Ring Sling, Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling, and LILLEbaby Ring Sling will surely meet your requirements. All of them come with high-quality fabric and impressive features that take care of you and your baby’s comfort.

Safety Tips For Ring Sling

If you are puzzled about wearing the ring sling to hold your baby, make sure to go through the ring sling instructions and safety tips. Any negligence or ignorance in following the safety tips may cause discomfort to both you and your kid.

  • Since you and your baby would be in direct contact with the ring sling fabric, make sure you buy the one that does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Make sure to keep your baby high and snug. Wearing a ring sling in a way that keeps your baby swinging makes him insecure. Keep the baby’s head at the level of your chest.
  • Make all the adjustments in the ring sling fitting after putting on your baby is dangerous and tiring. Hence, before putting on the baby, make sure that the ring sling is fitting your body well.
  • Make sure to keep your babies legs apart. They should not be merely hanging in the air as this will put stress on your baby’s delicate hipbone. Instead, make your baby place his legs around your waist for a natural positioning.
  • Keep your baby in an upright position, tightening the ring sling fabric all around his body to have a distributed support without putting stress on his legs or hips.
  • Keep your ring slings clean. As they are made of simple fabric, you can easily wash them.
  • While wearing, do not let the ring sling fabric bundle up on your shoulder. This will only cause pain in your neck and shoulders. Instead, spread the fabric across your shoulder to have a padded
In Summary

When it comes to your baby’s comfort, you should always choose the thing that keeps your baby happy. Ring slings hence remain the perfect choice to let your baby snuggle with you as you perform your routine chores. These ring slings are soft and cozy as the regular baby wraps. Yet, they are safe and sturdy like a well-designed baby carrier. That is why ring slings have high demands in the market today.

Above, we have quickly overviewed some of the best ring sling brands for your baby. Still, if you look up for some other brand, our quick buying guide will help you make the right choice. Enjoy your parenthood!



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