Boba 4g Carrier Review

Boba is the dream of two parents who were determined to set up a new business against all odds. The couple made their first wrap and sold it in Slovenia. From the early days of selling only two carriers, the couple has built a thriving business. Boba is a leading supplier of top baby carriers. The subject of this Boba 4g Carrier Review is the company’s dusk baby carrier.

Boba 4G Carrier









  • 100% cotton
  • Safe for newborn
  • Adjustable


  • Limited carrying positions

Pros Of The 4g Dusk Baby Carrier

Do you want to create a strong bond with your newborn? Try wearing your child in a carrier more often even at home. You need a perfect carrier to avoid discomfort or pain after carrying the baby for long hours. This review recommends the 4g dusk carrier for the following reasons:

  • It is made of 100% cotton material with no harmful dyes or materials. The material is safe for a newborn.
  • You can place your credits cards, phone or car keys in the zippered waist belt pocket. The carrier has additional pockets for baby products and purse strap holders.
  • The recommended weight range is 7 to 45 pounds. With the integrated infant insert, you can use the carrier from infancy to toddlerhood.
  • Mothers give the Boba 4g Carrier positive feedback because it is easy to breastfeed with this carrier. It has extra adjustment straps to help you find the most comfortable position to breastfeed.
  • The carrier has a removable hood and foot straps. Babies get tired easily from swinging their legs. The foot straps protect them from this discomfort.
  • It is built to accommodate the front and back carrying positions. It is also adjustable to suit different body sizes with easy-to-adjust straps.

Cons Of The 4g Dusk Carrier

You may have found a perfect solution for your baby, but here are a few potential issues that you need to be aware of:

  • The color and material of the carrier get dirty quickly. This means that you have to wash it frequently.

  • The carrier has only two carrying positions; that is, front and back. You cannot carry the baby looking outward, a position that helps the baby explore their environment.

  •  Most buyers that leave a negative Boba 4g Carrier Review mention the padding on the straps. You may experience some pain after carrying the baby for long with the carrier.

Boba 4g Vs Ergo

The two baby carriers are made of the same material and within the same price range. However, a Boba 4g vs ergo baby comparison shows that the Ergobaby carrier is more comfortable and ergonomic. It has extra padding on the shoulder straps and waist belt. Also, the Ergobaby carrier has extra-large pockets and more carrying positions that the Boba 4g carrier.

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Boba 4g Vs Tula


The Baby Tula Discover is another alternative to the Boba 4g. It has more carrying positions and extra padding than the padding in the Boba 4g carrier. Also, the Tula is breathable, which makes it suitable for all seasons. However, the contrast of Boba 4g vs Tula shows that the two carriers share many other features. These include the integrated infant insert, detachable hood, 100% cotton material, waist belt storage, and baby weight range.

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Boba 3g Vs 4g

Here is one more comparison to help your purchasing decision. Comparing Boba 3g vs 4g reveals that the 4g Dusk carrier is better than the 3g carrier. The 4g carrier is an improved version of the 3g carrier. Although the features are almost similar, many customers have opted for the 4g carrier on Amazon. Also, the 3g is more expensive than the Boba 4g carrier. 

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Reviews From Previous Buyers On Amazon

Positive Reviews

Plus-size moms have been happy to find a carrier that easily adjusts to their bodies. The moms do not need an extension belt to customize the fit. Customers also like the integrated infant insert, comfort, and adjustable hood straps. Moms appreciate the ability to breastfeed easily while on the go.

Negative Reviews

Unhappy parents talked about the limited carrying positions. Some parents prefer to carry the child while facing out, especially for toddlers. One customer pointed out that the carrier is not machine washable. However, the material is easy to clean.


From this Boba 4g Carrier Review, it is evident that the dusk baby carrier is a good choice for many parents. It is comfortable, safe, and easy to adjust. It fits adults of all body sizes and has multiple pockets for storage. The head support, adjustable hood, and foot straps will keep your baby safe and calm.

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