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Boba Wrap Reviews: Get Great Value For You Money

Boba is a family-owned business that makes baby carriers, wraps, hoodies, and teething pads. The company has been operational since 2007 with the sole focus of bringing parents and kids together. Its products are stylish, beautiful, and easy to use. Parents have access to a wide range of travel products at varying prices. The original grey Boba wrap is part of many Boba Wrap Reviews by retailers and buyers.

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Pros Of The Original Grey Boba Wrap Carrier

It is advisable to get a wrap for a newborn instead of a carrier to establish that initial bond with your child. Carriers are heavily padded, which sometimes reduces the closeness with your newborn. You will love the original Boba wrap for the following reasons:

  • It is easy to use even for new parents. The wrap comes with a manual in case you need help in getting the right position.

  • The Boba wrap accommodates easy and comfortable breastfeeding. You can nurse your baby at any time and location without worrying about privacy.

  • The wrap is made of a soft and breathable material. It allows enough air circulation to keep our baby comfortable. Excess heat makes your baby fidget, which interferes with your bonding moments.

  • Positive Boba Wrap Reviews talk about the durable material among other qualities. The cotton material is reinforced with spandex. This means that you can stretch the wrap while nursing the baby without messing its shape. It does not loosen or sag after being readjusted.

  • It is versatile to fit moms with different body frames and babies with different weights. You can use this wrap from birth until your baby reaches 35 pounds. Plus-size moms find the material long enough.

Cons Of The Boba Grey Wrap Carrier

Some of the drawbacks that parents face when using this wrap are outlined below:

  • The material is 5.5 wraps, which means that any parent can use it. However, you have to wrap it several times around your waist. Getting its position comfortable and all material wrapped is tedious.
  • One reason why customers give negative Boba Wrap Reviews is that the carrying positions are limited. You cannot carry the baby on your back or hips. The inward-facing position is good for a newborn but as your baby grows, occasional outward-facing is preferred.

The Boba Wrap Carrier Weight Limit

The wrap is designed to carry a baby from birth to 35 pounds. You will be comfortable carrying a baby within this weight range. However, you can use it, babies, beyond this limit if it feels comfortable. The suppliers advise parents whose babies are below 5 pounds to consult a physician before using any wrap.

The Boba Wrap Carrier Breastfeeding Specifications

The Boba grey wrap is ideal for breastfeeding. You can nurse your child at any time while still bonding. The wrap retains its shape even after you adjust it because of its spandex content. The baby can feed and fall asleep while you carry on other activities.

Boba Wrap Carrying Positions

Carrying a baby in the same position for long hours can be tiring. Many moms prefer to alternate the front and back positions. For this wrap, you can only use the front parent facing position. It is not designed for the baby to face outwards or the back position. However, if used correctly, the baby weight should be well-distributed across your body.

Boba Wrap Carrier Amazon Reviews From Buyers

Positive Reviews

“Many parents desire to use wraps but are unsure about getting the right fit. Most buyers appreciate that the wrap comes with a manual. The company has instructional videos as well on its website. The wrap is easy to use, comfortable, and machine washable. Parents also love the stretchy soft material.”

Negative Reviews

Some buyers found the wrap impractical to use outside the house because of the extra-long material. It is almost unavoidable to drag the wrap on the ground when using it outdoors. The many wraps may also cause the baby to overheat, which a concern for some buyers.


The Boba Wrap allows you to feed, bond, and soothe your newborn comfortably. It is made of a stretchy material that falls back to shape right after nursing. The multiple positive Boba Wrap Reviews on Amazon are a clear indication that the wrap is a good buy. The wrap comes with a manual to help you get the custom fit every time. Also, it is safe for newborns and usable by all parents.

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