An easy way to keep the baby warm and feeling safe outdoors is using a Baby Carrier.


Hello Dad/Mom

The home environment is safe and easy to manage when taking care of a newborn. The real test begins when you have to go out for the first check-up or just get some fresh air. Suddenly you have to think about carrying diapers, a change of clothes, toys, diapers and all that.

For moms who have to do house chores or exercise, using a baby wrap or carrier is unavoidable. You do not have much time in between naps to finish all tasks. Do you know that babies want to explore their environment as well? Putting the baby in a wrap or carrier gives you additional time to bond.

The idea that you can work or travel with your newborn sounds good. However, it only works if you have the right carrier. Some carriers will hurt either your shoulders or the baby when worn wrongly. Others come with no room to breathe or even breastfeed comfortably.

We understand the hundred and one tasks that parents must do every day. You have no time to window shop before picking an item. This guide helps you to pick the right carrier for your baby’s weight and height. We also recommend carriers based on your body shape and size.

Parenting is not for moms only. Dads want to spend time with their kids as well, especially outdoors. On this page, we review travel systems for hiking dads. Shopping and travelling for caring dads with the right carrier or wrap. Some carriers are adjustable to fit parents of all sizes so you do not have to purchase more than one carrier.

Exploring the outdoors with one child is tough enough. We provide different solutions for travelling with twins. You will not get such reviews anywhere else. Sit back and let us help you pick the right wrap or carrier.


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