The Best Gifts for New Moms and Dads

Pregnancy is a tough journey for both moms and dads. Parents do not know what to expect during and after pregnancy because each child is different. The least you can do as a friend or relative to a new parent is to give a good gift that shows your support and appreciation. Where do you start when shopping for gifts for new moms and dads? You do not want to show up at a baby shower with the wrong gift. We offer some great gifts ideas in this article.

Sentimental gifts for new parents


Every gift communicates a certain message to the recipients. Sentimental gifts bring a sense of comfort, love, and compassion to new parents. The reality is that while pregnancy and delivery were tough, parenting might prove tougher. Choose gifts that tell new parents you thought of their struggles to adjust to the new life. For instance, dads have a hard time adjusting to their new parenting duties. You can purchase an essential kit or a hiking baby carrier for dads.

Other sentimental gifts that will work perfectly for both moms and dads are personalized cards, infant car seats, baby journal or memory book, and custom baby clothes. Think of a custom diaper bag, baby blanket, or gift basket that matches the parents’ preferences. When looking for gifts for new moms and dads, try to think of items or messages that will mean something special to the parents.

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Thank-You-Card

Show your love and appreciation to new parents with handwritten notes.

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Journal

With baby memory book parents can capture the precious moment of their baby’s first year. 

Lucy Darling baby memory book is perfect to record baby’s first year. The artwork is appealing and gorgeous. The book comes with a great format to add pictures with ultrasound, footprint or handprint, birth announcement & pictures.

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Diaper-Bag

Perfect baby shower gifts for new moms and dads. The best thing about this personalized diaper bag is lightweight & good for everyday use. There is more room inside for all baby stuff. After customization, the embroidery looks good & the lettering is super clear.

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-baby-Girl-Onesie

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Boy-Suit

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Custom-Pillow

Memorable gifts for new moms and dads. You can customize the pillow with more than 15 numbers of names, also can choose the font style. This pillow will look good anywhere at the home.

The Best gifts for new moms and dads who love hiking

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Hiking-Carrier

Many families enjoy hiking. Hiking carrier is a great way to explore the outdoors with baby. 

Luvdbaby child backpack carrier is popular on Amazon. It is a lightweight & well-balanced backpack carrier even the child jump or moves around back. The carrier –

  • Had multi storage pockets
  • Comes with sunshade & rain cover
  • Is height adjustable

Funny gifts for new parents


The worst thing when attending a baby shower or visiting new parents at the hospital is bringing the same gift as your other friends. When choosing gifts for new moms and dads, most people tend to think of the same things. Baby items such as clothes, toys, and formula top the list of gift items. Think outside this box and get something unique and funny. New parents prepare throughout the pregnancy period. Chances are that they may have the item you are thinking about or someone else is also thinking about it.

The idea with funny gifts is to make the parents laugh. Hence, cards and t-shirts with funny messages work all the time. Some people bring a bottle of wine for mom’s time out. You can go for a survival kit with funny messages, especially for first-time dads. Think about a kissable pacifier with a mustache. The point here is to think of gifts for new moms and dads that they do not expect.

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Teething-Toy

Baby needs toys, why not present some toys that can make parents laugh?

Baby will like to chew & bite this cute teething toy. The teether meets safety standards that are -Bpa Free, Pvc free & lead-free.

  • Perfect shape & size that makes easy for holding
  • Made of silicone, so simply just put in the dishwasher to cleanup

A onesie with funny sayings –

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Onesie

Bib with funny saying-

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Girl's-Bib

Best-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Funny-Mustachifier

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a baby boy or girl. This silly pacifier with a mustache will make parents laugh.

Non-baby gifts for new parents

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear that a friend or family members are a new parent is a baby item. You try to think of items that they may forget to buy in their planning period. Unfortunately, all their friends think the same way and you all end up buying the same kind of gifts. New parents need items in their homes that simplify their duties and give them more time to take of the baby. Hence, items like a coffee machine, instant pots, luggage sets, and or even a new wardrobe are perfect gifts.

Additional non-baby gift items include fitness trackers, picture frames, gift cards to their favorite stores, and spa treats.  Many people tend to think of the baby’s comfort and ignore the need for parents to feel appreciated. Instead of buying baby gifts for new moms and dads, take the parents out on a date or adventurous trip. Let them explore the outdoors and get their minds off the pressure of parenting.

All new parents will love to have this instant pot in their kitchen. With this instant pot, a meal can be prepared a lot faster than the traditional way.

Instant pot, Stainless pressure cooker is the latest and one of the best selling items that have over 20,000 five stars reviews.

  • The instant pot has multi cooking functions: rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, warmer & more
  • Cooks 70 % faster
  • User-friendly & easy to clean

Best-Non-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Coffee-Maker

K-Cafe Coffee pod is not a typical coffee maker. With this Keurig coffee maker, parents can make drip coffee or even latte & americano.

Best-Non-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Collapsible-Cup

With the Collapsible cup, new parents can enjoy their favorite beverages at any time, anywhere. It’s an ideal gift for new moms and dads who are always on the go.

Stojo is a versatile & reusable little cup, which is perfect to use with hot & cold beverages.

  • It’s compact & portable. After finishing your drink collapse the cup & put it in your pocket or bag.
  • Built with seamless which makes it easy to clean up.

Best-Non-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Luggage

A set of luggage is a popular gift for new moms and dads who love to travel. These pcs of luggage sets are perfect for any trip. This luggage suit is-

  • Lightweight 
  • easy to maneuver
  • Outsides are durable
  • Aluminum handle

Best-Non-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Fitness-Tracker

After birth, mom wants to get back into shape. A fitness tracker will help mom to boost up for a workout. A fitness tracker can count steps or measure the distance traveled. It can also track calories burned, sleep & heart rate. 

Fitbit Versa is a Fitness Smartwatch. Along with music, it can track sleep, swim & heart Rate.

  • Lightweight & modern design
  • Good battery life

Gift for new parents at hospital

When visiting new parents at the hospital, consider the items they need immediately after delivering. For instance, a mom will need a baby wrap to bond with the child in the first few weeks before they can use a baby carrier. Bring some flowers, gift cards, and a survival kit for new parents. If you plan a visit with a few friends, you can bake or order a cake with the baby theme. The celebration should start right from the hospital.

While the color and pomp of celebrating a newborn are nice, new parents struggle with increasing expenses. Sometimes the hospital bill is higher than expected, not to mention the expense of taking care of a newborn. Helping a parent cover some of these expenses will go a long way. A coupon booklet can help new moms and dads save some money after leaving the hospital. In addition, consider that the parents may spend some days at the hospital. Home-packed meals are good gifts for new moms and dads for the days they spend at the hospital.

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Boba-Wrap

Baby wrap promotes skin to skin contact with baby. Babywearing is the best way to bond with baby.

Boba baby wrap is comfortable to carry an infant. The wrap is made of 95 % cotton & 5 % of spandex. 

  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to breastfeed
  • Machine washable

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Pajama

After surgery or in the hospital mom need something convenient for movement. This stain pajama is lightweight, soft & silky which is comfortable for movement. With this pair of suit, mom feels relaxed and sleep well.

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-Breast-Pump

Pumping makes easy to feed newborn breast milk. Especially for working moms breast pump is very useful in such a situation when mom is away from her baby. Also in an emergency situation, it can be a manual option if the baby is sick or too premature to breastfeed.  

Sonata is a modern looking, smart & double electric pump which is specially designed for moms who pump often throughout a day. 

  • Double electric pumping extracts more milk quickly 
  • One of the quietest breast pumps in the market
  • After connecting to MyMedela app, moms can record the pumping session including rhythm, phase & suction level
  • Easy to clean


Modern parents rely on the Infant car seat. It is really useful to move a sleeping baby from car to stroller. There is no other way to bring a newborn home when leaving the hospital.

Chicco keyfit 30 is a top-rated infant car seat in the USA. The car seat is great for a premature baby.

  • 5-point harness
  • Easy installation
  • Comfortable padding
  • Stroller friendly that works with Chicco stroller
  • Easy to wash

More baby-related gifts for new moms and dads

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Sound-Machine

A combination of multiple gadgets: wake alert, sound machine & night light that can control from a smartphone. This smart device helps parents to establish sleeping routines:

  • Parents can set the bedtime program for their baby with customizable sound & fun colors  
  • Rise alert that let the older baby know- “it’s time to wake up” 

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Carrier

A baby carrier is useful to mom & baby. Mom always loves to have one, as it becomes a second pair of hands for mom. With a baby in a carrier, mom can do thousands of works like- shopping, prepared meals, etc.  

With two safe carrying positions, BabyBjorn is suitable to carry a newborn up to 12 months.

  • Safe & certified fabrics have been used that is gentle to baby skin
  • No extra insert needed to carry an infant
  • Provides head support
  • Hip healthy carrier
  • Easy to use

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Food-Maker

Baby food maker is an excellent way to prepare baby food easily and quickly. This device saved millions of parents time & energy. A perfect gift for parents who love to cook & feed homemade delicious food to their baby.

This baby cooker can make any stage of baby food. It can cook, steam and puree fish, meat & vegetable within 15 minutes. 

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Monitor

A baby monitor is an extra eye & ears of parents. It is really useful to keep an eye on the baby at night or even day.

Nanit Hd audio & video Baby Monitor gives a crystal clear view of the baby. Parents can transmit & save footage from their phones. A two-way audio function that allows parents to speak the baby through monitor.

Best-Baby-Gifts-For New-Moms-And-Dads-Baby-Travel-System

Parents need an infant car seat and stroller when they go out with their babies. So why not present that is car seat and stroller combo?

Britax Travel System is getting popular day by day on Amazon because of its key features-

  • The stroller- is very lightweight, easy to fold & maneuver. It has a big storage compartment.
  • The car seat- has impact protection or high safety ratings. It’s easy to install.

Baby gifts for parents who have everything

Ever wondered what to give a parent that seems to have everything? You visit their nursery weeks before delivery and find that they have every baby item you could think of and more. The parents prepared with a checklist and covered all the expenses. The reality is that such parents deserve gifts as well. In fact, they expect their close friends and family to buy something for the baby shower. You really have to think outside the box to gift such parents.

One of the best gifts for parents who have everything is gift vouchers. Even if they bought all the baby stuff they needed at birth, something will run out after some days or weeks. You may not anticipate their needs but with a gift voucher, the parents can decide what to buy. Play around with the baby’s birth year and date for personalized gifts.  For instance, you can personalize a coin collection or dinner set with the baby’s year and name. Other unique gifts for new moms and dads include a subscription to a service like a TV channel, name labels, or a tree in the backyard.

Final remarks

Always consider the personality of the parent when selecting a gift. Think beyond the normal baby items that everyone buys because babies outgrow things fast. Visit the baby’s nursery where possible to discover the parents’ taste for baby items. Most people think about the baby and ignore the parents. Get gifts for new moms and dads that they can use while raising their newborn.


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