Giving Birth At Home

Home birth means giving birth of a child in home rather than in a hospital. If you have a plan of giving birth at home there are some important facts you need to know about home birth.

Home birth cost

It can be assumed that the cost of a birth is more when it is done in hospital setting than home. You do not have to pay to doctors or hospital utility bills or medicine bills. If you have your delivery by a midwife, you just have to pay to her, which varies region to region. She will provide all necessary things needed for the delivery, also will provide the essential new born care to the baby and care of you after delivery.

Home birth risks

Even you have a plan for giving birth at home; you may face some complications during your delivery. If you did not plan for a delivery at home then it is more risky as any delivery complications may occur. If you planned for a delivery done by a midwife, she has to be professional. She has to know how to handle the delivery process and the baby. For a home birth there are some risks, such as-

  • No progression of labor pain

  • No choice of pain relieving
  • Prolonged labor; that is your delivery time may be prolonged than usual time
  • Your delivery may be obstructed, which will cause bad effects on your baby
  • There may be injury to the birth canal of mother or to the baby
  • Complications may arise to the baby, such as respiratory problem, premature baby, low birth weight baby, small to age baby, any birth defects the need medical attention
  • Excessive bleeding after delivery
  • The birth assistant may not be well trained

Unplanned home birth

Unplanned home birth means, either you do not have any plan for your delivery or the delivery occurs incidentally. Usually unplanned home births occur incidentally while you are in your daily activities. But, if you do not have any plan for your delivery, whether at home or hospital, it is bad for both of you and your baby.
Whatever, when the delivery process begins, call your near ones and to the emergency services. If you think that the baby going to be born, try to collect a tablecloth with a bed sheet, a towel to clean your baby, some dry and soft clothes to wrap the baby, a bowl to keep the placenta.

If you feel that the baby is coming down, keep yourself in a suitable position for delivery, and push with each contraction. When the head of the baby gets out check whether there is any loop of cord is present around the neck. If there is no loop continue to push but do not pull the baby. After delivery clean the body of the baby with a soft towel and wrap with warm clothes. The placenta will be delivered within 20 to 30 minutes of delivery.

If anything wrong happens to you or to your baby while giving birth at home, go to nearby hospital.

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