Home pregnancy test with sugar

Besides of urine strip test or blood test, some women try to do some other home based tests. Among them one of the tests that you can do at home is sugar test. This was a common test done at old times when the urine strips or blood test was not available. It is also used in some countries where the urine test strips are not available. Some people may consider this test at home as natural method for pregnancy test.

Whatever test you do, it mainly depends on the presence of a hormone in the urine. Test result comes on the reaction with this hormone.

How to do the home pregnancy test with sugar?


Ingredients needed: Sugar, Urine, A sterilized pot/bowl etc.

At first take about three tablespoon of sugar in the pot. Then add some urine in the pot. It is better if you take the first morning urine. Now wait for at least five minutes to get a result. 


After five minutes if you see that the sugar is dissolved in the urine then the test result is negative for pregnancy. If you see that the urine starts to clamp in the urine then the result is positive for the pregnancy.

You can follow some instructions for accuracy-

  • Take the first morning urine as it contains more concentrated hormone

  • Do not drink much water prior to the test as it may dilute the hormone

  • Always wait for five to ten minutes for the result

Bottom Line

Whatever positive or negative you have to go to your doctor to be sure about your pregnancy result, because the home pregnancy test with sugar may not provide a valid result. You can do these at home but to be sure you have to test with a clinically approved valid test.



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