Baby Diet - How Much Baby Food For 5 Month Old?

One of the most critical phases a parent goes through is feeding a baby during the first year. How you choose to provide for your kid during their first anniversary may and should mold lifelong feeding habits.

So, how much baby food for 5 month old? You can provide 3-4 hours later of your baby food. Or, you can also provide 4-6 times daily of your baby.

It is during the initial that the baby goes through critical phases of growth; thus, you need to offer them a well-balanced diet as they grow up and start being able to feed on more solid diets. So the question is: “How much baby food for 5 month old?” Read on to find the answer.

How Much Baby Food For 5 Month Old?

If your baby is 5-month old, you need to careful to provide foods. In this age, your baby only take mother’s milk nothing else. In total, you can provide 4 to 6 times of food.

To provide the foods properly, you can check out the following section to get more clarification. So, let’s get started.

The Thumb Rule

Just like it is for every situation in life, it is important to take into account the correct and wrong time for baby feeding.

While each phase for baby feeding has been highlighted by the AAP (American Academy Pediatrics), it is critically important to bear in mind that children differ.

Before deciding any particular feeding phase, it is highly recommended that you first discuss it with your pediatrician.

As a pediatrician, he or she is well placed to understand your kid’s development and they should be able to advise in case they are or not bodily and developmentally prepared to move to the next phase of feeding. 

What Do I Need To Provide For My 5 Month Baby?


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastfeeding your baby until they attain the age of 6 months is very important.

They also advise that in case you do not breastfeed your kid for special reasons, then giving them baby rice cereal after 4 months can be a wise idea.

That is one answer to the question “how much baby food for a 5-month-old?” In case you begin by feeding your baby on rice cereal, then you need to maintain this trend for the following few months in addition to breast milk or recipe.

Doing this will enable them to develop strong muscles for easy swallowing.

5-Month-Old Baby Feeding Schedule Solid Food


Many parents are scared to introduce solid foods to their kids. You will discover that breast milk might not satisfy your baby at 5 months.

You will need to create a 5 months baby food chart to ensure that you feed the baby with a balanced healthy diet from the start.

If you have already started with rice, you can add barley and oat to the cereals.

Do not give any proteins or dairy products at this age. The best fruits to include in your chart are pears, apples, avocado, and bananas.

Vegetables are part of the answer to the question “how much baby food for a 5-month-old?”

The recommended vegetables at this age include green beans, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes.

Prepare the food into puree or porridge such that it is easy for the baby to swallow.

How To Make Baby Food For 5 Month Old?

The best methods for preparing baby food at home are steaming, baking, and roasting.

An alternative to these methods is boiling the food in small amounts of water.

You can introduce the recommended foods under cereals, fruits, and vegetables in any particular order.

However, you need to watch out for allergens as you introduce new foods.

It may take up to 4 days before the baby reacts to a new diet. Hence, you need to introduce one food at a time and follow the signs to see how the baby responds.

Is it possible to over-feed your baby? How much should a 5-month-old breastfed baby eat?

Many babies at this stage can only take one or two spoonfuls of food.

The secret is to feed several times a day while you continue with breastfeeding.

Alternate breast milk with the meal for the day depending on the food items you choose to include in your chart.

Feeding Your Baby After 5 Months

It is not enough to answer the question, “how much baby food for a 5-month-old?”

The diet must improve, as the baby grows older because the food requirement increases with age.

Your 4 months baby food chart probably had only one cereal, that is, rice. At 5 months, you added the oat and barley to the cereals.

The 6-month baby food chart can include new cereals such as wheat and millet. Add potatoes, sweet pumpkins, French beans, and carrots to vegetables.

New fruits to introduce include peach and chikoo. The 7-month baby food chart should include new food items including watermelon and papaya on the fruits menu.

Remember that other items introduced in the previous months should continue in the consequent food charts.

The 7-month-old baby food list should include proteins. Introduce meat and chicken puree in small amounts, eggs, and cheese.

The best approach is to introduce one protein at a time and wait for 4 days before giving a new protein.

The 8-month-old baby food menu should include new items such as tofu, fish, yogurt, kiwi, and strawberries.

You can also include new vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.

The baby is learning to chew at this stage and hence finger foods are recommended.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

How Much Baby Food Should A 5 Month Old Eat?

According to my experience, 4 to 6 times are enough to eat food of a 5-month age baby. Make sure that you are planning for food properly.

How Much Should A 5 Month Old Eat In ml?

 If your baby’s age 5-month, you can provide 150 to 200 ml food. However, you can also take help from the doctor and follow the best suggestion.

Bottom Line

As your baby grows older, you must address the question of how much baby food for 5 month old?”

The answers lie in the feeding patterns of your baby. Introduce solid foods in small amounts until the baby learns to swallow easily.

Rice puree is recommended after the age of 4 months. You can then introduce other cereals, fruits, and vegetables while checking any signs of allergens.

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