After watching their kids grow, many parents consider parenting as the most rewarding job on earth. That is not to mean that it is a walk in the park. Far from it! Raising kids is a learning process that starts before you ever hold your first child in your arms.

Here is the challenge that many parents face. Every child is unique. So, even in your second and third child, you still need to be open to learning new skills and tips.  One of the things you need to learn about raising children is the different development stages.

Have you ever heard other parents complain about their 4-year-old? Kids develop new traits at each stage. For some, 2 years is the most challenging while for the other 4-5 years is the biggest challenge. I will teach what to expect at each developmental stage and how to help your child grow at each stage.

Other critical skills that our guide addresses are good and bad parenting skills. What does it mean to be a good dad or mom? The reality is that everyone wants to be the best parent. The fact that you are here is a good sign that you fall into this category. We will share the good and bad, not to judge but to help you improve your approach.

I have something for single mothers too. The process is tougher for the singles because they bear the burden alone. Some stepmothers have a hard time too, especially when they do not have biological kids. Here you will learn how to raise kids without sinking into depression, with or without a supportive partner.

Parents dread disciplining their kids. How much is too much? How do you balance discipline and affection? You will soon discover that you can discipline even the most stubborn child without hitting or yelling. The only requirement is an open mind to learn and unlearn.


How To Be A Good Parent?

Raising kids is a hard task. Many parents doubt their parenting skills along the way, especially when their kids make mistakes. 


The Signs And Effects Of Bad Parenting That All Parents Should Know

Parents are the greatest influence on their children. Most parents understand this and fear making mistakes. Is it possible to be a perfect parent that makes no mistakes?


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How To Make A Baby Stop Crying Within Seconds?

Soothing a crying baby can be frustrating for parenting. The first instinct is to check if the baby is wet, hungry, or sleepy.


4 Year Old Behaviour Getting Worse

Does your 4-year old child seem out of control? You have tried everything you can to correct the child’s bad behavior but your efforts seem fruitless.


How To Discipline A Child Without Hitting And Yelling?

Most parents would admit to yelling and hitting if they were brutally honest. Unfortunately, this approach does not correct bad behavior but does the opposite.


Being A Stepmom With No Kids Of Your Own

Many stepmothers enter into marriage unprepared for the realities of raising another person’s kids.


The Long-lasting Effects Of Yelling At Toddlers

Toddlers can make even the calmest parent yell. At this stage of development, kids begin to explore their environment and push boundaries.