7 Tips For Being A Single Mom To A Newborn Without Struggling

Most women postpone the idea of parenting until they are in a serious relationship. However, things do not always go as planned. Many find themselves pregnant and lonely. The decision to raise a child alone is difficult and sometimes the only choice. You start with so many questions and doubts about the journey ahead and sometimes fear. If you do not know where to start, we offer some useful tips on being a single mom to a newborn.

1. Take Charge Of Your Emotions

For many mothers, single parenting comes unexpectedly. You imagined that your relationship with your partner will work but it ends up in a separation.

The situation is tougher if you have never raised a child before. The first thing you need to do is deal with the negative emotions from your broken relationship.

You need to deal with disappointment and any other bad thing that happened in the previous relationship.

You must lay aside all the baggage from the past and get ready to build a healthy relationship with your child.

Otherwise, you will pass on the negativity to your child. You might also raise a child while depressed or with other mental challenges.

Your child needs a healthy and happy mother. Seek help if you need to but first deal with your emotions. Healing takes time and so you must be patient and consistently take charge of your emotional health.

2. Get Information On Baby Care

The full responsibility of raising the child now rests with you. Instead of complaining and worrying about being a single mom to a newborn, start learning on the best parenting skills.

You can learn how to be a good parent if you do good research on it. Ask the doctors on the best diet for your newborn.

If you are still pregnant, search for information on what to expect in the forthcoming trimesters and delivery.

The importance of preparation is that it relieves you of worry and stress. You know what to do at birth and after birth.

You start shopping for all babies carrier products early enough because you have the right information.

Also, you can start looking for help from a professional nanny or family before the baby arrives.

3. Save As Much Money As You Can

The financial aspect of parenting is perhaps the greatest worry for single parents. The reality is that being a single mom to a newborn is expensive.

You might not count on the help of the baby’s father to pay the bills. Start saving money consistently. Learn how to budget for your income and set aside some money for the baby’s needs.

Forecast the baby’s future needs such as schooling and unexpected hospital bills. You may need to consider getting an extra source of income.

Many single mothers work online to make ends meet. Explore all options to make extra money in case you do not get external support.

Another important tip is to live within your means. Move to a cheaper house or neighbor if you can no longer afford the life you were living before your relationship or marriage broke.

4. Ask For Help

Many mothers struggle with this yet it is necessary to survive motherhood. Do not be too proud to ask for help.

You cannot handle all the responsibilities from breastfeeding to house chores to doctor’s appointments alone.

Talk to your close friends and family whenever you need help. Do not wait until you are too overwhelmed or stressed to ask for help.

Single mothers sometimes fail to ask for assistance because they want to prove they can do it alone.

Being a single mom to a newborn requires boldness to ask for help when you need it. Asking for help does not mean you are incompetent or weak.

It just shows you are strong enough to acknowledge that you want the best for your child. Every mother, single or married needs help at one point.

5. Plan For Everything


We have already covered the financial aspect of parenting and the need to prepare for it. However, the same kind of planning is needed for even the simplest tasks like changing the baby or breastfeeding.

You feel overwhelmed when it is time to do a task and you do not have all that is required. For instance, buy enough diapers to ensure that you do not run out at night.

Prepare for night activities as well such as putting the baby to sleep, changing diapers, and breastfeeding.

Every task becomes easy when you are well prepared for being a single mom to a newborn. Get everything you need before you go to bed.

Think about the next stage of development like outdoor activities. Get a travel system or a baby wrap in advance to ease your trips. Prepare a diet plan even before the baby can feed.

6. Prioritize The Baby’s Needs

You will have a million and one things to do once the baby is born. Remember that you have to go back to work after a few months to pay your bills.

The tasks can be overwhelmed especially if you are living alone. From laundry, a dirty house, dishes and shopping, you will have little time for the baby.

The game plan is to prioritize the baby. Forget everything else first and ensure that your baby is well.

You can hire help or cleaning services for house chores but being a single mom to a newborn requires sacrifice and setting priorities.

Your greatest responsibility is to ensure that the baby’s needs are met. Trying to do everything at once or keep a perfectly neat house will overwhelm you.

It is okay to ignore some tasks and attend to the baby. There is no scorecard for the best single mom or cleanest house.

7. Get Social

It seems impossible to keep a social life while pregnant or as a new mom but you can if you are intentional.

When you step out, you will meet other single women who are raising kids alone. You will get new ideas on how to plan your days and prepare for your child’s development.

Talking about your struggles helps. Build a strong support system around you that can step in whenever you need help.


Being a single mom to a newborn is not the end of an exciting life. Embrace the journey and prepare for all the stages of your baby’s growth.

Ask for help when you need it and get a routine that works for you. Do not compare or compete with other parents. Your journey is unique and so is your child.



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