How To Be A Good Parent? - Top Qualities And Skills Of A Good Parent

Raising kids is a hard task. Many parents doubt their parenting skills along the way, especially when their kids make mistakes. Seeking knowledge on how to be a good parent does not mean that you are not good enough. 

It means that you are willing to improve your skills and become better. Let us learn together the best way to raise your kids.

Good Parenting Skills

As you read the skills, identify those that you already possess that need emphasis. Be open to new ideas since parenting is a lifelong journey.

1. Show Unconditional Love

Your children should know that they could count on your love at all times even when they are wrong.

Do not just love them but also communicate it in words and deeds. Reassure them of your love after they make mistakes or fail any task.

2. Teach Your Kids To Be Responsible​

It is natural for a parent to do almost everything for the children. You can hire a housekeeper to help around the house.

However, as the kids grow older, assign them some tasks like cleaning their rooms or even parts of the house. Train them early to organize their toys, books, clothes, and space.

3. Adopt The Right Disciplinary Approach

If you are serious about learning how to be a good parent, you need to check your approach to discipline. 

Avoid yelling at toddlers or spanking without a reason. The child should know the rules and the consequences before you apply the consequences.

4. Guide Without Controlling​

Children need guidance to make simple decisions such as friends, sporting activities, subjects, and pets among others.

You know what is best for your child if you are keen to observe the child’s interests. Guide them into achieving the highest heights in their talents and gifts without controlling every move.

Micromanaging children will hinder the development of their creativity and independence.

5. Build A Happy Marriage ​

The skill may come as a surprise to some parents. You probably want to learn how to be a good parent without thinking about your spouse. Well, your marriage is part of it. Make your home a peaceful place for your kids by building a good relationship with your spouse.

6. Teach Your Kids To Deal With Change And Challenges

You cannot shield your children from the world forever. The kids will get out of the house and have to deal with challenges at school or in their relationships.

Your family may also experience sudden changes like the loss of a member, chronic illness, or divorce. Teach your kids the right way to deal with such difficult moments from an early age.

7. Encourage Positive Behavior

Many parents associate good parenting with good behavior in their kids, which is partly true. However, you cannot live your life correcting mistakes.

A good parent is someone who can see the positive behavior and reward it instead of punishing the child all the time. Focusing on the positive is better than pointing to our mistakes all the time.

Qualities Of Good Parents


What qualities do good parents possess? Are they inborn or learned? Well, the reality is that you can learn any of the traits listed below that you do not possess.

No one is born a perfect parent. Good parents keep learning from others and improve their approach to raising their kids.

What matters most is the outcome of the parenting approach. Remember that parenting is a general term but every child has unique needs. See what makes a good parent list below and identify the qualities you need to adopt:

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Playful
  • Expressing love
  • Trust
  • Listening skills
  • Visionary

The good thing about developing these qualities is that you will pass them on to your kids. Your kids will observe how you treat them and do the same with the next generation.

Being A Good Parent To A Toddler


Parenting a newborn is somehow easy because you can control the movements of the child. The challenge begins when the infant grows into a toddler.

You must adjust your parenting approach at this stage. One of the things you will notice about a toddler is the need to be independent.

It may come as a surprise at first but you will notice most of the tantrums are about independence. Allow the toddler to do some tasks alone as long as the tasks are not risky.

Avoid controlling every activity at this stage. Learning how to be a good parent comes with the willingness to be flexible.

Develop your relationship with the toddler while acknowledging that your child’s needs are changing. Be patient as the toddler explores the world.

You have to be clear about the rules at this age because toddlers like to push boundaries. Good communication skills are necessary for this and other stages of development.

Encourage positive behavior while at the same time correcting bad behavior. The ability to be playful comes in handy with toddlers as well.

How To Be A Good Parent To A Teenager?

Teenage is another stage of parenting that many parents dread. Is it that hard to raise a teenager?

It all bottles down to your preparation, flexibility, and willingness to learn. Before we can go on with the how to be a good parent essay, let us demystify something about teenagers.

Not all teenagers are deviant, rude, and uncooperative. The secret is to understand the kind of changes that teenagers experience.

Spanking and timeout will not work at this stage but understanding and communication will.

Set rules, communicate the rules, and be firm about the outcome of breaking rules. Show compassion and love even when a teenager repeats the same mistakes.

Rewarding good behavior works with teenagers as well but you must be careful that they do not manipulate it.

If you have been a consistent good parent from infancy to toddlerhood, teenage will not be so hard. Your child understands your rules by now and knows your commitment to discipline.


Learning how to be a good parent is a lifelong journey. Do not be discouraged if you miss some of the qualities outlined in this article.

Instead, be determined to grow daily as a parent. Work on each quality or skill at a time while strengthening the good qualities that you already possess.



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