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Pregnancy test at home with toothpaste

There are some interesting ways to identify a pregnancy. One of those is test by toothpaste. Other than sugar and salt method of pregnancy test, this is also a home based test. You can easily do this test. No other materials are needed for this test. As toothpaste is available in almost all houses, anybody can do this test. Who cannot go to a hospital or cannot afford the cost of the test, they can easily do this test. And you can do this test by your own, no help needed. Toothpaste might be a good indicator of your pregnancy when you do the test with it.

How to perform the pregnancy test at home with toothpaste


For the test you need-

  • a lump of toothpaste

  • a cup or pot

  • sample of urine

At first take a lump of toothpaste in the cup or pot. Then take the first morning sample of urine in the pot. U can mix it with a stick or just keep the pot in a place. Now wait for about five to ten minutes to get the result.

If you see any bluish coloration with or without foaming then the test result is positive for pregnancy. If there is no reaction then the test is negative.

To get a proper result of this test you should –

  • Use white and branded toothpaste. Dyed toothpaste may interfere the reaction

  • Take first morning sample of urine as it is concentrated

  • The cup nor pot must be clean

Bottom Line

Always keep it in your mind; pregnancy test at home with toothpaste is not an accurate test to identify a pregnancy like the urine strip test. But it is more accurate among other home based tests. Whether your test becomes positive or negative, you should confirm it by a valid test in a hospital or in a doctor’s chamber.



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