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Tips of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the finest experiences to a woman’s life. Breast milk is the only food of a baby for first six months of life. If you are a new mother you need to know how, when to feed a baby. For a successful breastfeeding, the positioning and attachment of the baby should be comfortable. If your baby is attached to your breast well, you will face less feeding problems.

Breastfeeding tips for new mothers

Whether you are the mother for the first time or not, here are some tips of breastfeeding for you-

  • Breastfeed your child within one hour of delivery

  • If you find that there is no milk in your breast just after delivery, do not panic. Just continue the sucking of your baby which will stimulate your milk production

  • Just after delivery it may take three to four days for milk to come in.

  • During breastfeeding ensure that baby is well attached to the breast

  • Do not give any other food or drink to the baby even a drop of water up to 6 months of age as your milk is enough for your baby

  • Do not force the baby to feed

  • If the baby cant suck properly for first few days, express your milk by hand or by sucker and give the baby by spoon

  • If you go out, wear a light and easy to open cloth, so that the baby can easily be breastfed

  • Try  not to bottle feed your baby unless the baby is unable to suck thyself

  • Good positioning and attachment

Breastfeeding positions

These are the proper positioning tips of breastfeeding, that you can follow as a guideline-

  • Sit comfortably with your back and feet supported.

  •  You can be fully upright position or be lying back a little bit.

  • Unwrap the baby and hold him or her close against you.

  • Support the baby’s neck and shoulders with hand and allow him or her to find the best position to attach with the breast.

  • Gently brush baby’s lips and the underside of your areola.

  • When the baby opens mouth, bring him or her quickly to your breast.


  • The baby’s chin should be wind up into mother’s breast, and his or her mouth should be wide open with the bottom lip wrinkled back.

  • Baby’s nose will be clear or only just be touching the breast.

  • More of the black part around nipple, should be visible above than below.

How could you know the baby is hungry?

“For the first few weeks after delivery baby needs to breastfeed for eight to twelve times in a day. The baby should be fed whenever he or she shows signs of hunger.”

Sign of hunger, when-

  • Baby brings hands to their mouth.

  • Baby makes sucking motions or sounds.

  • Baby turns its head toward the person holding them, often with their mouth open.

  • Crying of the baby. This is often a late sign of hunger. Try to feed the baby before they start crying.

Signs baby is getting enough breast milk

These are the signs that will help you to understand that the baby is getting enough breast milk –

  • The baby is feeding at least 8 times a day

  • Change of at least 5 wet nappies or 6 to 8 wet cloth per day

  • The baby has bowel movement of 2 or more times per day for around the first 6 weeks of life

  • The baby is gaining weight and growing as expected

  • Baby is alert when awake

How to increase breast milk ?

Production and release of breast milk is a natural process. And it requires the sucking action of the baby. Because, this sucking action sends signals to the brain which causes the secretion of the milk. If a mother does not breastfed her child or if a child does not take enough milk from her mother then it accumulates in the breast, which may cause pain in the breast.

If you continue breastfeed your baby, the milk production increases automatically.

Here are some tips of breastfeeding that you can follow for  producing more milk-

  • Ensure that your baby can suck the nipple easily and removing your milk from the breast efficiently

  • Feed your baby frequently. Try to feed for about 8 times a day

  • Offer both breast to your baby and offer each breast for 2 times

  • Try to empty your breast each time

  • Drink a lot of water and take a well balanced diet

  • Take enough rest

How long can you breastfeed ?

There is a term called EBF, exclusive breast feeding which means the baby must be breast fed up to 6 months of age without a drop of water. During this period the baby needs no other food rather than breast milk.

From 7 month of age the baby becomes ready to take solid foods. From then along with breast milk you should start complementary feeding like rice, fish, meat and other homemade foods.

World Health Organization recommends breast feeding for up to two years of age. The longer the baby gets breast milk, is better for the baby’s health. But after two years of age the breast feeding should be discouraged.

Bottom Line

Breastfeeding is natural but it is not so easy as you think. To adjust with breastfeeding you always need time & proper guidance. Those are tips of breastfeeding you can follow as a guideline.



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