Types of pregnancy tests

Usually a pregnancy can be identified at the week after missed period and to be sure pregnancy, tests need to be done.

To identify a pregnancy there are basically two main types of pregnancy tests-

  • Urine test and
  • Blood test

Urine test

Urine tests can be done at home. This test will give result based on the presence of a hormone. The hormone is released when a fertilized egg successfully attaches to the wall of uterus. This process needs about 7 to 12 days after fertilization. And the urine test can identify at about about 12-14 days after conception.

Blood test

Blood tests are done at hospital or clinic. A blood test can identify the level of hormone at about 11 days after conception.

Other tests

Salt pregnancy test, Sugar pregnancy test, Tooth paste taste, Soap pregnancy test, etc.

How to do urine test at home

If you want to do the test by yourself, just follow the instructions written in the body of the packet. You can perform the test by any of the following way-

  • Take a strip and keep it in the urine stream

  • At first take some urine in a pot then put the strip in the pot

  • Take urine with a dropper and put a drop of urine at the strip

Whichever method you use, wait for at least five minutes to get a result. Result will be shown in the stick by a line or a symbol like ‘+’ or ‘-‘.

A pregnancy test is usually positive or negative. When the result comes positive, it means you are pregnant. If you find a negative result, that means you are not pregnant.

But sometimes a false negative result may come if:

  • The expiratory date of test strip is over

  • The test is done in the wrong way

  • Test is done too early

  • Urine is too diluted

  • Taking of certain medications, such as anti-convulsants or hypnotics

Best time for home pregnancy test

To identify a pregnancy, urine strip test can be done at any time of a day. But results might be more accurate if it is done in the morning. Because the morning stream of urine is rich in the gonadotropin hormone.

Accuracy of a home pregnancy test

When you want to perform a test in your home to know about your pregnancy, a urine strip test would be your right choice. About 99% times, urine strips which are found in the drug store works correctly.

The urine home pregnancy test will be accurate if-

  • You follow the instructions of urine strip

  • The ovulation and implantation occurs as date

  • The test is not done too early

  • The sensitivity of the pregnancy test is ok

The other pregnancy tests can be done, but has the less sensitivity.

What types of pregnancy test do doctor use ?

To identify a pregnancy doctors usually do two types of test: Qualitative and Quantitative tests. A qualitative test result shows whether the hormone ‘hCG’ is present or not in the urine. This test is usually done about 10 days after a missed period. And the quantitative test measures the right amount of hCG in blood.

Bottom Line

Those are the types of pregnancy test that you can do, after experiencing the early signs of pregnancy. Either you can do urine test or blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Based on the result, take the next steps but before that consult with a doctor or other family members.



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