10 Weeks Pregnant

What most women may not understand is that when they are 10 weeks pregnant, the baby is no longer an embryo but a fetus. The only good thing as regards this stage is that congenital abnormalities are no longer a threat. While both the mother and the child may not completely out of danger with regard to deformities or abnormalities, this week marks the end of the crucial period of development. Constant care and medication are key to a healthy pregnancy
As mentioned above, the baby is fully in fetal stage at the 10th week of pregnancy. The idea is that since you are still at the initial stage of your long pregnancy journey, you must be careful about your lifestyle. Doing anything contrary to your doctor’s advice could be risky. Thus, it is time you embarked on a well-balanced diet to ensure both of you get the require nutrients for development. At this stage, miscarriage risk is significantly low.

Symptoms and Body Changes occurring in the Mother’s Body at 10 Weeks Pregnant

  • You will gain weight of about one to three pounds.
  • There might be pain in your abdomen due to enlargement of your uterus.
  • At this week, the uterus is as the size of an orange.
  • A thin, white, milky discharge may be released from the vagina.
  • You may feel pain in your abdomen considering that supporting structures are also growing in size along with the uterus and the belly
  • You may notice some prominent vessels in your body. If your skin is fair, it will be more visible.
  • You may see some vessels in your arm and chest commonly referred to as spider naevi due to increased amount hormones in your body.
  • Mood swings occur.
  • You may feel fatigue.

The Developments Occurring In the Baby by This Week

At this point, your baby is 1.2 inch long, weighs 14 ounces and it is constantly growing day by day. Thus:

  • The baby is the size of a lime.
  • The brain is developing thereby making the head to bulge.
  • The bones and cartilages are forming.
  • Kidneys are producing urine.
  • In case your ultrasound gender indicates that the baby is a boy then he is producing testosterone.
  • Vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, intestines, and brain, start functioning.

10th Week Pregnancy Tips

“If you have already visited to your doctor for ante-natal checkup, follow those advices given to you. Buy and wear some loose dresses and underwear. If you have any pet like cat, make sure to stay away from it, as it may infect you with toxoplasmosis. Since the baby’s bones, cartilages are forming you should therefore consume more of vitamin D.”

Wrapping It All

Maybe this is just what you had been dreaming and on realizing that you are 10 weeks pregnant, you so much excited. As said earlier, this shouldn’t make you forget the fact that the journey is just beginning. You are bound to undergo a lot of bodily changes and face quite many depressing moments. Do you know 10 weeks is how many months? – Just two and half which leaves you with a whole 7 months to go; so, brace yourself for the long journey.




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