23 Weeks Pregnant

Just like it is normal for anyone to be anxious of a new development, when you are 23 weeks pregnant your baby should be preparing for a big surprise – hearing the first sound from the outside world. By this week, there quite a lot you need to do but most importantly, keep your financial records in check.

From the twenty-third week of pregnancy, your baby will start putting on more weight. From now henceforth, perhaps, this is right time start thinking about a health insurance. You can talk with your insurance provider about the most suitable coverage you will need for your upcoming baby.

Symptoms and Body Changes At 23 Weeks

  • The height of your pregnancy belly is from 21 to 25 centimeters by this week
  • You may gain about 12 to 15 pounds of weight by this week
  • As the baby becomes more active you will notice the baby’s kicking, hitting, or punching more frequently
  • Need to use the restroom more frequently
  • Discharge from vagina
  • As the uterus grows and moves upward it may cause some breathlessness to the mother
  • You may face swollen gums with or without bleeding
  • There might be presence of back aches
  • Your baby is hearing your voice and sounds of your surroundings. So if there as any harsh sound, it may bother your baby

Baby developments as at 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound

  • Weight is a little more than one pound and length of about 11.4 inches
  • Pigmentation occurs at this stage
  • Fat develops under skin
  • As skin develops more rapidly than fat so the skin remains loose
  • The bone marrow starts to produce the cells of blood

23 weeks healthy pregnancy tips

To continue a healthy pregnancy, follow the advises of your doctor.

  • Stay cheerful and happy
  • Remember that stress can affect the baby
  • Take regular and small portions of meals
  • Do your regular house work but avoid heavy work
  • Drink adequate water

During your twenty-third week of pregnancy, urinary tract infections may occur. So, in the event that you are experiencing an increased urination or burning sensation when passing urine, make contact with your doctor. There could be other serious problems that may require specialized attention.

Bottom line

You are almost entering your 6 month of pregnancy; hence, you need to be more critical about what you do. In months, you are should be left with 3 ¼ and therefore observing all the necessary healthy tips is very important. The food you consume should contain enough nutrients to cater for both of you. At this point, your belli size should also be speaking a lot concerning the developments and so you must be prepared for any eventuality.  Since you are 23 weeks pregnant, ensure to maintain contact with your healthcare provider and discuss any strange feelings without fear. This is actually the best time to put things right in readiness for upcoming baby.




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