Onya Baby Carrier Reviews: Reasons Why Moms Love It

Onya Baby is a family-owned company that specializes in making soft-structured baby carriers. The company has a wide range of baby products including baby carriers for dads. Every child has unique needs depending on their weight, height, and age. The Onya Baby carrier reviews help parents choose the right carrier.

Onya Outback




Easy To Use





  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Light and easy to use


  • Uncomfortable for tall parents
  • Need Extra Insert for infant
  • Limited carrying Options

Pros Of The Onya Baby Outback Baby Carrier

The outback baby carrier has an ergonomic structure with three carrying positions. 

You can alternate between the front, side, and back positions. It comes with an integrated chair harness that makes a safe seat. 

The air-mesh lining keeps both the parent and the child cool and comfortable during the hot weather.

The pros of this baby carrier include:

  • It is versatile and comfortable compared to other baby carriers. You can carry your baby in the most comfortable position depending on your physique. 
  • It is light and easy to use. You do not need help to carry the baby in it. It easily fits in a diaper bag when folded neatly.
  • Many baby carriers in the market are feminine. Parents give positive Onya Baby carrier reviews for this because the carrier is gender-neutral. This means that men can carry it too without feeling uneasy.
  • You can carry essential baby products like wipes in the side pocket and toys or keys with the loop. Dads can help with the baby without carrying the diaper bag as well.
  • Your baby will be safe and comfortable in both cold and hot seasons. The hood protects your baby from harsh sunlight, rain, and wind.
  • The carrier allows parents to remain active when bonding with their babies. The waistband clip keeps your baby safe while you hike or do any other activity.
  • For the parents who worry about pain or discomfort on their shoulders, the carrier has cross straps that distribute the baby’s weight across the shoulders. The shoulder strap material is silky soft on the skin as well.
  • The outback baby carrier is easy to wash after a dusty day in the woods. The material has no special washing requirements and is long-lasting.

The Cons Of The Onya Baby Outback Baby Carrier

Before you purchase the carrier, you need to consider the downside of it. Some of the potential negative issues with this carrier include:

  • The carrier may be uncomfortable for babies under the age of 4 without a booster. Parents have to buy the booster separately, which is an added cost.
  • It is recommended for newborns starting at 7lbs and toddlers of 15-45 lbs. The weight limit means that parents with heavier toddlers or lighter newborns cannot use the carrier.
  • The carrier is uncomfortable for extra tall parents because the baby will sit too low. Carrying a baby in this position may cause pain or discomfort on the upper back and shoulders.
  • If you prefer the front carrying position, your baby has to face the rear direction. Some parents prefer that the baby face outwards when at the front.

Onya Baby Carrier Vs Ergo


The Onya Baby carrier vs ergo comparison may be helping parents with larger body types. Such parents can purchase the Ergobaby all-in-one carrier. The carrier is recommended for babies that fall beyond the weight limit of the Onya Baby carrier. The Ergobaby is equally comfortable, safe, and adapts to the baby’s growth. However, it lacks some of the features on the Onya Baby carrier like the hooks for keys and toys, air-mesh lining, and a side pocket.

Details About: Ergobaby Carrier on Amazon

Experience And Feedback From Other Amazon Buyers

Positive Reviews

More than half of Amazon customers give a 5-star rating for the carrier for its comfort, multiple carrying positions, and durability. Many customers are also happy about the extra safety measures that enable them to work or hike with their baby. Others are happy about the weight distribution by the cross straps and the ability to transform it into a seat.

Negative Reviews

The major complaint from customers is the need to buy a booster for comfort. The carrier is uncomfortable for users with a large body frame. Some customers have also complained about the price but noted that the features are worth the cost.

Conclusion And Safety Considerations

The Onya Baby outback baby carrier is a great purchase if you are looking for a durable, comfortable, and breathable carrier. The carrier has a hood to protect your child and a pocket for baby products. Consider the multiple Onya Baby carrier reviews from customers, you will be comfortable hiking, working, or walking with this carrier. However, you need to consider the weight limit and buy a separate booster for your baby’s comfort.

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