38 Weeks Pregnant

At 38 weeks pregnant, you should expect so many changes to occur. Both you and the baby are prepared for the delivery process and only a matter of time. As such, many women find themselves overwhelmed with anxiety and that is why it is advisable to freely discuss any depressing issues with your doctor.

At the thirty-eighth week of your pregnancy, you will realize that your baby is moving down towards your pelvis and exerting pressure on the organs around that part. You may feel some lightening kind of sensation in your legs. Yes, the baby is soon going to come out so there is no need to worry. You must be patient and composed at all costs. This is actually a great moment for you and getting to the finish line successfully is a dream every expectant woman harbors.

38 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes

  • Increased mucous discharge during this stage as the cervix becomes soft in readiness for labour
  • Usually the weight gain slows down at this week
  • Your body prepares for the delivery, such as dilatation of the vagina
  • Discharge of a thick, yellowish substance called colostrums from the nipples
  • When the baby is moving into the birth area you may experience:

             * Pain in the back and increased pelvic pressure

             * Increased frequency of urination

             * Indigestion and heartburn

             * Lessening of breathlessness problem as the pressure on lungs reduces

  • You may feel anxious considering your contraction may start at any time
  • Swelling of the body, especially the feet, is quite apparent at this point

Baby’s Development at 38 Weeks

  • Usually the baby should be in position with his or her head on pelvic bone.
  • The lanugo continues to shed as the clears up.
  • All the body organs of the baby have matured and are functioning independently.
  • The gender can easily be identified now, as the sex organs have fully matured.
  • The baby is now responding to external sounds, folding their fists, and getting ready for delivery.

Some Tips for You

* Try not to consume spicy foods at evening which will help to reduce heartburn and indigestion

* Take small meals instead of large meals.

* Perform some light exercises which will help you to reduce the back pain.

* Call your doctor if,        

  • The movements of the baby decreases.
  • Having any signs of labor.
  • If you have blurred vision, persistent headache, swelling of face and hands, respiratory issues or nausea etc.

Bottom Line

Yes, this actually the time you have been praying for and you even don’t have to think about how many months this has been happening.  What you need to understand is that at 38 weeks pregnant, the baby is just around the corner. You could fall into pain any moment; hence, stay close to your healthcare provider. This will reassure you and make you strong in readiness for the imminent arrival of the baby.




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