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41 Weeks Pregnant

It may have never crossed your mind that you would pull it to the forty-first week. Well, it has happened and now you are 41 weeks pregnant. Do not worry; your baby is ok. It is just gaining some more weight before it pushes itself out of your womb. If you have no pain you can still wait for another week. What you must realize is that the extra time the baby is spending in the womb is a plus as it is likely to be much more prepared for birth as compared to those who come out earlier.

It is obvious that your anticipation is threatening to break you down; however, you must understand most of those mothers who extend their pregnancy this far are always very fine. You may as well appreciate the extra time to keep off the untied diapers and feeding of the newborn feelings for a while.

Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother at 41 Weeks Pregnant

  • You will feel pelvic discomfort as the baby comes down.
  • You may develop sleeping difficulties.
  • Leg cramps, frequent urination, abdominal contractions may present themselves.
  • Burning sensation in the vagina may occur due to the upside-down position of the baby in your womb.
  • You may experience water leakage from vagina.
  • There might be some pain that persists and increases in intensity.

You might experience some signs of labour, during this week.

  • A continuous leakage of water which indicates that the water is broken.
  • Painful and progressive pain which does not seem to subside.

Baby At 41 Weeks

  • Your baby is getting larger in size and the bones become strong.
  • Baby is about 20.4 inches in length and weighs about 8.12 pounds.
  • Hairs and nails of the baby increases in size and your baby might have full head of hair.
  • All the organs are fully functional and the baby is waiting to get outside the womb.

Tips for the Forty-First Week of Pregnancy

  • You might be bored why there is no sign labour Do not worry. You just don’t have an idea that your delivery process may start even tomorrow.
  • You should be aware about the movements of the baby and keep counting the movement. Normally, it should be 10 movements in every 4 hours.
  • If you feel any discomfort like per vaginal bleeding, or the movement of the baby lessens, if your pain increases in intensity or if the water breaks out, just call your doctor.

Bottom Line

At 41 weeks pregnant, your doctor should be able to inform on how to bring on labour. But assuming that things are getting on well, you just have to wait for the right time of the baby coming out. You may need to sit back and wait for another week, so be strong and keep your fingers crossed; everything is going to be alright.




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