Best Baby Carrier For Dads

The world’s best baby carrier for dads gaining popularity in modern day parenting and their effectiveness in carrying small children speaks for itself. For the dads out there, especially new ones, the urge to bond with their young ones from an early age is critical. 

There are many carriers out there in the market, and choosing the best baby carrier for dads requires prior information before making those purchases. This will help you avoid spending money on substandard products or ones that are not in line with your preferences.

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Onya Outback

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Boba Air

Boba Air
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Stokke Mycarrier

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Why Should You Get A Baby Carrier?

There are many reasons for purchasing one, and we can only get to a few outstanding ones in this article. One of the reasons includes helping your partner. There are so many roles in the house and leaving all of them to your partner is unfair. While this is subject to discussion in different cultures, it is something worth considering buying the carrier over. At least things will be done in an orderly manner and on proper time.

Soothing the baby to sleep. This might be a difficult thing to do as a dad, especially when carrying the baby with your hands and trying to put them to sleep. Most dads will put the baby in a car and drive around until they sleep off. The best baby carriers for dads are effective for tackling summarizing all these tasks. The comfort and the small motions you make help soothe the baby to sleep.

In addition to these, you will realize that slipping on the carrier is easier and much more time efficient than using strollers. Getting from the house or the car is not a process, you only need to get the baby wearing the carrier and the rest can be handled within seconds. These are some reasons why the best carriers for dads are up for grabs by young fathers out there, the list is a long one.

Options Available For Baby Carriers In The Market For Dads

Carrying a baby without a baby carrier may seem quite a huge task. Before baby carriers were brought onboard, guys used to carry babies in baby carrying clothing, ex-soft structured carriers, stretchy wraps, woven wraps among others. 

These carriers may stand in for baby carriers, although inconvenient and lacked a lot. Lately, Baby carriers were ushered into the market and people would access them. Comparing notes here and there we realized that the best baby carrier for dads would be an essential and great convenience. All focus on the baby’s comfort.

List Of The Best Baby Carriers For Dads

“Before making a decision on the baby carrier that will work and be ideal for dads, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Taking a good look at the customer reviews can be helpful, and this goes a long way in preventing mistakes people make when purchasing. Here is a list of the best baby carriers for dads out there.”


Moms and dads differ in their preferences for baby carriers. Moms consider comfort and accessories while dads go for a tactical minimalist design.

Dads prefer a unisex design for baby carriers. The TBG tactical baby carrier is unisex with a military-tough design. It is minimalist and tactical, especially for dads who rarely carry excess luggage or baby items. The baby can face in when sleeping or out to explore the environment.

In case storage compartments are required, the design allows easy attachment of accessories. It has an open back to control the temperature. Dads can also carry or attach a backpack while still carrying the baby.

The baby is comfortable with the wide bottom pad. It has a removable and washable liner that protects the baby from the tough polyester material.

Another feature that makes it a good choice for tactical dads is the adjustable design. It is easy to adjust for babies between 8 and 33 pounds with UTX buckles. Dads can adjust to suit their height and place the baby in a comfortable position.

The downside is that it lacks pockets or compartments to carry essential items that parents need on the go. The accessories are sold separately. In addition, the tough material is durable but not breathable. It may be uncomfortable on a hot day for the baby.



Simplistic but tactical design

It is easy to adjust as the baby grows


Easy to customise with other accessories and patches



The material is thick and not breathable


It lacks pockets or storage compartments



Onya outback is a product of onya babies. It is made in an ergonomic way and the baby enjoys every step of the way on your shoulders. Even with its intricate designs and positive customer ratings, it’s important to take a good look at some of its features, and they include:


It has a suitable structure that is soft priding three different carrying positions. They include back, side and front.

Transforming Chair

It exclusively boasts a unique chair that transforms from a safe baby seat to an adult seat and vice versa.

X Strap

The straps are low profile and distribute the weight in the carrier across. It is evenly felt in both sides of the shoulder.


It has some good space that you can store your items including diaper and wipes, the pockets are twain and zippered.


It is very portable. It can be folded compactly to fit in a good and neat storage. 

Moisture And Mud Repellent Fabric

It has a rip stop nylon body. In addition, an all-weather mesh lining. This fabric repels moisture that might pose a health hazard for the baby. 

It does not get muddy as well, and this qualifies saves you the worry of carrying your baby after a rainy day.

Gender Neutral Appearance

Most dads want to get something that is not gender biased, or looks feminine in general. Apparently, the best baby carriers for dads should be built with a rugged appearance which makes it one of the available.

Age: Baby to Toddler

Weight: 15 -45 lbs. and newborns

Reasons One Would Prefer Onya Outback As The Best Baby Carrier For Dads?



It is versatile as compared to an average baby carrier.

Quick and easy to use.


Gender neutral, not feminine-looking like some baby carriers.



You need a baby booster for a child less than 4 years.


It can carry up to 45 lbs and infants up to 7 lbs with insert. 

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This carrier has been made for comfort, and both the parent and the child are beneficiaries of this. This Carrier is made in such a way that it is adjustable for proper weight distribution and ensures correct seating positions for the child for their proper growth. Some of its outstanding features include:

Healthy For Hips

It has been proven that Stokke Mycarrier is healthy for the hips by the medical specialists and International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Ergonomic And Tailor-made Design

This carrier is the epitome of comfort, giving the child a high seating position for a perfect vantage point of seeing the world. Its soft material speaks for itself, and what better for reward them than this.

Textiles And Safety

Their textiles are approved by Oeko-Tex, passing all European and American standards.

Age: Infant

Weight: 7.7 – 33 pounds

Why You Would Exclude The Stokke Mycarrier From The Best Baby Carrier For Dads?



It has a masculine sense that makes it ideal for dads out there.

It has a head cushioning that guarantees comfort for the baby at almost all positions.


A very comfortable material for both the baby and the parent, its fabric is something else.



It has three separate parts that you have to purchase for maximum comfort, making the overall price a bit high.


It is complicated to set up.

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Dads sometimes want to help with the baby but lack a suitable carrier. The best baby carrier for big dads should be adjustable to fit their body frames while keeping the baby comfortable

The carrier is fun and easy to use for dads. The adjustable and ergonomic setup makes it comfortable for big dads. It allows full mobility with the secure vest and hands-free design. It has back support, which protects dads from back and shoulder pains.

The mission critical carrier is the best baby carrier for big dads because it is easy to customize with the molle webbing design. You can attach a daypack or your backpack to carry any items you need for your outdoor trip. 

The built-in sunshade is easy to use. The 1000D nylon material is easy to clean, indestructible, and lightweight. In case of a mess, the liner is removable and machine washable.

The carrier has a breathable liner at the chest liner to allow ventilation. However, the liner is not sufficient to allow enough circulation for both the baby and dad. The carrier may be a little uncomfortable when temperatures are high.

Another drawback is that it is unsafe for newborns and small babies. Parents may need a wrap or another carrier for a newborn before transitioning to this tactical carrier.



Allows both front and back facing carrying positions

Ergonomic and adjustable to suit all body sizes


Made of super-durable material



It gets hot because of the heavy material


Not suitable for newborns and small babies



The Boba Air is a simple carrier made to travel with the child to different places with comfort redefined.  It is made perfectly for walking, travelling or a day at the beach. It is tailor made to give you comfort and proper development of the baby as they grow tenderly under your watch. Its properties are many, and they include:

Easy To Carry

This carrier can be carried in a briefcase or a backpack, and its portability is quite easy as compared to other carriers.

Snow And Moisture Repellant

This carrier is in a position to withstand even the coldest of temperatures, all thanks to the fabric used in making it.

Other Features

• It has breathable mesh made padding that boost comfort
• It has extra pockets
• Purely nylon

Weight: 15 up to 45 lbs.

Age: From 6 months

Why Would You Go For Boba Air As The Best Baby Carrier For Dads?



It is light in weight; you can maneuver around places easily with your baby.

It is made with a fabric that provides warmth to the baby, giving you the opportunity to go almost anywhere without worry.


Easy to clean



Straps are not padded, and this makes the bag uncomfortable after carrying the bag for 10 to 20 minutes.


Suitable only for warm days

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The Baby K’Tan active carrier is an ideal one for infants and children of up to three years. It can carry a maximum weight of 35lbs, with infants having a maximum of 8lbs. It comes with outstanding features, and they include, but are not limited to:

It Is A Wrap

This means that without the straps or buckles it’s still easy to put on them unlike with other carriers.

It Is Easy To Off Load, Especially After A Long Walk.

This is more self-explanatory, and is also an advantage to both the dad and the baby who is tired after that long walk in the park.

Other Features

• It has a temperature regulation feature
• It can be washed in the washing machine
• Has 5 different poses
• It has a copy protected dual loop to securely hold the child

Age: infant

Weight: 35lbs. max

Reasons As To Why You Might Go For Baby K’tan Active As Best Baby Carrier For Dads?



Easy to put on and off at your own volition.

It comes with a comfortable fabric that enables you to carry your baby at any distances without straining.


It is convenient and easy to wash.



You will have to get two if you have to share with your partner and are not of the same build.


Cannot be used in the rain.



The infant baby carrier is an ideal way to start the journey with your young one and walk them through toddler years until they are of age. It is safe and ergonomic, especially designed for children of about 5.4-20kgs, providing a wide range for children of almost all ages.

This carrier has several properties, and they include:

Changeable Seat

It features a narrow seat and a padded head customized for maximum support. The seat is expandable into a larger one in order to accommodate a grown child. It also boasts a knee support that is ideal for the grown child.

Wonder Cover Bib

This helps protect both your clothing and carrier. Its right owned Wonder cover bib offers protection against drool and spit. To add on top, the Wonder Cover Bib offers some fun functionality with leaves not trend behind.

Padded Straps

It has heavily padded traps that ensure comfort when carrying the baby and long term durability.

Age: Infants

Weight: Infants with 8 – 32 pounds

Why Prefer Infantino Flip 4-in-1 In The List Of Best Baby Carrier For Dads?



Comfortable carrying of the baby, due to the extra padded straps and a supported waist belt that distributes the weight of the child evenly.

Convertible seat. This carrier allows you narrow the seats for small infants.


Light weight



It is a bit more sophisticated to put on and change the seats to the desired sizes according to the size and age of the baby.


It is not ergonomically made.



Just like its name suggests, this carrier is designed for comfort, and it has won the editor’s choice award for the same. It is basically among the top carriers highly recommended. Some of its outstanding properties include:

Can Be Used Without Insert

One of the customers on Amazon realized that this can be done without the insert, and this is embraced as an advantage by most users.

It Is Ideal For Children Under The Age Of 4.

The maximum weight it could hold being, 7-33lbs and 7-12lbs for infants.


It features a wraparound waistband that offers support to your lower back exceptionally. It is padded heavily to enhance comfort and spread the weight of the baby proportionally.

Personalized Experience

It is adjustable depending on the size of the user that is the child. It covers both small and big bodied children.


It design accommodates even the lactating mothers and has a 50+ UPF tuck away hood ideal for protecting the child from wind and sun.

Age limit:  4 months to 3 years with a weight of 12 – 33 lbs.

Separate carrier: Newborn – 4 months weighing 7-12 lbs.

Why Go For Ergobaby 4 Position 360? Could It Be The Best Baby Carrier For Dads?



It has a reputation of comfort, for both the dad and the baby, and it couldn’t get possibly better.

It is more versatile than the other carriers out there in the market. 


Easy to use



The Velcro waistband is loud and cannot be adjusted when worn.


It has a rough fabric for babies.

SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier Disney

SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier Disney

It is a suitably fit carrier appropriate for all seasons.


It is purposely designed for infants and newborns. It has a supportively light weight with a fine suitability for the bay and its parent and a lumbar support. It does not need an infant support.

Comfort And Carrying Positions

It has a mesh meant for breathing and an enhance circulation of air. Its carrying positions are front outward, Front inward, front outward, backpack option are all possible in the same carrier. It also has an adjustable wide seat for the maturing baby.


It has a long life. It carries babies with a weight ranging from 7-45 lbs. for a reliably long time.

Its Accessories

It comes with quite a number of accessories in it. They include: zippered pocket, adjustable hood, dual adjustments, lumbar support, two pockets, headrest, a huge padding among others. It is as well washable.

Weight capacity: 7 to 45 lbs.

Age: From 6 months

Could Six-position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier Disney Be The Best Baby Carrier With Men?



It features multiple positions thus a promising convenience and flexibility

It is suitable for both the infant and a grown child


It is unisex



Its straps are too bulky thus might be tiresome.


The mesh material might be uncomfortable for the baby

Wrapping Things Up

Nevertheless, when going for baby carrier for dads, you ought to get a glimpse of the reasons and benefits of using a carrier. 

The benefits should touch mainly on your gender and comfort as a man. Besides, getting the point right as to why you should drop the older ways of carrying babies is vital. 

We are a team of professionals. We have brought it right to you in our baby carrier guide. We showcase the best baby carriers for dads, and highlight the features that would impact you.

All of that gathered out of intense research from reliable sources.


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