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Stokke AS is a Norwegian company that has been making unique baby products since 1932. The company has maintained its tradition of innovation, quality, and ergonomics. Stokke started with children’s furniture but expanded its portfolio to include baby carriers. The Stokke Mycarrier review below focuses on the front and back carrier.

Stokke Mycarrier









  • Hip healthy carrier
  • Comfortable for both baby & parent
  • Adjustable


  • Limited carrying options

The Pros Of The Stokke Mycarrier Front And Back Carrier

Baby wraps are a good start for a newborn. You can put your child to sleep fast while doing other activities around the house. However, your child will soon outgrow the wrap. Wraps are often uncomfortable for dads as well. If you want the father to help with the child, consider the Stokke MyCarrier Front and back black mesh carrier. That is one of the best baby carrier for dad.

The carrier has an ergonomic design that gives a tailor-made fit for parents of all sizes. It has different carrying positions and is made of soft cotton fabric. One consideration you should make when choosing a carrier is its effect on your child’s health and development. Sitting on the wrong positions for hours may hurt your child’s fragile structure. Medical experts and International Hip Dysplasia Institute have certified this carrier as a hip-healthy carrier.

Here now are the pros of purchasing the front and back carrier:

  • The carrier has different carrying positions as the name suggests. Most of the parents that give a Stokke Mycarrier review talk about its versatility. You can move the baby from back to front as needed. The baby can face either inward or outward to experience their environment.
  • It is adjustable to suit different body sizes. In most cases, dads and moms have different body types. Either parent can adjust the carrier for maximum comfort and weight distribution.
  • The adjustable design means that you do not need to replace the carrier as the baby grows. You can carry your child from 4 weeks to 3 years with the same carrier.
  • It is perfect for warm climates. The carrier has a breathable loose mesh material that keeps the baby comfortable in hot weather.
  • The soft padded cotton fabric makes the carrier for both the parent and the baby. The material is very gentle on your shoulders and your baby’s delicate skin.

The Cons Of Stokke Mycarrier Black Mesh Front And Back Carrier

One baby carrier does not fit all parents. This part of the Stokke Mycarrier review can save you the trouble of purchasing and returning a carrier. The cons of the front and back carrier are outlined below.

  • The carrier comes in three different parts, which are necessary for your baby’s comfort. Purchasing the separate parts makes its price high. You cannot leave any part out to reduce the cost. The carrier may not work for you if you have a limited budget for a carrier.
  • It is complicated to set up the separate parts into a complete carrier. You may need help or follow the manual carefully to complete the setup.
  • If you carry a child at the back or with the parent-facing position, the child sits in a broad position. The position is uncomfortable for children whose legs cannot stretch as wide.

Stokke Mycarrier Vs Ergobaby 360


If you are unsure about the Stokke carrier, this Stokke Mycarrier vs Ergobaby 360 comparison may be helpful. The Ergobaby carrier allows all carrying positions. It is ergonomic, comfortable, adjustable, and has an award-winning polyester mesh. The carrier is machine washable, light in weight, and allows easy breastfeeding. The features are almost similar to the Stokke MyCarrier, but the Ergobaby carrier is cheaper.

Details About: Ergobaby 360 Carrier on Amazon

Feedback From Amazon Customers

Positive Customers

“The carrier has only received a handful of customer reviews on Amazon. All the customers gave the carrier a 5-star rating. The customers are happy about the perfect fit for the baby after the right adjustment. The carrier is comfortable on the skin as well because of the soft cotton material.”

Negative Reviews

As mentioned above, the customers who reviewed this product gave positive feedback. However, one complained about the high price but thought that the quality and comfort were worth the price. Another customer complained about the broad sitting position, which was an issue because of the baby’s size.

Conclusion And Baby Safety

The Stokke carrier is a good product if you are willing to spend a little more and get the best carrier for your baby. It suits all body types and is easy to adjust to your baby’s change in height and weight. The positive Stokke Mycarrier review from customers is another indication that the carrier is safe and comfortable.

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