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Boba Air is a family-owned business that started supplying baby carriers in 2007. The family has built the company from selling two carriers to shipping hundreds of products to different countries. The ownership structure has remained the same over the years, but the quality of carriers has improved. In this Boba Air carrier review, you will learn about the recently improved air black carrier.

Boba Air




Easy To Use





  • Light in weight
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable


  • Limited carrying options
  • Not good for cold days
  • You may feel discomfort around the shoulders

Pros Of The Boba Air Black Carrier

Boba Air improved its 2014 model of the black carrier in 2017. The new model has breathable mesh shoulder straps for equal weight distribution. The leg openings are now padded for the baby’s maximum comfort. The carrier is 100% nylon and can support 15 to 45lbs. Why should you buy this carrier? Here are its advantages:

  • It is light in weight, portable, and easy to pack. The carrier fits easily into the hood pocket and weighs less than a pound. You can quickly fold it into its pocket and pack it in the diaper bag while traveling.
  • The carrier’s material provides enough warmth and comfort to the baby. You can go almost anywhere with this carrier without worrying about your baby catching a cold.
  • The nylon material is water-resistant and easy to clean. You may not use the carrier in water but in case of splashes, your baby is safe.
  • Customers give a positive Boba Air carrier review because of the change in leg openings. The newly improved carrier has padded leg openings to keep the baby comfortable, especially on long trips. Its ergonomic seat improves comfort as well.
  • The mesh straps improve airflow for the baby and dad/mom. The mesh has been added to the new model to prevent overheating given the outer nylon material.
  • The adjustable waist belt enables parents with different body frames to use the same carrier. The belt extends to 58 inches but you can increase it further with extenders. The sternum strap moves up and down as well. Moms can use the carrier while pregnant. The belt is thin enough to enable pregnant women to work or walk around with a toddler.

Cons Of The Boba Air Black Carrier

A negative Boba Air carrier review does not necessarily mean that the brand sells low-quality products. However, you need to compare the pros and cons before spending money on a shipped product. Here are the shortcomings of the black carrier:

  • The mesh shoulder straps are not padded. You may feel uncomfortable after using the carrier for 10-20 minutes. The baby weight may not distribute evenly across your shoulders and that leads to discomfort.
  • The light nylon material is perfect for warm weather. However, you may need extra clothing or even a different carrier on a cold day.
  • The baby cannot face outside when in this carrier. Only the parent facing position is available with this carrier. If you like your baby to explore the world when traveling, you may need to put the carrier on and off.

Boba Air Vs Boba 4g


The most noticeable difference when comparing Boba air vs Boba 4g is the material. The Boba 4g carrier is 100% cotton while the black carrier is 100% nylon. Hence, you can use the 4g carrier on any weather. The carrier has an integrated infant insert and two carrying positions (front and back). It also has foot straps for safety and a removable sleeping hood. The Boba 4g carrier is more comfortable compared to the black carrier. However, you will pay more for extra comfort.

Details About: Boba 4G Carrier on Amazon

Amazon Customer Reviews Of The Boba Air Black Carrier

Positive Reviews

“Customers buy this carrier for the lightweight and self-storing design. It is the ultimate go-to carrier when traveling for many. The padded leg openings have also attracted positive feedback on Amazon. The price is fair compared to other carriers in the market. Also, it is gender-neutral and adjustable. Dads and moms can alternate carrying the baby on long trips.”

Negative Reviews

Some customers are unhappy about the new design because of the shoulder straps. The previous model has padded straps but the 2017 model has mesh straps. It is also uncomfortable for parents with a small body frame, especially around the shoulders.

Final Thoughts

The Boba Air carrier review gives you one of the best options in the market if you are working with a tight budget. You will get a comfortable, safe, and adjustable carrier. The gender-neutral model is light and comes with its storing mechanism. Also, the material is easy to wash and perfect for a warm day.



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