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Mothers and babies need and seek close contact with each other, especially during the initial months of the newborn’s life. Such contact can be achieved through the use of a baby carrier shirt. It is able to create a womb-like space that a child can be carried in while in a curled-up position.

These carrier shirts can be worn in a manner similar to normal shirts. They have also been designed to accommodate newborns, unlike standard carriers that are limited to toddlers.

The Benefits Of Using A Carrier Shirt

Comfort and close contact between mothers is a primal need, especially during the early months of a child’s life. Unlike baby wraps, a baby carrier is able to accommodate both the early months and later times when the child is a baby or toddler.

Some of the benefits associated with carrier shirts are:

  • Increased contact for mother and child. Such contact will help with bonding and development of the child.
  • It is recommended for nurturing premature babies.
  • It allows the caregiver to go hands-free, so that they can handle other tasks.
  • It can be easily worn and can be adjusted to accommodate the growth of the child.
  • A baby carrier shirt reduces the frequency at which a baby cries.

The Best Time For A Carrier Shirt

A carrier shirt can be used immediately after birth. The baby should be nestled to the mother’s chest, have the face turned in a way that has the airway open then snuggled depending on the time that has been recommended.

Some experts advise that a newborn is placed in contact with the mother especially in the first hour after birth. This time can be extended to 2 hours.

After the initial skin-skin contact, the child can be placed in contact using a carrier shirt for 3 months or 6 months for children who are not full term. The contact can, however, be extended provided the child is comfortable with it.

On What Occasions Is A Baby Carrier Shirt Best Used?

A carrier shirt is best used when:

  • Breastfeeding the child.
  • A baby is crying incessantly.
  • When the child has been born prematurely.
  • Trying to encourage pre-feeding behavior.
  • Attempting to free up the hands.
  • Stabilizing the body temperature of the child especially immediately the child has been born.
  • Offering the child pain relief.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Carrier Shirt

When buying a carrier shirt, consider:

  • The comfort of the carrier. To both the child and caregiver.
  • Ease of use. It should be easy to navigate.
  • That it should not provide too little or too much warmth.
  • Ease of cleaning. Should be machine washable.
  • Nursing-friendly.

The List Of Best Baby Carrier Shirts

“There are plenty of baby carriers in the current market. It is, therefore, best to seek a carrier shirt with distinct requirements in mind. Products tend to have different strengths and shortcomings.”

Supportable Baby Carrier Shirt



The Nuroo shirt is among the easiest newborn carriers currently available. It does not need wrapping, knotting, and tying. It is simply worn to fit.

  • Adjustable
    Customize it to accommodate growth and development of a baby as well as the body changes of the mother postpartum.
  • Easy to use
    It is easy to use because it lacks knots and other forms of fastenings.
  • Support
    The support belt provides further support.
  • Comfort
    The spandex and polyester blend is quite comfortable and soft without compromising on support.
  • Other benefits:
    Nuroo shirt with a user manual.
    E-copies are also made available in pdf.
  • About Product
    Weight-max. 45 pounds




It offers full coverage


It can be hands-free


It is easy to use


It accommodates movement of the mother


Allows body changes of mother and child.


It is machine washable


It is dryer safe




Since it is not one size fits all, it cannot be shared with other caregivers in the home. This is limiting.


Lacks other forms of fastening.

Nursing Carrier Shirt



The Lalabu soothe shirt is made from a blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester.

  • Comfort

It has an expandable pouch which places the child in close contact with the mother.

  • Support

The baby carrier shirt comes with a head support which can be flipped up to hold the child’s head while asleep. The head support can be tucked into the pouch when it is not in use.

  • Versatile

The carrier not only accommodates a sleeping position but also breastfeeding positions. It is accompanied by a nursing bra which is easy to use.

  • All season

The fabric is wearable making it suitable during hot seasons as well as cold seasons. Layering can be done during cold times to provide adequate warmth.

  • Adjustable

This carrier shirt is made to accommodate growth and development of the child.

  • Lalabu soothe shirt weight limit

Weight-max. 15lbs.
Weight-min. 7lbs.




It has an inbuilt bra


Privacy while nursing


Accommodates a growing baby


Every purchase provides a donation to charity.


It is comfortable in all seasons




May at time demand fitness before use. It is not accommodating to the mother.


Limiting in terms of caregivers. It is not one size fits all.


It cannot be used on a newborn.

Baby carrier shirt for dad


Lalabu Dad Shirt

Lalabu is a v-neck sporty baby carrier shirt for dad which comes with short sleeves. It is available in multiple colors & sizes.

  • Easy to use

Lalabu Dad Shirt is Easy-to-use. No hassle of wrapping or tying. It’s a t-shirt with kangaroo pocket for baby, where you just slip baby in the pocket or pouch. It’s the easiest way for dad to bond with the baby.

  • Comfortable

Lalabu shirt is made from imported & multiple fabrics- polyester, rayon & spandex. The fabric is custom milled which is soft, wrinkle-free and gives a comfortable feeling.

  • Supportive

Its high-quality fabric provides good support to the baby. The pouch of this Lalabu shirt can hold up to 15 lbs. Its adjustable drawstring helps to support the baby, and the pouch extender also grows with baby.

  •  Weight Recommendation

Minimum 7 lbs

Maximum 15 lbs




Ergonomic design, slim-fitting.


Breathable fabric keeps you and your baby cool from overheating.


Available with multiple colors & sizes.




A little bit pricey compared to other babywearing shirts.


Large size may fits snug.

Skin To Skin Shirt For Dads



It is hands-free, provides skin to skin contact with the child and father, and can be used by either parent. This t-shirt is quite easy to use. You can easily put on or off the baby.

  • About Product

Weight- max. 15lbs



Kangaroo care shirt-Vija women is hands-free and it is made from a blend of cotton and jersey.

  • Comfort

This baby carrier is made for close contact and comfort for the baby.

  • Versatility

It is versatile enough for breastfeeding, child carrying, and when not in use can still work as a standard shirt.

  • Support

It is sturdy enough to support the child and the mother who, post-partum, needs support for the belly.

  • Stylish

Vija women’s shirt also meets the needs of those mothers who prefer proper
kangaroo care while remaining fashionable.

  • About Product

Weight-max. 15lbs.




It is hands-free


It provides a very close contact for caregiver and child


It can help soothe a crying baby


It can be used on newborns


It can be fastened without the use of Velcro, wrapping or tying


It is easy to use


It offers adequate warmth for the child




It is limiting when it comes to size i.e., not one size fits all


The female kangaroo shirt cannot be used by a male caregiver


It is not suitable for hot seasons

Versatile Carrier Shirt



This carrier shirt has a convenient flap which permits bonding without exposure. Privacy is key and therefore this carrier can be used outdoors.

This shirt was made with fathers in mind. It is not used to carry the baby but rather offers an optimum bonding experience. It can be found in navy blue.

  • Comfort
    DadWare Baby Wrap T-shirt is made from a blend of cotton, spandex, and bamboo to offer maximum comfort for both the father and child.

  • Secure
    The blended fabric is strong and secure for the baby.

  • Flexible
    The fabric can stretch which makes the carrier flexible while still secure.

  • Soft
    It uses Velcro to fasten. Velcro is smooth on the child’s delicate skin.




It offers privacy


It offers the child adequate comfort


It allows movement


It accommodates a male caregiver


It is easy to wear


It does not strain the back and hip of the carrier




It uses Velcro for fastening. This is a potential weak link for the carrier.


It is not just for carrying a baby but is designed for close contact
between the parent and the baby.

Sweatshirt baby carrier

Baby carrier shirt is mainly used in summer but a baby carrier sweatshirt is more suitable for cold weather.



Monochef babywearing jacket is mainly worn over the babywearing shirt, sling or baby carrier. The sweatshirt is trendy in design and practical for traveling or shopping.

  • Comfortable

Monochef baby carrier hoodie is made from polar fleece fabric. It is super soft, cozy to wear. It will also keep the mom & baby extremely warm from wind and cold.

  • Multi-use

Monochef Women’s baby carrier sweatshirt has two removable inserts. These two inserts are attached together. One is for maternity and another one is to carry your baby. So, it can be used in the time of pregnancy and after that with the baby.

  • Other features

Monochef babywearing jacket is available in various sizes. It comes with long sleeves, hoods, and side pockets.






The material is very soft


Can be used in the of pregnancy too




The zipper quality is very poor. It’s rough, stiff, and hard to zip/unzip.

Safety Tips

Before having the baby in close contact with you always make sure you:     

  • Have a thorough clean. Do this using plain soap rather than perfumed ones.
  • When carrying the baby, place the child at a 30-40 degrees angle to allow her/him to breathe.
  • Place the child on the chest facing you with legs in fetal position. This helps avoid hip damage.
  • Firmly secure the child’s head by placing the baby on the chest and turning the head to the side with a slight upward tilt.
  • Ensure fabric in direct contact with the baby is cotton as their skin may prove sensitive.

Wrapping It All Up

Skin to skin contact is proving to be quite useful to a child especially in the first few hours after birth. Studies have helped outline numerous benefits associated with such contact. Using your hands to constantly hold the child can prove challenging, necessitating the need for a carrier shirt.

In the case of a child born prematurely, skin to skin contact can prove invaluable and the use of a carrier shirt helps to provide comfort and bonding. The child should, however, remain well secured whenever they are receiving skin to skin contact.

Sufficient research should be carried out to find a carrier shirt that best suits outlined needs for both the baby and parent. Precautions should also be taken when implementing the close contact.

When it comes to such close contact or skin to skin care, it is always best to consult a physician before determining what baby carrier shirt will best suit the child. They will also be responsible for providing detailed guidelines on what steps and precautions should be taken when offering skin to skin contact with the child.


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