12 Weeks Pregnant

If you ask any woman, she will tell you that being at 12 weeks pregnant is the most important phase of expectancy. It marks the end of the first trimester as well as of one of the most crucial stages of the baby’s growth and development. In most cases, women find it secure to disclose their nature of pregnancy at this time. This is attributed to the fact at this point; miscarriage is seemingly not likely to occur as long as a woman observes a healthy lifestyle and diet in accordance to the doctor’s recommendations.

You may feel secure to spread the good news to all of your neighbors and relatives about your pregnancy. In last few weeks your baby has developed a lot and changes occurred in your body as well.

Symptoms and Physical Changes in Mother at 12 Weeks Pregnant

  • You may experience headache
  • You may start feeling weakened
  • There might be increased vaginal discharge
  • The fundus of the uterus starts to protrude above the pubic bone, so you can visualize a little bit of the bulging
  • The skin around the nipple darkens and some new glands appear
  • Some women obtain dark brown patches on their faces

Due to your hormone state, your morning sickness should have eased as at now. But if you are expecting twins then you may still experience the same problems.

According To 12 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

  •  Your baby is the size of a small palm
  • By this week the fetus is about 2 inches in length and 0.5 ounce in weight
  • Formation of the vocal cord begins
  • All finger and toenails start to develop
  • Intestines continue to grow and start entering the abdominal cavity
  • More facial features come into focus – such as the eyebrows and lips
  • The brain develops constantly
  • Muscles begin to respond to the brain
  • Frequent bending of the arms, clenching and opening the fists and twisting of the wrists and elbows occurs
  • The baby is now able to hear sounds from the surrounding and reacts to the same

Week 12 Pregnancy Tips

At this juncture, as an expectant mother, you will to be very cautious about what you eat and do considering that you will be taking care of the baby as well. Most of the symptoms you were experiencing during the previous week including morning sicknesses, fatigue and nausea should be gone by now. If this happens, then it is a positive sign but in case they persist, make an effort to see you doctor. It could signal pregnancy complication like molar pregnancy particularly if accompanied by blood spotting or bleeding.

A molar pregnancy occurs when a cysts form within the uterus. This happens as a result of the placenta developing abnormally. Most miscarriages occurring at this stage are blamed on this condition.

However, if things are going on well, then you decide to go for an ultrasound gender check. You have been yearning for a baby girl and the results are quite promising. It is time to be happy and wait for the bi day.  Since you are winding up your first trimester, you can go to your doctor for another prenatal visit. The fact that your baby can listen; it may be the right time for you to listen to some of your favorite music.

Bottom Line

The baby in you will be growing and occupying some space and so will be your 12 weeks pregnant belly. What is critical here is to ensure keeping to the correct diet and exercise are recommended by your doctor. There is still time and staying health all through is key.




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