14 Weeks Pregnant

For the past weeks, things seemed beyond your control. You must have experienced a lot of symptoms. Well, now that you are 14 weeks pregnant, you will realize quite a number of changes especially the size of your belly.

As you are entering into the second trimester you may notice that you are vomiting occasionally and feeling less nauseated among other related symptoms. In the event that the symptoms persist, do not get worried. Just wait and see how they subside each subsequent day. However, during the fourteenth week of pregnancy, you may experience the following symptoms.

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes

  • You will gain some weight
  • Your waistline will increase
  • Your appetite will increase
  • Breasts will continue to get bigger and more sensitive
  • Engorged veins may appear
  • You may suffer from stuffy nose
  • Your hair might be amazingly thicker and more shinny
  • You may start feeling pain in the sides of your abdomen
  • You will notice that your ankle joints are getting swollen

Baby Development at 14 Weeks

The baby in your womb is constantly developing. By this week, your baby is as the size of a peach. As such, you should be able to observe the following developments in your baby:

  • The ears and eyes shift to their correct positions
  • The eyes come closer to each other
  • The neck grows longer
  • Baby’s chin that was close to the chest is raised up
  • The baby measures about three and half inches and weighs about one and half ounces
  • The baby is in constant movement but due to its small size, you may not feel it
  • If you perform an ultrasound you will be able see the opening and clenching of baby’s fists and spreading of the fingers
  • The baby learns to suck its thumb
  • Baby can make facial expressions like frowning and squinting
  • Kidneys are producing urine
  • The whole body is covered with a thin layer of hair named as lanugo that helps to maintain its temperature

Considering that at the fourteenth week of pregnancy, your appetite tends to increase, you should therefore increase your daily portions. If you have a single baby, you will need to take about extra 300 kcal. As the baby grows in size, its weight increases, thereby exerting more pressure on the pelvic floor muscle; so, you should do some pelvic floor exercises.

Bottom Line

As it were, the ultrasound gender test you performed did reveal to you the sex status of the baby. If you had been praying for a baby girl then you must be the happiest of all being merely 14 weeks pregnant. At this stage, you will need to do everything to ensure that both of you are protected. Eating the correct diet and exercise is just what you will need to stick to. In months, you will be at your 3 ½ months and staying healthy all through is critically important. You will find it very essential keeping close to your obstetrician. He or she should be able to offer advice on the type of food and workout for the sake of you and the baby. 




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