17 Weeks Pregnant

The seventeenth week of pregnancy is more enjoyable to you, as you just entered into the four-month of your expectancy. Knowing that you are past the half-way mark of your expectancy can be quite encouraging. Once you know that you are 17 weeks pregnant, you should be ready to through a number of changes.

Mother’s Physical Changes and Symptoms during the 17th Week

Fat is going to accumulate under the baby’s skin by this week. With time the following changes will occur in your body and some symptoms you may feel will include:

  • As the baby grows, the uterus also grows in size. Thus, the mother’s internal organs are shove aside to provide the uterus with space.
  • When the uterus grows, it pushes the intestines upwards and out towards the abdomen. Thus, making it easier for you to feel the uterus while in an upright position than when asleep.
  • You may experience back pain or headaches.
  • You may experience vaginal discharge. When this happens, don’t worry, unless it’s blood stained.
  • You will gain about 2 pounds every week.
  • You may get some stretch marks around your abdomen.

Development of the Baby at 17 Weeks Pregnant

  • The baby is 5 inches in length and weighs about six ounces.
  • The skin is covered with thin hair referred to as lanugo and a cheesy, whitish substance known as vernix, protecting the skin.
  • The baby’s umbilical cord grows in length, thickens and becomes strong.
  • Loud noises easily startle the baby.
  • The baby’s bones are almost fully formed.
  • The baby’s ears are now in their respective place.
  • Development of adipose tissue under the skin regulating the baby’s body temperature.
  • The skeleton of the baby changes to from cartilage to bones.
  • The Baby’s bones maintain their softness to facilitate exit from the birth canal.
  • In case the baby’s gender is male, prostate glands develop during this week.
  • Some women may experience rashes and become more allergic.

17 Weeks of Pregnancy Tips

“You should be very careful concerning medicines that are not recommended. Seek your doctor’s advice on what is good for you during this time of pregnancy. In case you are developing cramps or feeling pain, it would be wise for you to change your sitting, sleeping or standing positions more frequently.”

Bottom Line

Well, if you are 17 weeks pregnant, the most important thing to bear in mind is your health alongside that of the baby. During this period, you will realize many changes and therefore it is important to stay focused. You still have some more weeks to go and therefore keeping close to your healthcare provider is very important. Dwelling on a healthy diet is ideal. You also must note that you will be feeding the baby as well so ensure to eat enough for the two of you. However, this doesn’t imply overdoing it – a well-balanced diet with the correct nutrients is all you need.




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