21 Weeks Pregnant

You actually need to push on and if you are yet to choose an ideal name for your baby, then your 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound should let you know the gender of the baby. Well, this is not just the perfect time for choosing a name for your baby but making everything around your home look more welcoming for the new comer. You may as well do some light exercises; the baby won’t mind.

By twenty-first week of pregnancy, you are thinking so much about this great name to call your dear baby and as a result you witness a glowing change in your skin, feeling some movements in your womb. But this should not scare you as it is bound to subside with time.

21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes of the Mother

  • You will gain around ten to fourteen pounds of weight
  • As the uterus moves above the belly button, the abdomen protrudes
  • Occasionally, you will experience leg cramps and aches
  • Stretch marks may appear in your body
  • Whereas some women suffer from dry skin, others experience oily skins
  • Your uterus may contract causing mild pain

At the twenty-first week, the baby develops as follows

  • Blood circulation is at its best
  • As the capillaries grow under the skin, the skin color starts turning from pink to red
  • The umbilical cord continues to thicken and grows in length
  • The taste bud of the baby also develops
  • The digestive system keeps on developing
  • The digestive system is working as the baby keeps on ingesting the amniotic fluid
  • The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed
  • If the baby is a girl, the vagina begins to form
  • The finger and toenails completely cover the tips of the baby’s fingers and toes
  • With 11 ounces of weight and almost 8 inches in length, the baby is about the size of a large banana

Tips during Your 21 Week of Pregnancy

  • Stay relaxed as much as possible
  • To relieve leg pain, try raising your legs using a pillow
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes to easy pressure on your belly
  • Try to wear flat shoes instead of heels
  • Eat about 300 to 500 calories more per day at this stage
  • If you notice any dizziness, leg swelling consult with your doctor
  • If you have no other complication, you can enjoy your sexual life normally
  • You should start childbirth classes
Bottom Line

Yes it is quite normal that at this juncture, you will be feeling heavier attributing to your 21 weeks pregnant baby weight. Well, everything is going to be ok and the most important thing for you to do is ensure to stay near your doctor. You can ask for advice in case of any unusual feelings at this point of your expectancy. The baby will soon come out and you will start feeling the same again.




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