25 Weeks Pregnant

A 25 weeks pregnant belly will definitely tell you that you are almost delivering your baby. While it may look a bit frightening especially if that is your first baby, it is also very exciting. The most encouraging thing is that quite a good number of health facilities will allow you to register in advance for delivery. It therefore implies that you have ample time to complete your admission forms in order to avoid last minute hassles.

By the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy, you are at the 6th month of pregnancy. Now your baby is more developed and you can feel it more than previously. The fingerprints are more developed by this week.

Symptoms and Body Changes That Occurs To Mother at 25 Weeks Pregnant

  • You may experience quick hair growth
  • You may experience dry and itchy skin
  • You may suffer from heartburn and abdominal bloating
  • You may experience numbness and tingling sensation in your fingers
  • There will be pigmentation in your skin
  • Your eyes may get dry and gritty, a condition referred to as dry eye syndrome.
  • As the baby becomes bigger, your abdomen will tend to protrude outwards
  • Due to big size of the baby, movement becomes an issue
  • You may develop sleeping problems due to the size of the baby
  • Nipples darkens, expansion of the stretch marks occurs, hair line from belly to the pubic bone appears.

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Baby Development

  • At this point baby’s length is 13½ inches and weighs just over 1½ pounds
  • More fat accumulates below the skin occurs
  • The baby becomes pinkish as there is formation of blood vessels under the skin and they are full of blood
  • Hair continues to grow
  • palmer creases start appearing
  • The baby gets a routine of sleep and awakening

25th Week Pregnancy Tips

  • Choose one male and one female name for your baby if you do not know the gender of the baby
  • To avoid dehydration, drink sufficient of water
  • Don’t lie flat on the back. Begin to practice lying on your side
  • You may start thinking about your baby’s birth plan
  • By this week there is a chance of urinary infection. Drink enough water to avoid the infection.

Bottom Line

Perhaps, this is your best chance to shut the critics. You have been longing for your own baby for quite some time now and you have always been the laughing-stalk at your place of work. Well, this is actually the time to tell God thanks for proving that your fertility. In the actual sense, 25 weeks pregnant in months is just 6 and you only have to push on for another 3 and you will be ready to bring forth your highly anticipated baby.  The trick here is adhering to the recommendations laid down by your healthcare provider. Being healthy and strong is critically essential at this crucial stage of pregnancy.




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