31 Weeks Pregnant

The reality is that by the time you are 31 weeks pregnant, your baby is much more developed. At this moment, you may find yourself behaving dumbfounded without any good reason. Well, this is a common trend for many expectant mothers. Even though, being absentminded at this stage of pregnancy may be attributed to many reasons.

By thirty first week of pregnancy all the five senses of the baby are developed. And you will notice that there are visible movements of the baby within the womb. This shouldn’t bring in a lot of anxiety as there is still time.

Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother during the Thirty-First Week

  • Some pregnant women may experience back pain.
  • Sometimes it becomes impossible for mothers to sleep for a long time.
  • The breasts are prepared for lactation.
  • Breasts may begin to leak a sticky, yellowish substance commonly known as colostrum.
  • There may occur urine leakage while laughing, sneezing, or coughing.
  • One is likely to experience shortness of breath.
  • Pregnant women may experience walking problems attributing to the fact that she is constantly becoming heavier as a result of the baby weight.

Developments of the baby by thirty-first week ultrasound

  • Development of the brain and nerves
  • Fat accumulation below the skin
  • The gastro intestinal tract and the respiratory tracts, especially the lungs, are almost fully developed
  • Lungs are able to inflate
  • The baby’s ears are fully developed and it can hear anything from within the mother’s womb.
  • The baby is able to hear the mother’s heartbeat or any other sound from the surrounding including music or other people’s voices.
  • Finger and toenails are fully developed and the baby can easily harm itself by scratching within the womb.
  • As the baby swims in the amniotic fluid, it swallows and urinate about half a litre of the same daily.

Tips for the 31 weeks of pregnancy

“Considering that you are remaining with only a few weeks to go, you should therefore have a good birth plan for your baby. Whatever plan you make, please consult with your doctor first.”

  • Take adequate rest.
  • Shun noisy environments such as loud music or concerts since the baby is able to hear everything while in the womb.

Bottom Line

As aforementioned, at thirty first week of pregnancy all human senses of the baby are totally developed. Besides, your belly size will also have significantly increased following the increase in size of the baby as well.

Important – As a mother, you will seem disturbed at all times just because of the anxiety of a new baby. Well, considering that you are 31 weeks pregnant, it is likely that you have undergone tremendous changes. In months, you will be going through 7 ½ and thus only one or two left. At this juncture, you just can’t afford to make mistakes. Be close to your obstetrician and maintain a healthy diet to the very end. Be sure to do some exercises under close supervision of a specialist.




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