32 Weeks Pregnant

Yes, you have been expecting but just can’t figure out how long it has been in months. In this case, do you really know 32 weeks pregnant is how many months? Well, considering the developments within your body, you should actually know that your pregnancy is at an advanced stage and therefore be ready for anything. At 8 months, you are definitely doing great and what you only need is hope for the best.

As you are going through your 32 weeks of pregnancy, the normal time for the delivery is still far away. But you should be ready for any eventuality in case your baby arrives earlier than expected. You may contact with your health insurance provider. You can also install seats in your car, specially designed for babies. The good things to note is that unless you are at risk, it won’t be necessary for you go for an ultrasound check.

Symptoms and Body Changes of the Mother at 32 Weeks Pregnant

  • You will gain about a pound each week and blood volume will increase.
  • Due to increased blood volume you will feel warmer than before.
  • You will experience fatigue, leaking from your breast and leg cramps etc.
  • The baby may move towards the pelvis in preparation for birth.
  • The joints and ligaments become loose to enable normal delivery.

Baby’s Development At 32 Weeks

  • In almost all cases, during this period, the head assumes the downward position but in some cases, the head may be positioned otherwise.
  • At this point, the baby is about 4.5 pounds in weight and about 17 inches long.
  • The baby sleeps in segments for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.
  • The brain of the bay continues to develop.
  • As the umbilical cord develops and enlarges in size, it becomes coated with a gelatinous substance which protects it from knots when the baby moves in the womb.
  • Formation of the skeleton of the baby occurs.
  • Bones are still soft and flexible.

Tips for the Thirty-Second Week

  • If you have not gone for your checkup, make sure to see your doctor now.
  • You should have a detailed birth plan.
  • False signs of labor may occur. Do not panic.

“What is more obvious here is that as the baby increases in size, you also put on some weight. Well, this could be stressful at times, but you must be prepared for the challenge.  As it were, the best way to beat this is by trying to adjust your position in order to ease the discomfort.”

Bottom Line

You have been longing for a baby and having being 32 weeks pregnant should just offer you the hope. Regardless of the size of your belly, everything should be ok within a few weeks so relax and push on.  How would you feel when you finally deliver your baby in a healthy condition? This is actually a dream for every mother and taking the right precautions is just the best way to achieve your dream.




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