33 Weeks Pregnant

Normally, when you are 33 weeks pregnant, you are likely to go through a lot of challenges. During this phase of pregnancy, you will be required to stay close to your doctor, particularly if you have been experiencing complications before.

During the thirty-third week of pregnancy, you may find it hard to move, sleep or breathe. You must be feeling anxious. But, you are waiting for your baby also. Having gone through the first and second phase of the pregnancy, chances are that you will be feeling worn out most of the time. Well, with your doctor on the watch, everything is bound to be alright. What you need most is plenty of rest and a healthy diet. Both you and the unborn require a balance of nutrients in order to remain healthy.

33 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother

  • You will register weight gain of about 1 pound per week, with most of it being attributed to the baby and the placenta.
  • Since your sleeping pattern does not match with that one of the babies, the mother is likely to experience sleeping troubles thereby developing insomnia.
  • You might suffer from headaches, shortness of breath.
  • As you are busy with your normal duties along with your unborn baby and you are experiencing sleepless nights, chances are that you may suffer from forgetfulness.

Baby's Development at the 33rd Week

  • Your baby’s weight should be between 4 ½ and 5 pounds and about 17.2 inches in length.
  • Fatty tissue continues to develop under the skin.
  • Bones within the entire body except the skull continue to harden.
  • As the skull remains soft, it critically important during the delivery process.
  • By this time the position of the baby is normally head-down.
  • Lungs continue to develop.
  • The baby continues to practice its breathing patterns.

33 Weeks of Pregnancy Tips

  • Try not to lie on your back as it will reduce blood circulation to the uterus.
  • Lying on your left side is recommended. It helps to enhance blood flow to the uterus.
  • Place a pillow between your knees to ease discomfort while lying on your side.

“You may conduct the thirty-third-week pregnancy ultrasound in order to fully understand the baby’s developments and prepare everything for delivery. You can prepare yourself by reading maternity books (postpartum care). You may also pack some medicines, but there are plenty of them at the hospital, so no cause for panic. You need to remember that depending on your and the baby’s health, the baby could arrive unexpectedly. Thus, you need to be well-prepared. It is always good to plan for the arrival of the newborn in advance to avoid putting yourself and the baby at risk.”

Bottom Line

Remember expectancy is a complicated experience that requires to be treated with a lot of care. The moment it occurs to you that you are now 33 weeks pregnant, you will be required to adjust your lifestyle. Apart from a balanced diet, exercise is equally important. Your doctor will advise you on the most appropriate exercise at this stage. What is more important is for you to deliver in a safe environment and doing it at the nearby healthcare facility can be ideal. It is also important to bear in mind how many months your pregnancy is and what you need to do at that particular time.




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