35 Weeks Pregnant

Well, you may want to know 35 weeks pregnant is how many months? You should be on final week of your 8th month of pregnancy by now. In most cases, this is considered as the most anxious week for expectant women. In case you are at this stage and feeling as such, don’t worry as it is not unusual. In fact, this could be the reason to visit your health facility for some advice. She or he could recommend more visits in order to make sure you gone through all the checkups as well as have a close watch over you and the unborn.

In case you are yet to commence on your Kegel exercises, this should be the most opportune time for you to begin. These are very essential in the sense that they help to make your pelvic muscles stronger in readiness for delivery as well as preparing you for the constant increase in pressure due to the movement of the baby towards that area. Knowing that can be quite reassuring!

Symptoms and Body Changes of the Mother at 35 Weeks Pregnant

  • Weight gained 25–29 pounds.
  • The uterus is about six inches above the belly button.
  • Movement of the baby increases pressure on the bladder causing increased urination frequency.
  • Pelvic, and back pain as well as pelvic numbness may present.
  • Numbness occurs following exerted pressure on the pelvic nerves.
  • Contraction of the uterus may occur.
  • Itching on the skin with or without rashes.
  • Leg cramps and swelling of feet may occur.

Developments of the Baby during this Week

  • The baby is about 18 inches in length and by this time, it is about 5.5 pounds in weight.
  • Even though most of the development is completed, baby weight will continue increasing.
  • Liver is functioning and producing waste on its own.
  • Kidneys are fully developed.
  • The ears of the kid are fully developed and well-functioning.
  • Usually the baby is in head down position, if not then the midwife may manually settle the position.

Tips for the Thirty-Fifth Week of Pregnancy

  • Limit the amount of fluids you take as bedtime draws closer and avoid diuretics like tea, coffee etc.
  • Put a pillow underneath the mattress below your feet to raise them while you sleep; it will help to reduce swelling.
  • If you observe that the baby’s mobility has decreased, contact with your doctor.
  • Doing pelvic tilts before bed can help you fall asleep much quicker.
  • You can do some pelvis exercises to help ease pelvic pain.

Bottom Line

Given the fact that you are almost relieving yourself of the burden you have been shouldering all along, you must be well prepared for the visitor. At this point you should contact your doctor to let you understand your baby weight in Kg.  You may also be wondering how many weeks left by now. Sure, it is normal to lose count of days especially when you are 35 week pregnant. It all depends on the type of pregnancy but it shouldn’t be too long from now.




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