36 Weeks Pregnant

Baby weight at 36 weeks pregnant, should be a bit more overwhelming for you as a mother; however, this is just like a passing cloud. Things are soon going to be alright. You are now a late preterm; thus, exactly nine months from the time of your conception and this actually not considered full-term until the 37th week. Any time from now, your baby is going to come out since many births occur in between the 37th and 40th week.

This stage of pregnancy is associated with both excitement and anxiety. As such, you will need to stay close to your doctor so as to ensure things are moving on well. In most cases, women at this phase of pregnancy are advised to go for Group B Streptococcus screening. This kind of bacterium is mostly present in healthy mothers; however, it can lead to severe lung complications if passed on to the baby at birth. Screening at this stage is critical as it will determine whether the bacteria is present and be given antibiotic medication to avoid infecting your baby.

Symptoms and Body Changes at 36 weeks pregnant

  • As the head of the baby descends towards the pelvis, it exerts pressure on the lower abdomen commonly referred to as engagement.
  • You may find it problematic when walking or during sleep.
  • Some women may experience urinary tract infections at this point.
  • You may experience high blood pressure or gestational diabetes mellitus.
  • You will notice that your vaginal discharge has changed.
  • You may experience tightening of the abdomen.
  • Swelling of the ankle joints may present itself.
  • Occasional back pain.
  • You may experience a sudden blurring of vision, lightheadedness, rapid ankle swelling. If any of these presents itself, contact your doctor.

Baby Development at This Stage

  • The growth of the baby is almost done you can now figure out your baby weight in kg.
  • It is about 18.2 inches in length and weighs more than 6 pounds.
  • The baby’s body continues to accumulate fat below the skin, which causes swelling of the hands, face and legs even more.
  • Baby’s gut is full of meconium, a greenish, sticky substance which can be taken for the baby’s first stool.
  • All the bones and joints are developed, except the joints of skull bones, which fuse after birth.
  • Blood circulation in the body is quite promising.
  • Baby should be in the head-down position.

Tips for the Thirty-Sixth Week

In case you haven’t done your packing, then this is the time to do so as you wait for the signs of labour. Make sure that other family members; especially children are aware of the unfolding events. This could also be the most appropriate time to plan for childcare.

While you may not need a babysitter, having a relative, friend, parent or your spouse around you can be a wise idea as it helps to ease anxiety. However difficult it may seem, walking around can be of great help when it comes to easing pain and aches. In case of any concern, do not hesitate to discuss it with your healthcare provider.

Bottom Line

Do you really know 36 weeks pregnant is how many months? You have simply completed your 9th month and what remains if for the baby to come out.  If you have not decided the name of your kid then it is the time to keep a name. If you are a service holder, you should take the maternity leave now.




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